Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cleanliness is half of faith too.

We  humans are said to be omnivorous, and have been eating animals  from so long.  A few who don't eat it at all are dubbed as  vegetarians.

Those who eat meat, they  have to kill animals. Those who eat plants and vegetables they have have to do something  to eat them.

Meat eaters have been  killing/butchering/hunting/ slaughtering   animals to consume meat since no one knows. There are proper slaughter houses, meat  and butcher shops in every part of the world.

However on Eid Al-Adha the  scene is totally different. During celebrations and the sacrificing of animals on this sacred day for the sake of Allah, we should remember that it is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Him, but it is our piety that reaches Him. We forget that cleanliness is half of the faith too.

I am saying this because whether it is Egypt or Jordan, Pakistan or Bangladesh, in many countries people slaughter animals openly on the roads and on the streets, in side apartment's compound (like in my apartment)  in front of whole crowd.

Sometimes it is done by professionals but not often.

That  gives heart attack to PETA  type people when they see such things. Blood every where makes them queasy. To them to kill animal in  this fashion is totally violent, brutal,  and not  appropriate especially for kids  when the witness that whole act at tender ages.

To be very honest they are not wrong at all. Their concerned is valid  if we think with cool head and realize what we do in the spirit of Eid before, during  and after it.

No one is stopping us from sacrificing animals but we have to understand that we can do this ritual in a cruelty-free, civilized and professional way without turning the whole city into an abattoir, with pools of urine and blood.

We let amateur people and seasonal butchers who pop up to make extra money in this sesaon  to handle the animals without thinking they are not trained or professionals to slaughter.
After slaughter we  leave the blood and other parts like the stomach on roadsides, footpaths, streets, gutters, open plots, parks, or in other places without bothering about it attracting street animals like dogs and cats, birds and swarms of mosquitoes, which create more mess that becomes a source of deadly diseases.

There  is a need of  immediate and  proper awareness and education related to animal rights and health issues before, during and after Eid.

 Few points I could gather are:

  •  Better build a proper place in your area where  people can keep their animals.  
  • Keep animal and its place clean.
  • Animal  should be properly checked medically by real Vet  from time to time.
  • Treat animals with care and kindness. They are here with you not for showing off, or entertainment. Compelling them for races and over feeding is so  cruel and brutal.
  • Let only professional butcher handle them.

  • Slaughter should be done in slaughter house or at one place by professional butchers only.
  • Doing it at one place will help  municipal corporation to clean and gather all the left over stuff from one place easily.
  • Make sure there is a proper drainage system available when slaughtering  to let the blood drain in it.
  • Don't let blood standing still on roads and streets.
  • If it is there due to no proper  drainage system to drain them in, put soil over it. 
  •  Don't dump  leftover mess like animal stomach and all that on roadside, footpaths, streets, gutters, open plots, parks or on any other hidden places where  municipal corporation couldn't gather them, or   delay the process of cleaning.
  • Corporate with  your municipal corporation and related people during the process of cleaning.

Happy Eid 

This post got published in Daily Time's Letter to Editor section.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Eid Al Adha(2014)

Eid Mubarak to all those who are  celebrating  Big Eid a.k.a Eid Al Adha today. Here in Pakistan, it is on October 6.

So many animals have  arrived in cattle markets from rural areas, getting pampered to scarifies for the sake of Allah.

 I took  few pics of the animals which are  in my apartment for sacrifice. There are many other too, masha'Allah like goats and sheep, however people mostly prefer  to sacrifice cows because   7 people can take part in it (and in camels as well)

It is kids and boys who are having so much fun. They are spending their days and nights with their animals or even with their neighbors' animals.

 I am not complaining, but this is a residential area, a flat of 3 to 5 rooms flat in a  a city, a metropolitan city, where we are so called urban peeps, but right now the whole flat is stinking.

Funny thing is that no one is having any issue with the smell, dirt and dang which is almost everywhere.

If Eid Al -Adha is what we think is doing for Allah only, we should also not forget "Cleanliness is half of Faith (Eemaan)" too. It looks like only our Sabir ..the sweeper guy is the one who is taking care of other people's animal mess.

 There are also road side tents/shops  for animal's food and decoration.

My dress and jewelry  which I bought yesterday  from the Millennium Mall.

The dress cost me 1800 Rs/-and ear rings (jumka) was for 150 Rs/-

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Everyone is having blast.

It's been one month,  two politicians, their political parties and supporters  are protesting and holding sit ins in Islamabad against current government.

  Million dollar question is would all these darna (sit ins)  turn  Pakistan in to a developed,  progressive, corruption free country of the world?

I dunno.

As much as I know no countries became corruption free, progressive, developed over night, neither with in a months while sitting in sit ins.

 And if you just listen the addresses  these politicians  address in their rallies, and sit ins, making Pakistan a developed,  progressive, corruption free country of the world is not on their  agenda at all.

