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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Today, I saw how Karma works.

Even though I am dying with bhook right. Yar,   I ordered   lunch for some half an hour ago. Quick bite's service  is  damn slow, but still I am so happy.

I saw how karma works today and it was literally so funny and amazing at the same time.

I can't tell you the whole story because I have decided not to talk about people anywhere. They are not that important.

But I can't hide my happiness.

You seriously have no idea what just happened today !

I still have one whole hour here !

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Everyone DESERVE it woman or man.

Nothing could be more paindu, tribal and backward that even in this century (2015) our desi men need a reminder that they have sisters, daughters, mothers, wives.....back at home, and if they will treat"other women" badly, someone somewhere will do the same to "their women."

Like seriously?

 Don't they know man and woman both deserve respect no matter what, no matter what they think. And believe me nobody cares your backward mentality.

Our people need to understand the fact that world has moved on long ago, so should they as well without wasting a single jiff. 

Respect "dosray log," dosron ki aurtein(women) just because every one deserves respect.

 App ki auretin, dosraoin ki aurtein is so gaon wala paindu, backward and tribal thing.

 Second thing in that vid is having girls. Like, how many girls one could have, and like boys use girls like tissue paper...again a typical tarsi hoi desi mentality. 

This is called relationships. 

Also does this tell me that I as a woman should keep in mind that I have a father and brother back at home before using any man like a tissue paper or no?

Or it is only for men to think that they have some women back at home?

 Gimme a break. 

My brother or your sister,  and others all are responsible for their own acts. And if someone is using you or used you as a tissue paper you are a dumb person. You let him/her do that.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Zaineb Market

I went to Zainb Market and did a photo walk Lol.

Rote nation.

Anyone can be intelligent and smart if given proper basic education, opportunities and chances.

 Pakistanis rank the fourth on globally intelligence survey  is conducted with those Pakistanis who  are settled in the first world counties, and doing wonders over there according to the news report.

Let me rain you parade, doing wonders in the first world county is no big deal. They give equal opportunity and chance to their citizens. And if we are that intelligent, why we still are third  world country?

 Pakistanis are smart here, right. They work abroad, not in their own country.

To clear more, we are trained in  rote learning, memorization from the very young age.  I have seen with my own eyes people rattamring Maths and Algebra before exams. People  take extra tuition and spend quite a lot in this regard. Those who are abroad, belong to that same class.

 Education is business here. Students are more kinda slaves. Sorry !

 And I don't know what is the parameters of their intelligence survey? This is the nation who follow their ancestors blindly. They don't think of their own. They are doctors, engineers, or lawyers or even abroad because their parents wanted them to be that or go there. 

The case studies of Ali Moeen Nawazish, Arfa Karim and Moosa Firoz Seriously ! This is called opportunity. And like I said any one can be intelligent, and smart if given opportunity. Please, stop making me fool.

There is no source mentioned in that report and not much explanation of their survey  either ! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Lovebirds are not that loving.

Whenever I go to the balcony, I have to see lovebirds' kissing and hugging and all that, almost all the time. (VOMIT)

They have nothing else to do in their lives. 

Sometimes fighting, like you know, she is mine, he is mine wala fight happen as well !

 But today, someone got so aggressive and wounded the chick(baby lovebird)). And this is the fourth time in a row.

 Poor chick is in so much pain. Flapping in the corner.  Fear it would die soon.

Since the new chicks have arrived, we are having this issue. Their two chicks have already died because of this domestic violence!

 FYI, Lovebirds are not that loving. They don't even pair up that easily as we think. They select, impress, take their own time decide and then ding dong. After giving  birth, they don't consider their chicks as their own blood and flash. Now it is competition..for everything !

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fight of the century.

With Ahmed Tijani. 

Boxing viewers or anyone who watched Saturday night's  Pacquiao v/s Mayweather fight which was  held  at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on T.V or live, dubbing  the whole match   as  more sorta Dancing With The Starts  entertainment show  than Fight of the century as it was supposed to be.

Well, of course! Now a days boxing is no  more boxing of  Mohamed Ali and Jo Frazier, or of Tyson and Holyfield.  Gone are  the days of Heavy weight boxing. Gone are the days of knock outs.  Gone are  the days of ear biting.  It is all business now.

However, today's fight was extra  hyped no doubt with the celebrities present in the audience, tweeting live, cheering  and rooting for their favorite man.  

 It was utterly underwhelming to be honest in the end. But still, on a positive note, all that hyped  has somehow  brought back the world of boxing  in the spotlight that it hasn't been in for a long while and THAT might be the true benefit.  

I hope  the sport slowly climbs back to the limelight.  

 Back to the fighting:

Actually, one of the reasons of  the whole thing did not live up to the hype was that majority was rooting for Pacman and literally declared  him  the champ   even before the fight. After the event  his fan boys and girls are   still unable to accept that Maywaether won without any mark on his face,   and took home  a lots  of moolah with him despite being not so favorite.

It was sure quite a big fat  disappointment for them.

 In Pacman's own word's, " I thought I won the fight. Says Mayweather "didn't do nothing," just ran. AP Sports.

Well, there is no harm in thinking, but  he and others need to understand that Maywather was extremely elusive and cautious in this bout as against him.

On the other hand, he whether one like  it or not,  was just throwing inaccurate punches and jabs whereas Mayweather was on point in terms of accuracy and precision on both counts.

 Pacman wanted to take the fight to  Mayweather with his usual speed and constant aggression but was completely obliterated by a  Mayweather's tactical master plan. As he's known for poignant defensive tactics and has a ferocious counter attacking techniques that's almost unstoppable.  Mayweather really exploited his known tactics to his advantage as he didn't allow Pacman the space to attack him, that's how come Floyd Mayweather outclassed and outboxed him with pure technical and tactical expertise.

Here comes  the final fight  sheet:  

And according to that final fight sheet: May  thrown some 435 punches from which 148 landed, whereas Pacman thrown 429 punches from which total 81 landed. Rest, you are not blind , can read and see perfectly by yourself that how much  jabs and power punches  he thrown and how much from them   landed as compare to  Pacman's.

Pacman also  didn't show us his true masterclass and the fact that he was reluctant in closing down  Mayweather when got the chance. Had he done that, it would've been a completely different verdict.

Back to rooting for ones favorite boxer: 

One  can rooting for whoever one  wants to root for, but we also can't root players for their reputation, color, religion and personal lives. What they do/did in the ring, matters most. Who  they are in real, what they do in their private lives is their business. 

Calling Mayweather: wife beater, road runner, and cheater  is not gonna make Pacman win.

 Match is over now, so stay calm and accept the fact that  today was Mayweather's day. He played well and won with  improving  his career record to 48-0. 

 Haters are gonna hate.