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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I wanna marry a tree.

I told my mom about my campaign: Hara Bhara Krachi/Green Karachi which I  came up  with my friend Dr.A, three months ago.  We want to plant trees in Karachi and make it green.  We want to create environmental  awareness  among our people. There are so many things we wanna talk about and change. Before our summer break we recorded four  programs  for our campus radio. And set up Facebook page Hara Bhara Karachi.

It is just an initiative.

We just want to do our bit.

So, when I asked my mom  will she plant a tree, she responded as usual  hell no. Everyone is getting married and you are planting a tree?

I am tired.

I wanna marry a tree.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Urban life style.

Despite being cheap to live, vibrant, authentic and real, original street life and freedom, lots of places to go, beautiful cool evenings, this giant city Karachi where no one wants to stop for a jiff has gone to dogs.

 Having almost all types of big fat problems like bilawajay lki migration from all over the Pakistan which is causing over population, pollution, no infrastructure, water and electricity shortage, and lack of mass transit, political un stability, security issues, uncertainty, its own people are also not understating what a cool urban city is this ( could be) and letting it to be a paindu city /village (no offense) with making apny apny elaqy.

Lots of people don't know the difference between rural and urban life. Many still living here from last twenty five years are not ready to accept urban life style. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Karachi Heat.

Heat wave has killed up  at least 260 people  over past  three days in southern Pakistan, mostly here in Karachi.

This is the worst heat wave we have ever  seen so far. Even in the evening things are not cooling off.

 The government of Pakistan has  declared an emergency at hospitals. The military has put up relief camps  for heat affected people.

Cherry on the top, there is electricity crisis in so many areas which is  making this weather more unbearable. People are protesting, sleeping in parks and beaches.

It is getting so hot that I am waking up in my sweat. Sleeping on bed is becoming impossible. And Allah knows till how long it is gonna be like that.
It rained little on Monday in some areas.

Due to my summer break, I am not going out in the morning or noon so I am much safe from getting any heat stroke. I am also  keeping  our balcony  door and  curtains shut from 12:00 am till  5:30pm. After that we let the air come till the dawn. This keeps our  house cool.

My other  solution to kill Karachi heat (100F today, we had 104F  yesterday, I had reached up to 111F) is doing bucket challenge type thingy means going to bath room and dumping water buckets on myself after ever half an hour.

 And it is working.

 Keep your self cool.

  • Keep your self hydrated. Drink plenty of water as much as you can in this heat.
  • ORS and lemonade with salt and sugar is also very good to  prevent dehydration.
  • Avoid going out as much as possible, but if it necessary to go out, keep a water bottle with you, stay in shade.
  • Block out direct sun and other heat sources. 
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothes. 
  • Wear hats, scarf and topi.
  • Use sun protection, sun block or sun lotion. 

If you see any one getting heat stroke:

  • Take him/her immediately to the hospital
  • Keep him/her in shady, cool air-conditional room.
  • Remove  unnecessary clothes.
  • Wet the body with cold water.
  • Apply Ice packs to armpits, neck and back.
  • Give him/her water, lessi , or juice to drink if in conscious condition.
  • Give him/her ORS immediately.
  • If in hospital, preferred route is Intravenous IV  fluid.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Uber sad

Just been sent this and these girls ROCK!!!!! #Bhangra#LIKE - Panjabi Hit SquadThanks to @kay__ray @ginusidhu and @h_dhaliwall for making a AWESOME video!

Posted by Panjabi Hit Squad on Saturday, June 20, 2015

Supper cute vid, isn't?

 Loved Duptta Saat Rangi one.

 Bangrah is always fun, but it is uber sad to see that our desi gals are only happy, shinning and dancing freely and happily when they are in Canada, USA and UK. Here bicharien always worried about "kuch ho na jai, kesi ko pata na chaljai." May any bad thing would not happened, may no one found out.

And I wanna talk about it.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Express Education & Career Expo-2015

On 14th June I went to the Expo Center to support my students who were participating in singing, painting and photography competition in Express Education & Career Expo, organized by Express Media Group and Mass Comm Solutions.

 Usually in the  education expo,  universities held their stalls to give information to future uni students, however this time they held  battle of Bands, competition of drama, singing, photograph, painting, and documentary/Short Films as well.

When I reached there singing competition was about to take place. It was fun. Most of the pics are from the singing competition.