Friday, August 29, 2014

Samosa Spaghetti

Mean to say, there is spaghetti inside the samosa.

 Actual is  samosa macaroni from Bake Parlor, which I  first had at  expo center. It was so  yum, something new and intersting. However, in actual recipe as you can guess from the name, there is supposed to be macaroni inside the samosa, but there was no macaroni available at home, and I was tad tired to go grocery store and buy it. 

Spaghetti was there, so I made it with it.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Christine Cosmetic Pakistan

To me it is actually the quality of a product which matters a lot. And finding original good quality cosmetic product, local or international, in a   reasonable price is not that easy here. Either good quality international cosmetic products are outta my range, or most of the times  I have no idea about the cosmetic products on which I am paying out  my hard earn money  are really original or copied.

Local products are not much and their quality is not that good either.

In this scenario, Christine is one best local product which gives you original good quality product in a reasonable price.

I have used their compact powder, and eye pen liner. Currently I am using their;

  •  Lip sticks: Shocking Eve, Shanon Rose and Evening Burnt.
  •  Loose face powder: Peach
  •  Nail paints: Aqua and maroon
  •  Waterproof  mascara in black, professional paint stick no. 36, and  glitter eye pencil. 

Their Lip sticks and mascara are super awesome, they stay longer.  Other product  are also satisfying. Just that their paint stick and compact powder are too matte and kinda dry. Maybe I feel like that due to  using glossy stuff  for so long.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Share your food.

One of my friend from the States just told me about #Corned Beef Hash. When I looked up for it, and its recipe, it is just like my desi Alo Keema (potato and minced beef) in looking wise. Recipe is also very similar and simpler (to me) just that  in Corn Beef hash you gotta use Corned/Hunter beef.

  AlooKeema                                                                                                      Corned Beef Hash

I  am gonna try making   CBH, for sure :).

Few days ago, I also came across #Falafal, an Arabic famous street dish. I made it and anyone with whom I shared it, at my home and work place, just  loved it.  And you may not believe I make it with left over chana chloay.

There is nothing like trying new food from around the world.

What is your fav dish from your country? or any famous dish, or even any street food where you are from, you would would love to share with me. Just leave the name or the link of the recipe of that meal.I will make it.

(Authentic recipe please, because I am kinda  prone to  end up making  stuff into desi spicy curry something)

P/s:  Till now on my personal and blog FB pages, I have got: 

  • Jonathan from England :  Fish and Chips  
  • Silvio from Germany:  Döner or Currywurst. And of course traditional bavarian pork roast with red cabbage and dumplings.
  • Ahmed  from Ghanna:  Fried rice and Chicken
  •  Nate Sutherlin, from Cali, USA: Burger from in-n-out! 
  • Mike from Italy:  Margherita  Neapolitan Pizza

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Even if it's one room rented apartment.

H's youngest son's 1st birthday is tomorrow. She is arranging it somewhere in SMS.  I might not be able to go. Ali, my brother  is not at home in the evening these days. So after school, I went to her place and give birthday boy his birthday's present.

When I came back home there was no one there.  I loved it. Usually mom is back before all of us, and always there to open door for us. I remember when we sibling were used to go school, my father kinda  cleared it  to my mom  clearly by saying to make sure never let kids wait for you at door steps.

 Now we are grown ups and only two left (unmarried), she still make sure to be at home before all of us  and get the meal ready.

I love my parents a lot. I love how they worked their ass off for me and my other siblings. They literally sacrifice their whole life and still ready do more.

However I loved that there was no at home when I came back today from H's place.

I sometimes love being coming home to an empty home.

 The feel of  opening the doors by myself is something which only those can feel who have their own places. Even if it's  one room rented apartment. Your own place is your own place.

Sure, one day I will have my own home. I will have keys of my own home. This is my parents home.

I want to have my place with someone I want to live with. Even if  it's  one room rented apartment.This is nothing about being ungrateful for what I have. I am more than thankful to God for blessing of roof on my head.

Still your own place is your own place.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good heart.

Faizan and I were talking about someone. He said she has a good heart and he usually sees one's heart.

 I  can't see anyone's heart. It is technically impossible. Heart is an internal organ. How can he sees it, I have no idea?

I usually don't see anything in anyone. I take people as they are no matter what. No need to show off anything to me either. If I like you, I will ! If not, then not! But still if I have to see something in someone it is  his/her's  #manners (Ikhalak).

 To me manners matter. Don't like me, OK cool, na ! I can deal with it. No need to show your generosity, no need to treat me goody goody good. Just be civilized, show manners and bye !

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Waiting for Monday.

Friday was the first day of new academic year  in my school.

Because it was Friday,  many parents didn't send their kids to school. They might all be thinking of sending them to school from Monday onwards. Only one student was there in my class. I send him to grade 3 where there were 2 other students.

This turned out actually good for me. I  got more time to finalized  syllabus coverage, syllabus breakup, and  lesson planning and handed in to principal.

So excited for Monday !

Hope everyone shows up :).