Saturday, April 7, 2018

The norm of talking crap

Pakistani Television host and politician of PTI, Mr. Aamir Laiquat  just posted few tweets about politician Ms.Marium Nawaz of PML(N) ( here) on April 4. They are posted to defame and insult Ms. Nawaz. She is his opponent now. He intentionally character assassinated her.

It figures.

It figures because it  is a norm. Like it or not, if not everyone but 'almost' every other Pakistan talks like him with very little difference, whenever he/she gets a chance. Character assassination is their only tactic to tackle the opponent or with who they have issue(s). Sometimes, they can go in length  to destroy someone's reputation just because someone didn't say "salam' to them.

People are very Okay with using derogatory remarks about anyone, anywhere. And, I am talking about real life here. People don't feel an ounce of shame when talking about other person's character. They do it with all their heart without thinking that they have their own daughters. It can come back to them.

God willing, it will. If not today, then tomorrow.

On TV, he is paid to say such things. Channel owners and producers are very well aware of who he is. They want him on the purpose. They know that by only having him they will be able to achieve the TRP for their channels. PEMRA notices and actions go in drain- all the time.

And most importantly, people do like him. TRP doesn't go up just having him. It shows public is watching him. They have no issue with him or the content.

The thing about stuff he posted on his social media account is is that: He owns it. That is his property. He can say it even if he is the 'role model'. And he did. You can do nothing about it, can you?

All you can do it grit your teeth, unfollow him or insult back. 

Others do almost the same thing, in cyber and real world whenever they find something conflicting with their preconceived opinions. Read any comment session of the Facebook pages of Pakistani's Newspaper if I am making it up. You wouldn't be surprised to see how full they are with cursing/derogatory remarks. 

Those who don't do it on Social Media, they do it in real life. I, as a woman, have also experienced it first handed: Put-downs, insult, taunt, yell, and even character assassination, that also by highly educated people.  Being on the receiving end is exhausting. All I can do is ignore. 

I know this is their upbringing, frustration along with mental illness.

 Korea University’s Sun Park and Northeastern University psychologist C. Randall Colvin call such people narcissistic. No normal person can do such low thing. It gotta be a narcissistic who can insult others this much.