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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tea from chia ka hotel.

Kaka or GR,   our so called doorman/ chawkidar(in Urdu)  cum  peon who does all the work for us is on leave for a week.   My tea bags from which I usually  make tea  have been finished as well, therefore I  went out to buy tea for  from a tea  hotel  next to my uni.

And I love teas from those  hotels.

Pic by:hassan yar khan

They are called dahaba, but on their boards it is always hotel since I opened my eyes, mostly Quetta Chia  Hotel, because the owners are from Quetta city. You can find these hotels  anywhere in Karachi. Besides their famous tea, they sell Parhata and eggs for breakfast.

They make such yum duhd patti (milk tea) which I guess no one can make anywhere, and whenever I go out for shopping with my mom,  we  always have one  while sitting there in the hotel  without any parachani/worries  or hesitations as  it's all man hotel, what will people say, or it doesn't look good, type bla bla.

No one says anything.

So,  my  dept's 60 years old  doorman is absent and I went out  to have tea.

He does all the outside work even when this is not his duty, as much as I know. His designation is  doorman/chawidkar in his pay slip last time I saw. (he showed me that ;P).

We treat him like our servant. Majal hai jo hum koi kaam karien. He brings water form water cooler for us, food from outside, cleans the tables after meal,  and what not.

 Well, this happens to those who doesn't know who they are. And those who don't know who they are, end up begin slaves to others.

Other issue is that  female staff don't go out for anything. Even to go to  the  bank or  the library they pair up with some other female co-worker. It is good  to travel in group, but aunty please..going to bank and library in qafla ain't a  traveling.

That is the  reality of our  working women.

I dunno whether we are spoiled, ha'adharam or scared.

maybe I am wrong. That's the way and I am not understating it. 

My problem is that I don't like anyone. I want to live alone, and I want to go and have chia from chia kay hotel   alone.

Making a pair with any female like a collage gal is a big NO. FYI, I am 29 years old.
It  makes me feel dependent.

Chia hotel  is just next to my uni and it is no big deal  for me to go and have it.

However that tea seller behaved so strangely. That strange here doesn't mean some weird wala strange or bad. Not at all. He was very respectful.

 He and like others are not used to have female customers as much as I tried my best to reason and fathom what was going on. My presence  stirred up something over there. I dunno what that something was.  Male students who were there  also  doing dabi hoi smile.

He told me to go, he will send it to my dept. I was like Ok, as you wish.

Then someone called me and said take your tea.

At least I had my dose. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

mein keya karo?

Seriously, what do I do if F, his sister,  and brother-in-law are all getting married?

(F and his in laws live in  the same building. However his  sis's would be husband lives somewhere else)

Does it mean I have had to endure all that shitty music they blared in their grand combined Mehindi function till 3 am?

Awe Hell  No!!!!!!!!!! 

But I did. I slept when they officially finished that.

 Acha hoa kahna kaam pargeya.When you wil agarrange mella, wally tu aien gy, khana khaein gy !

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is lynching becoming the norm?

Written by: Steve and I.
Steve blogs @Fourth Dimension
This post also got published here: dailytimes/letters/mob-frenzy-in-pakistan

A Facebook friend posted several graphic images of two bodies burned by an angry mob during the recent riot.  It followed the Sunday twin bomb attacks March 16, near St. John Catholic Church and Christ Church in Youhanabad area of Lahore.  The people were greatly shook with fear.

I asked my friend to take down those images, it was too much for me to look through. He said that perhaps people's consciences have become immune to tragedies, that such graphics are needed to jolt them to reality.

Still, I could not shake from my mind those images of needless suffering. However I cannot keep my head in the sand and pretend all is well.

100,000 Christians are residents of Youhanabad. 400 of these were attending Sunday service that day. 15 of them died, including 3 policemen, about 70 were severely injured.

Those who lost their lives in the attack that Sunday were Pakistani, regardless of their faith, or where they were worshiping. The attack was on Pakistani and on the Pakistani people. In my opinion, it should be considered just that.

 I am saying this because it is a fact that it is not only Christians who are targeted, as some are trying to portray in such terrorists attacks. Every Pakistani feels he/she is unsafe. Anyone never knows what might happen to them (us) or others.

The world knows we are fighting the war against terrorism. Our Masjid, schools, parks and bazars are not safe. Our armed forces are being targeted. Active terrorists use different names and each group hits their target in it's own way.  Those non-stop attacks have become a normal thing, a way-of-life for us Pakistanis. Therefore, there is  no need to create the fantasy of Muslims being safe in this so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

To repeat, I declare we are ALL equally targeted.

We never know who or where is the next attack. This time, terrorists chose churches to attack, and deliberately provoke the normally peaceful Christian community into a rash response.

Law enforcement did what little they could to control the angry mob, but the madness got out of control. During the riot, protesters not only destroyed public property, but they blocked roads and stopped the police and forensic teams from entering. The crowds lynched two suspected terrorists on the spot, showing no mercy.