They  only want to be nothing less than PM or President. Go Nawaz Go,  (Resignation of PM Nawaz) is the only demand  they are demanding.

Kaptan Imran Khan (PTI), chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) started with Azadi (independent) March on August 14. To him   the election 2013 was totally rigid, through which he and his party  won from KPK. They are  a part of  government, but still governing the province of KPK is not enough for him. They want re-election, electoral reforms  and  all the members of Election Commission of Pakistan tender resignations. he called for civil disobedience. (no one took it seriously. Just his dying heart  burger fan boys and girls)

 Honorable Sheikh ul islam, Tahir ul Qadri, chairman of  Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) started Inqilabi (Revolution) March on same day of IK.    To the him, the whole system is corrupt. He   wants revolution  for Islam and nation of  Pakistan. he asked people to right "Go Nawaz Go, on every currency note.

 They address the sit ins almost everyday.  Curse PM and every other they can. Go back inot their bullet proof  containers and that's it.

Their supporters  trust them blindly, dumbly and deafly. Sit ins are chock full with their supports and other Islamabadians a.k.a Iglooians who are merely their for good time. Those, like us who are outta Islamabad watch this drama everyday on our T.V.

 Schools in Islamabad are closed because of this. 

On weekends, there is jashan ka smama on their sit ins.  Crowd is double and triple.  Their is Dj, music and dance, food and what not  in IK's sit in. 

 There is sham-e- ghareeba and religious soulful stuff  in TuK's sit in.

In up North Pak army is engage in  Zaeb E Aab_ an operation against militant.  Lots of people have to be left their  their homes because of it. They are livng the life  internally displaced person (IDP).

Srilankan delegates, and Chinese PM have  canceled their visits. No one have any idea, because of this economy is going down. On the other part of Pakistan, Punjab side is  drowning in flood,  survivors are  crying out loud for help but of no avail!

 Everyone is having blast in sit ins.

Update: After Go Nawaz Go' currency note to not accept by State Bank, Qadri asked to write
 Go Nawaz Go after every sms and text message.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Luking gud.

I have no issue when peeps use shortened words for  txt-speak,  leik;  u know,  u k? ur,  2day or watz up? Tc, sum1, or Frd.

Obvi, it is not a vbd. No 1  have tym  to give crap about comt sentences in prpr English, with prpr grammar and spelling while txt speaking, but I mean leikk rly,  peeps should use urban directory when evr they get tym.

With all seriousness, we should check  before using every  other shortened words on the internet and sms world because there are  few words which we shorten  for text speak actually  have totally different meanings.

Like cum, for come.

Cum is a frequently used word for come, which means    liquid that comes out of the penis during ejaculation.

(Note: I am not going in the debate of  what is appropriate and inappropriate.) 

There is this peep, many be two different peeps, who constantly  comment  luking gud, and sometimes luking nyc. I have been seeing this for so long, and today it compelled me to write about it. 

 To be honest, I  also didn't know the meaning of luking at first. Just after cum, I have started UDing for shortened and :incomprehensible  words on internet or on txt speak. And when I did, according to UD, it has 6 definitions.

1.  To slap someone across the face with your dick. Normally explained by, 'But it was an accident!' or 'It was only one time!'
 2. This is the act of visiting a toilet in a public place, usually a library, and engaging in masturbation

 3. to travel to the boot with the intention of bring home a stranger.

4.  v. The process of repeatedly killing a joke. To use a joke so much that it is not even funny more.
5. To "Luke" someone/something is to repeatedly stand in front of the person (or thing) when you are in a conversation with somebody.

6.  To be very lazy, often playing games when suppose to be working, while passing off any real work to those around you, all the while taking credit for their work and stealing their ideas.

Of course, Luking Gud type comments  are  defiantly  unintentionally and without knowing the actual meaning. When they come to know the  actual meaning of their shortened words, they will be rofl.





Roadside Bun Kebab

If ya remember my post Share Your Food, where I made Corned Beef Hash, I was asking  about your  fav food/ dish from your country, or any famous dish, or even any street food where you are from, you would would love to share it  with me.

I got so many need exciting responses  from all around the world.

It's time for me to share what  I love most.

And it is Bun Kebab___  A famous street/roadside  food from Karachi.
 (Pic source: here)

 It is very easy to made, much similar to any Burger with patty a.k.a Kabab and bun. They serve it  with yoghourt chutney and ketchup usually.

Funny thing about it, is its  taste. No matter how  yummily, hygienically and perfectly  you try to make it at home, it is never gonna taste like the one you get from thalay wala (road side stall) in just around 30 rupees.

The mamza of eating it  is at the roadside  in the pollution of Karachi.

There is also no fix recipe or any hard and fast rule to make it.

All you need is: Bun, Kabab's patty, egg, onion, tomato, cucumber, ketchup and yoghourt chutney rita.

