Friday, January 16, 2015


It's  around 1 pm,  a cold and windy noon of  January  and I am about to have my lunch just after I turn off this  computer. Right now I am typing this from lib's computer. In my deptt, everyone is working and no comp is free. K doesn't mind much in letting me to sit on his desk or use his pc  until I don't get mine own stuff. Thanks to him. But it doesn't mean I ask him to get up when I have to work.

There are a lot of work I gotta do actually. Course outline, lesson plan and preparing my lectures as well.

New work scenario  is OK. I am taking my  time o adjust here. I wish this space and pc  issue resolve as soon as possible. For me, having a proper space to do anything is very important.

OK, I am so hungry now. Have done my work, used Facebook as much as I wanted. Talk later.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Eid Miladun Nabi's Rally outside my complex.

Just a  pictorial post. It is Eid Milad un Nabi today and whole city is decorated with lights. I only got a chance to see the rally which passed in front  of my complex.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Winter break-2014

My Winter break has started. Yayyy

December 24 was my last day at school. I have finished all the work so far, and in doing so, I  have had to jump through many hoops. I am feeling so light now.

Working in school like never ending work.

All day I am either watching telly, reading novel or sleeping.Sometimes it is giving me headache. And then cold.Still,  I went   out and  had falooda, 

I watched ‪#‎PK‬ on cable. Print was actually a recorded version from some cinema. People's head, claps, whistles and desi jumla bazi was more clear than dialogues. Still liked it.Good to see Bollywood is moving from regular latka jhtka movies toward subject oriented and thought provoking movies.

I have finished reading Adultery by  .

It is just an OK novel. I mean if you excepting something like Al Chemist then forget it.

This novel is about a   married, woman in her thirties who lives in Switzerland,  is rich and bored with her routine life and had fling  with her ex boyfriend from school and it brought her back to her husband and family.( I am not gonna tell you the whole story, buy a book and read it over there about why she fucked him).

Everything depends on opportunities and availabilities. Some people have opportunities  to fuck, fling, make love, cheat. Those who don't have such opportunities, they  just eat goal gupa. 

I will be back and  continue.

Can you believe 2015 is here. Are you excited?

I am so excited and looking forward to 2015. I believe this is gonna be my rocking year, just like 2014 was.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

What is going on ?

A lifting of the freeze on the death penalty was the knee-jerk reaction, a first step the Pakistan government took, in the wake of the Taliban's brutal and gruesome attack on  Peshawar's Army Public School, which killed one-hundred-plus people, most of them children. In other words, this became their way to cool down millions of angry, hurt and saddened Pakistanis who were demanding death to terrorists and nothing less.
So far two convicted terrorist/militants, Mohammed Aqeel Alyas, a.k.a Dr. Usman, and Arshad Mehmood have been executed in Faisalabad on the night of Friday December 19th. More hangings are  scheduled.
But the million dollar question is: Is this the right step at the right moment to tackle terrorism of this magnitude?

In my opinion, it is. For a short term it is the right step. It gives a clear message to all those who think Pakistan is their safe heaven, who think they will make a state within a state, and (they believe) no one will bat an eyelash. Yes, it is a clear message that no matter what, we are not going to put up with them anymore. Enough is enough. It is time to rid ourselves of them once and for all. It is certainly a clear message for all who are against Pakistan, its people and Army.

These "terrorists/militants" are not people with whom one can sit--in trust and honesty--and talk of peace. And imagine this! After the two hangings, Al-Qaida of South Asia last night condemned the attack!
Somehow, the message had been given and received.
A UN report is also not in favor of  that action. The report  says this would not stop terrorism and might even feed a "cycle of revenge".
They have a point. A valid point. After the double hanging, the whole country is on high alert. Also, we know that was neither first nor the last attack.

Those who believe the Army has killed the seven militants who attacked the school on December 16th are mistaken. Those who think hanging militants will clean Pakistan from terrorists and terrorism are mistaken.

It can only satisfy our public for a short period of time because the real problem is extremism, not terrorists.

Extremism is that which gives birth to terrorism.
Problem is also not just in Khyber Pakhtoonkhu or FATA either, it is in nearly every province and every city.
Just observe.

