Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome?


Annual Global Gender Gap Report , 2016 by the World Economic Forum is out. 

Iceland, Finland and Norway  ranked  first, second and third  out of 145 countries. Pakistan came 144. India ranked 82 and  Bangladesh is at 64. Other Asian countries like Nepal, Srilanka and Buttan also beat us. Technically all South Asian, African and Arab countries except Yemen (ranked 145) are doing better than us.

However, Pakistanis didn't take this report well. They are calling it a bogus. A propaganda and nothing else. To them this World Economic Forum is an Israeli Conspiracy. They just want Pakistan to abandon Islamic values altogether. And, not only this: Newspapers who published that report are defaming Pakistan.

Pakistanis strongly believe that women are way protected, respected, honored and empowered in Pakistan as compared to the West, where there is only vulgarity in the name of gander equality.  Women here don't have to wait in lines like men. They get seat  in the public transport while men have to stand. They don't have to work either. They are home makers. It is a common believe that those who work are needy. Good respectable women live in limits. We have had female Prime Minister, for your kind information. Many women are in politics. We have doctors, engineers, pilots, teachers and what not.

Therefore, Pakistan should ranked 1st.  And these type of western reports are totally fake. 

According to a Pakistani,  all those countries who ranked above them treat "their" women with disrespect. 

Lack of health facilities, political empowerment, equal employment right, high rate of illiteracy among women are not that important as long as respected women are living shattered live in  four walls of their homes. And ask any one over here: they need respect not equality.

Their man are bread earners and they are doing OK. Females doctors are happy to give up their profession for getting married. (After married is a different issue. First you have to get  married, right? And 'getting married"  is the biggest achievement for any female over here.) That's the way things are.

It is sad to see how people just by reading a news report are in denial. Research reports are no jokes. They could be bias, or incorrect but declaring them fake without knowing how to read a research report shows where we are standing. It is enough to tell us why we ranked 144.

 Being a woman is difficult. Every other day you have to prove how respectable your are. Those who are working or in some position are lucky to have family support and permission. Otherwise it is impossible. Many women in politics are because they belong to political background. Good families wouldn't even dream about letting their girls be working even as a nurse.  It is compulsion to work  now as time is changing. Accepting and compromising every other thing like a good obedient person after a brain wash from the day you were born doesn't mean all is well.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cards On Bridge

You can easily find garbage, whisky bottles and beggar kids on Perfume Chowk's pedestrian bridge. Usually these kids are begging or sleeping. Today I found them playing cards with their hen.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Karachi to Kuala Lumpur

Going anywhere outta Karachi was a dream till 2016. After starting working in university, it became so clear to me such dreams are for fools. My life is in Karachi. Going to work is only place I could go. Therefore, instead of dreaming, I started focusing on my work and accepting that I am not going anywhere even for a week.

I went to Islamabad, capital of Pakistan in the month of January and  just now visited Kuala Lumpur. Life is amazing. 

It was a ten days educational trip, from my university- SMIU. Our delegation consisted of 12 students, 4 faculty members, 2 admin staffs with our Vice Chancellor. I was on duty. However, still I got the chance to capture few clicks here and there.

Our stay was in Sentral Pudu Hotel. 

A  good deal for three star, low key hotel. It  was  located at down town (Jalan Pudu, Pudu, Wilayah Persekutuan). Berjaya Time Square was 2 km from there.  We reached there around  10 am  in the morning. It is 6 hour flight from Karachi to Kuala Lumpur. A guide picked us from the airport. Her name is Ning.

After settling down and having coffee ( I carry my Nescafe everywhere ), I took few shots from my hotel window with my DSLR Camera pro.

421 meters high Kuala Lumpur Tower is  the 6th tallest tower in the world. It was visible from my window.

  That area was remaining me of Karachi. I felt like home.

We left the hotel for lunch followed  the city tour. Lunch was done in an Indian restaurant Dehli Royal. I was amazed to see Daal Chawal and veggies with Pakora in the buffet. Actually, never mind. When it comes to food: Karachities go for BBQ, masla Tikka and Biryani. Daal Chawal is home dish to us.  Anyhow, I loved it. Fried fish was yum. They make spaghetti in different style. And frst time I realized how different Indian cuisine is from ours.