 Kebab: I am using gram lentil and  beef  kabab.  You can use which ever you want: Chicken, mutton or even lentil only one, and veggie one like potato.  Some made their gram lentil and meet kababs with potatoes. It is perfectly fine. all you nee dis kebab.

  Making Kebab's patty:
  •  Soak  washed  gram lentil for over night or  for at least for about 4 to 6 hours.
  • Boil them  with onion, ginger and garlic, salt, and fennel seeds  in pressure cooker.
  • When it has been tendered and boiled well, and no water left (if left drain it),  chop them  in chopper.  
  •  Adding chopped onions, green chillies, cut coriander and mint leaves are optional just for taste and aroma.
  • Add little bit salt,  spice like chat masala, grounded black paper, cumin,  and garam masala. (If it is not available black pepper and red chilies can work well.)
  • Mix them well and shape them like a patty. 

Yoghourt Chutney Raita is made by one cup yoghourt, coriander and mint leaves, cumin seeds, sugar and salt according to your taste.  Blend all these stuff in grinder, and your  Yoghourt Chutney Rita is ready.

 Lets start cracking: 

1. Dip your kabab patties into egg white( if you don't like egg, minus it. No big deal) and fry.

2.Meanwhile, cut the veggies: Onion, cucumber and tomatoes in slices.
3.  And spread the Yoghourt Chutney Raita on one halves of   the bun.

4. Put Kabab on it. 
And mash it little bit with fork. It would be easily mashed due to the softness and tenderness of Kebab.

5. Cover it with  sliced cut onion, cucumber & tomato. (You can add salad leaf and cabbage, as well)
 6. Add tomato ketchup/ mayonnaise on it and on the other halves of the bun.

It looks like  the  Bun Kebab is ready. Well almost. You can have it.

7. But the BK guy heat it up after this on a tawa (or on  fry pan if tawa not available) with little, very little just a spoonful of oil  or ghee, up side down, so I am doing it too.


Now  cut it into half and cater to it with chutni and ketchup.

Enjoy and have a yum weekend.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello Kitty is not a cat.

Congratulation Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. 

Those who don't give damn about these royals, they just announced that William knocked up Kate once again.

 #Oops I beg your pardon, Sir.

 We commoners talk like that.

 News is that they are excepting their second baby. And I care that. I care and celebrate birth(s). You should too.  He/she  just a baby. So what if he/she will have blue blood. This is his/her fate. 

So what is his/her parents would be Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. ! His/her fate. Did you choose your parents? 

No !

Then why not giving dam about innocent fat rich royals babies? They are just babies. And babies are just babies.  Babies can be anyone's  babies.

There are certain in life about which we can't do anything. Science can't do anything about it either. If you are someone baby, you are. You can't change that fact. 

Prince William is Prince William. Kate Middleton, after marrying him became Duchess of Cambridge. That is fact. Their kids would be royal. It is fact.

Prince William is almost, so near to be bald. That is irony.  Baldness don't see race, religion,  cast or class. That is an other fact.

 And #Hello_Kitty is not a cat. 


And this is fact .

 When I read the article on LA Times about her not being a cat, I was also shocked, baffled and in denial like many others. 

My whole life is big fat  lie. 

All my life I  thought she was some mean, poker faced, no mouth cat from Japan, but in reality she is actually a  British girl, who was born and lives in the suburb of London  with her mama (Mary White), papa (George White), and her twin sister Mimmy. Her full name is Kitty White.

She  loves to bake and she can make really delicious cookies. She learned her baking talents from her mama, who makes scrumptious apple pies that are enjoyed by the whole family.

Although she has turned 40 this year, she is still a little girl with a heart of gold according to her her website (bitch is on Botox). She also has a lovely pet cat, named  Charmmy Kitty and pet hamster named Sugar.

 It is not just that, Mickey Mouse is also not a mouse according to Sanrio's president and founder Shintaro Tsuji when he was asked if Hello Kitty was a cat, Yahoo! Japan

 "Hello Kitty is not a cat. If Hello Kitty is a cat, then Mickey is a mouse. That's not how it's said, as Kitty is Kitty, and Mickey is Mickey. It's funny saying it, but the reason is because both Kitty and Mickey are idols. If you say 'mouse' or 'cat,' then that rationale cannot be understood."

I always knew there was something fishy about this wanna be cute cat, but still I never thought one day she would  come out like that. 

 However, this new of her  not being cat  was enough for us, they are saying in reality  Mickey mouse is also not a mouse, is too much.

 Tomorrow they will say Piggy is not a pig. Tom is not a cat. Jerry is not a mouse. Goofy and Scooby Doo are not  dogs. Bugs bunny is not a bunny.  Poppy the sailor is not a sailor.  Aril is not a mermaid. Nemo is not a fish. Donal Duck is not a duck.   Tweety is not a bird. Sponge Bob is not a sponge. 

Tell me, what will you do then?

How we will deal with such facts? 

 Sanrio Says Hello Kitty Is ‘Personification of a Cat’