This extreme mindset is dispersing not just in rural areas of up north but in urban ares east and south, as well. Southern Punjab is hub of TTP. They are in Karachi too in different form. We have people who are their well wishers, who call them "their lost brothers", and "their people."

It is no more the thinking of madersa people anymore. Problem is bigger than we think. It is more complex and complicated than yesterday.
Some people I know from urban Karachities agree with Mulama Abdul Aziz of Lala Masjid Pakistan, who believes that Pakistan is a non-Islamic state, that its constitution is non-Islamic. Army is killing innocent people of North Waziristan and Khyber Agency, fighting war of America, so  attack on school and killing innocent children is a justified act of revenge. If Pakistan Army will kill their children and females, drones their homes, they will react and take revenge.
Female students of his madersa just issued a video in which they invited ISIS to Pakistan with NO SHAME.

There are people among us in every walk of life who are sympathizers and advocates of Taliban and ISIS.
It was not only Taliban who burned one teacher alive in front of students in class room that day full with revenge. Several months ago our own people burned a Christian couple alive in broad daylight, Kot Radha Kishan, Punjab  filled with revenge.
Free English-speaking Pakistanis on Facebook writing about apostates and blasphemy law does not mean all is well.
To encapsulate, we are in a war which is anti-extremism. We are at war with people who are against Pakistan, with people who do not fear death.We are at war with people who are not afraid of burning others alive. We are at war with extremists who do not believe in individual rights, who want to  take over our country, impose their laws, their norms, their ways. We are in a war with those who are brainwashing our people and creating division and hatred among us. We are at war with those who want us to remain in the Dark Ages. We are at war with that mind set who believe polio vaccine is haram.
Unfortunately, there is no national policy against extremism.

For politicians it is not an issue. Tackling extremism is neither their agenda, nor their priority. How can they do it when they are exactly the ones who play politics on issues like Drone attacks,  go-home-America-go, who use blasphemy law for exacting revenge?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The world need to know that.

Taliban, Al-Qaida, and ISIS type brutal groups  are the terrorists of worst kind who don't mind killing innocent children.  They have no mercy for anyone. Killing, kidnapping, beheading, capturing women, making them slaves and selling them, oppression, violence and creating terror  is their business. And  they have no religion.
Pakistan is a Muslim majority country, where 80% people are followers of  Islam, and believers of Allah. No one is against Islam.  And being an Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we have enough Islam over  here. None of us want Taliban, Al-Qaida and ISIS in our already Islamic countries. We are against them and their dirty  crimes. We don't support them.

The world need to know that these terrorists  are against our religion Islam,  against  our state Pakistan, our people and our Army. And if there is any apologist and sympathizer of such groups in Pakistan  or anywhere in this world is also against  Islam, Pakistan, Pakistani people and Pakistan Army.

The world  need to know  that Pakistan is doing two operations: Zerb-e-Aab and Khyber I, against these Taliban in  the North Waziristan and Khyber tribal agency.  And this recent gruesome  attack  on an army-run school in Peshawar, killing 141 people, 132 of them children was in retaliation to those  military operations. 

"We want Pakistan Army to  feel the pain" is  The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman, Muhammad Khorasani's clearly   statement after claiming the   responsibility just after the attack to various local and international newspapers, channels and   agencies. “Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Khyber-I forced us to take such an extreme step.”

Sami Yousafzai, The Daily Beast's correspondent in Pakistan and Afghanistan wrote  in  his report  that TTP commander, Yar Wazir told him via Afghan cellphone that  the TTP is ready for a long, long war against the U.S. puppet state of Pakistan

  “The parents of the army school are army soldiers and they are behind the massive killing of our kids and indiscriminate bombing in North and South Waziristan,” which are the TTP strongholds. “To hurt them at their safe haven and homes—such an attack is perfect revenge.” Yar Wazir,   further told him.

They also burnt alive one  teacher, who was a wife of  an Army officer in front of students in the class room. One students said, both students and Talibans' attackers  were reciting the faith of declaration and Allah hu Akbar. They attacked the school with the mission of to kill and die. Unfortunately, succeeded.

