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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The bigger picture.

 50% female doctors don't work after graduation is in news since last year when finally someone woke up and stared collecting date and doing some research. BBC  recently  published another  report on it.

OK, yes, government spends heavy amount in the  applied sciences like medical and engineering, but the dilemma of studying  and not working later  is  in almost every filed, studying for catching a better husband is in medical and engineering. Well, medical mostly. But  lets be clear: it is JUST  one specific class which  is always in hunt for a doctor daughter in law.

Not everyone is is interested in education, because it is not a man who is finding a wife, it is families who is looking for a wives for their sons, brothers, nephews and uncles.    And they want wives, not doctors or any one from any other field.

The issue of women not working is something else in my opinion. And I think we need to see the bigger picture.

  From where should I start?

Maybe it is because we are third world people and want to survive, the dilemma of not being serious about education, public services and doing community work, development and progress of a society is so obvious.

 It looks like men want work and women want men, because whether these women are studying medical or Islamic studies, whether they are in professional institutes, universities or in community colleges, they just want to be wives.  

It is their first priority. 

Pakistani woman is domestic and obedient by nature. She will never do anything which will upset her parents or her husband and his parents. Work is upsetting. It is common believe that working women can never be a good wive. And Pakistani women are  good wive.

For so long working women was look down upon. And Medical was the only profession where people had no such issue. Women are working in urban areas but still they are always scared and worried about their future and ready to quite when they will be told to quit.

There is nothing wrong in it. 

Many get married in their third or fourth year and even after graduation due to the demand, it is also not possible to carry on practice/working  with extended family and kids (of course  u have baby after one year of your wedding night, then another one)

  But these types of reports show that they study to get married, and don't study to get married.  They work when they are allowed.

Like I am saying it is somehow so very true and visible in almost every discipline and filed. There are hardly 2 % people (man and woman) who are real, who study with passion and doing their work honestly. 

But besides all joke, we need to understand that higher education is no joke and it is not for everyone either. Government spends millions on universities and on professional institutes esp on applied sciences like medical and in the end we have horrible doctor patient ratios in the country because large number of students are female who didn't turn out to be real practicing doctors. 

Of course, there should be quota and more strict laws when one wants to get higher education ( female and males both), like serving in their fields for at least 2 years or otherwise heavily fined or reimburse the governments investment on them.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Karachi Buses.

There is nothing as decorative, crazy, scary, crowded , stinky as buses are in Karachi.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The News.

When she said my results are bad with her evil smile, I went to the market and wandered there for no reason. They way she said was awful. Already I don't like her at all, nor she likes me,  cherry on the top she was the who gave me  that news. 

Just Imagine !!!

According to her mine are super bad, her favorites got A, rest are with B+.  

Waiting for actual report.

I find her awful and her smile evil. She was smiling like someone  who is happy. Happy person smile. Mean to say she was happy with my bad result. Seriously, what the fuck was that? 

I ended up buying these stuff. And I don't need them much except perfume on  which I can spend without thinking much and foundation pads. 

Instead of buying face wash and   face moisturizer, I  got  cleaner, I already have two, and body lotions.  
 It was her way of breaking the news and smile which made me to do that.

I am saving each and every penny these days. I have to buy smart phone and one digi cam as well.  And I bought all these stuff for no reasons.

 Money is not that tight, but saving is wise and not spending on those stuff which  you don't need is the name of the game. Therefore I want to do saving first and spend later on those things which I need. Money doesn't grow on trees. 


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shree Swaminarayan Temple.

Karachi is so huge, and since this January I have been going to Denso hall/Tower everyday, I am getting more crazy about it.

I have this dream to capture every corner of it, each and every day.

I went to   Shree  Swaminarayan Mandir at Light House, M.A Jinnah Road, this  Monday with my two mates. Even though they have no interest in such stuff I dragged them to go with me. Again I had limited time and both of them was getting antsy. My shots are not even OK. All I need is practicing.

 The friend who lives in that area and volunteers at mandir  was also little bit nervous  because they don't allowed Muslims to take pics and bla bla, also he said he  himself doesn't let outsiders to come, so if he will let us  in, it would be biased and unfair.

Although the keeper over there said he has no issue. It will give us, Muslims some knowledge about their religon and their worship place. Naven said we will go Mandir at Clifton some other.

 This 150 years old  Mandir  is over  32,306 square yards (27,012 m2),   the only Swaminarayan temple in Pakistan, which  belongs to the NarNarayan Dev Gadi.

It is not just the Mandir area, lots of people live there as well.

 I have no knowledge what was that. more sorta pvt temple in one house.