The BIG question is why is this happening in Pakistan by Pakistanis? From 2011 until now we've witnessed cases in which mobs brutally killed innocent people, and randomly destroyed everything around them.

In September 2010 two brothers were hanged. An unknown mentally-challenged man, was accused of blasphemy in Sita Village in the Dadu District in December 2012 was burnt to death.  In March 2013, after accusing a young Christian of blasphemy in Joseph Colony in Lahore, hundreds of homes belonging to the Christians were destroyed.  In the alleged blasphemy case, a Christian couple in Radha were immolated.  An attempt to burn to death a kiln worker for demanding wages owed him by a kiln owner in Rahim Yar Khan occurred in March 2015.  All this we have seen.  Yes, we have become unbothered, thick-skinned.

And, yes. here I confess, in  in Bahwalpur, Kot Radha Kishan, Gujrat & other places people got  lynch by religiously motivated  mob. That was no doubt did in the name of religion.

That day  alarming thing was that those who usually keep calm during difficult times responded aggressively. Common belief was that rampaging  and lynching were inevitable outcomes. They were mindlessly charged up, and vented their long pent-up anger. Christians had long experienced the burning of their homes and villages, and seen innocent brothers and sisters roasted alive until dead.  The people of love had no love left to give.

Some thoughts: "We reap what we sow".  "Always prepare for a reaction of an action".  Enough said. Vigilantism and lynching is never justified.

All this chaos and lynchings say to me that the people trust neither the law enforcement agency, nor the judicial system. And so the people react angrily with vigilantism and lynchings.  Obviously this is due to the government's failure to enforce the law, to protect the lives and property of citizens. And the people become self-appointed keepers of justice, in lieu of government's inaction and inability to perform it's function. The situation is dangerous and could lead to anarchy.

Cooperation with police is a priority. No amount of violence can bring back loved ones from the dead.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lets face it.

In the most controversial BBC's documentary  "India's Daughter" by a British film maker, Leslee Udwin, the two alleged defense  lawyers for the rapists,  ML Sharma and AK Singh,  in the Delhi gang rape of Joyti Singh's case, were neither in courts, nor defending their clients as  any paid lawyer does.

Why Udwin choose them is questionable, which only she can answer, as it is her film, however, if you watch the film with open eyes and without feeling offensive, their statements  like " Our cultural is the best culture. There is no place for  a woman." Women should not go out after 7pm, 8pm and 9pm,"  'If my daughter was having premarital sex and moving around at night with her boyfriend, I would have burnt her alive. I would not have let this situation happen. All parents should adopt such an attitude,"and etc, etc,  were their opinions, personal statement, and in reality this is a  reality of not only  India but of the  whole South Asia.

Those two men spoke the mentality of our socety.

 Give them some credit. 

Whatever they were saying was reflection of this society. We are all reflection of our societies. And lets face it. We treat women like shit. Our society is  sexist, and misogynist.We think like that.

People are sexually frustrated, sorry to say.

She goes out for groceries or even work with fear of her honor, izet..kuch ho na jai. Mera daman per koi anch na aji. . 

In our society women who is presentable and out, alone or with man who is not her Father, brother, husband or son  is awarah................a whore. Young girls  going out with her boy friend after dark, having fun is not digest-able.

In our society  all the curse words start with woman and ends with it.

Maybe my perdesi readers don't get it and find this post utterly depressing, but it is God damn true.

They still don't know, a woman  can have her own mind, her own choices and her own life. She is a human first.
Go, ask anyone.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pretty faces

It looks like  Gull Ahmed's lasted summer collection: A Beautiful Journey, Spring Summer'2015, ain't gonna be that beautiful as it's  road advertising board's innocent female models' faces    have  been  blacked out with spray paint from Perfume Chowk to Millennium Mall,Gulistan-e-Jauher, Karachi.

Who did it ?
No idea!

I seriously have no idea. I can't make any claims like it is done by religious extremist group,  as I haven't seen any one doing it with my own eyes.  I just noticed them yesterday from my way back to home as they are  on road just across my apartment.

And I was in shock.

Dafaq I just saw?

To be honest this is no joke. Some one/group sure did it for some purpose.

However why anyone/group would do that?

As you can see none of these females models are in  any revealing clothes, showing off skin. It is for Pete's sake just a shalwar kameez ad.

Is their  crime is their pretty faces which will create vulgarity  or arouse feelings in opposite sex?

 Or this is the message  saying these  pretty faces, who are  dolled up, not for billboards. They are showing off their beauty and this is their punishment.

 Unable to figure out this frustration. Beyond my understating.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Got my PC.

Today I got my very own personal computer, and I am so happy.

Fucking wala happy.

Now I don't have to wander around here and there. Now I don't have to do manat of K and all that.


I am that happy I don't know what do I do?