The world need to know that we are at war with them. Despite using the name of Allah and being Muslims they are terrorists and criminals of worst kind who want their way, who want their hold in Pakistan, who want to continue their brutality and barbarism in the name of our religion in our land.

The world need to know that in this  War of Terror, Pakistan has paid the blood of its innocent children this time.

 However, despite that attack  our children are not scared. They told the Pakistan Army to consider them as their  little soldiers of Zrab-e-Aab operation. Martyr's  parents are  proud of their children's martyrdom.

  Our morale is  high.

May Allah rest their souls in peace and accept their martyrdom.  May Allah give strength to those parents.

Pakistan Zinda ba'ad,
Pak Army Paindaba'ad.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dr. Matt Taylor's cool shirt.

Anyone on this planet earth  doesn't care if  Dr. Matt Taylor, one of the  Rosetta mission scientists  landed the Philae spacecraft on a moving comet,  4 billion miles  away from earth after 10 years of hard work, but feels  that pin up women in bondage gear with guns in their hands, posing  on his   Hawaiian shirt (made by a   female artist frind for his birthday) is  sexist and ostracizing  was just over reacting, trolling, harassing, bulling, and humiliating.

 What else?

What was so noble  behind all that shirt storm?

 What was so offensive about that shirt? 

Why it hurt few peoples' butt?

Was it  telling the world that,  "that scientist"  is misogynist, or if nothing personal just that any one who wears such type of shirts  are misogynist and their sole purpose is to  objectifying women?

 Or any scientist who wear such shirt is against  women who want to study science and being scientists?

 Or  he wore that intentionally  to send  a message to women out there that  science world is for men only, ladies stay outta it ? 

Or it was an inappropriate attire for big events like comet landing event?

 First thing, people who started that shirt storm don't know him personally. So calling him or anyone without knowing misogynist  is so low. 

What actually happened that they  just noticed the half naked women posing on  his colorful shirt  and  tweeted. 
It  spread like wildfire. Bulling started. 

Other empty heads hop on the wagon of feminism and started  bulling  him day and night   for something about which no one gave a fuck about. Dragged him in the kangaroo court of social media.

During the  live ESA broadcast on Friday his hands were literally trembling as he was apologizing  and in the end he broke down in tears.
“I have made a big mistake. I have offended people and I am sorry about this.

Dr. Matt Taylor did not make any mistake and he did not offend a single soul with his cool shirt. His shirt was not making any statement. He did not make any sexist joke. The  It was just a shirt.A cool shirt. And people will remember it as Dr. Matt Taylor cool shirt.  
His shirt was just shirt and shirts give no signals to anyone. Some people can over react over small things and good in making a mountain outta mole hill. Nothing else. 

Don't tell me it  was giving a single of no women are not  allowed  in science club. His boss is female for your information. There are other women scientists who are working in  the European Space Agency and NASA.  

   Calm your  tits !

 To me his only mistake was apologizing.

I would never apologize for being me.

That public apology was forced.

Only one who should be  sorry  should be those people  who   bullied and  humiliated him, and made him cry in front of the whole world.

And more importantly we have no right to ask or tell what a scientist should  wear during a comet landing event.

 He is not answerable to us.

 He doesn't work in any office, bank or school where he should be careful for his outfits, fashion taste,  and tats. He is an astrophysicist, a space scientist   and has no obligation to wear any specific dress code for your kind information. His boss would never sack him for wearing inappropriate  shirts or having tats.In science world it doesn't matter.

In science world it doesn't matter whetear you are women or men. His boss is a women. There must be other female scientist working in ESA and NASA.

That shirt was his choice and we have no right to turn that great day and all the achievement in to a shirt storm because it offended feminazi.

So we should kindly shut up about it.

Problem with the  western feminists is that they have nothing much left to fight for.

They live in a developed world where they don't have  to take permission to study, to go out, to marry the person they want to marry, to work what and  whatever they want to work, like women from other part of the world take.

There must be some issues, no doubt, however his  cool shirt is of none of them.

there are  a lot of people from all around the world who  respect you for what you do.Sorry you had to face such criticism for being you.

There are  a lot of people who think you are one  coolest scientist and love your style.  Keep rocking dude and cheers !