 Food should not be an issue when one is traveling. Just make sure the local stuff doesn't disturb your stomach. And, nothing happened to me in these 10 days. I had Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisines_the three races of Malaysia. Also fast food off and on.

In the city tour we visited the twin towers, the Palace, National Monument and other parts of this beautiful city.  I couldn't captured the twin tower properly. :(. This was my first day and I was getting lost.

                                                                                                                                                                          Palace of Sultan


Kaular Lumpur is  good in many ways. I am getting the impression that almost everything is commercialized here in a balanced way. Roads are clean. And people are quite and relaxed. Street foods are also everywhere with their local thaly walay and plastic chairs. That fascinates me. Sometimes I want to go and talk to them. Then, I remind my self that I am on duty.

 We have had big tourist bus. It took us everywhere. Transportation system is at its best. We have tried their train. It was so fun. I wish Karachi had such system. It is raining right now. We are at Star Bucks. So I got free WiFi. Yaaayy. In the morning we went to leather and Batik industry.They are basically cottage industry. Then we went to Sun way  Lagoon .                                                    

Saturday, September 24, 2016


We all do mistakes. It is normal. Chill ! Things go out of hands. There are ways to handle the sitution. The best way is to ignore and be quite. Everything will go away. Giving attention to insignificant things is waste of time. 

 Most of the time I am not able to handle it properly. And it never go un notice. I gotta be careful all the time. Therefore, I avoid people all togther. You never know when other find my petty and harmless mistake so offensive. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Next Saturday

Today was my second trip to NADRA office. My NIC has expired in the August. Bank has send me two notices.

 It's executive branch in Gulistan-e-Jauher. First time I went there on Eid' s third day. Due to Eid and long queue, they were not giving any more tokens. Therefore, I decided to reach there before 9.

Somehow, I manged to be there at 8:50 am. God forbid, a long queue was already there out side the office. Within five minutes, they started calling people inside. After twenty minutes, a guy came out and announced that system got down. Either we wait or go.

I waited. I thought it might take an hour. Maybe two. People started leaving. I had no other option. Saturday is the only day for or me to come. This NADRA is in my area. My NIC will be issued from here technically. It is not possible for me go there on weekdays. And this is only office which is open on Saturday.

I had to wait. As I say most of the people had left. I went inside. Desk peep told us to wait and see if we want. IT technician is on his way. System will be up.

He came around 10:30 am. It's was his day off, so he took time to get there. After looking , he announced the problem is from Islamabad. System is not working because net is not available. It will be fixed from Islamabad's PTCL office.  No one from there was answering their call.

It was only me who was asking about the situation. Rest was waiting with patience. They should have back up plan. You can't rely only on the system. Why they are open? if main office and every other government offices are closed on Saturday?
 There is so much people. Johar 's executive branch is not enough to carter us.  I could come on Monday at 8 30am to get the token and go to work late, however there is no grantee of getting the token the next day. This is no way. I criticized NADRA and its service. To be honest, my weekends are so precious. I can't stand in queues with no guarantee.

My asking and talking  worked. Desk guy said the next Saturday, he would let me come in because I have been waiting for so long. Let's see.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Eid Al Adha 2016.

Everything is gonna reopen from tomorrow😅. It is technically third day if Eid Al Adha. I have no idea what was in the mind of government when they were deciding the Eid vacation. We celebrate Eid for three days. I have to make my CNIC card. It has expired in last August. I was postcarting it for no reason. Then my wallet got jack in one fine day. I was in the Gulistan bus. Someone jacked it. Although there was no money in it. All my cards were there. It is a fitague. I registered FIR of my stuff.

I am still angry at me. In the past 1 and a half no such thing ever happened. No matter how clumsy, lost or sleepy I am, I get seat, and keep my bag tight next to my heart. I carray a tote. All my stuff is there. Sometimes my DSLR and lenses  with me. Still, no mishap ever happened.

That day I had a co-worker with me. I got distracted in chatting with her. And it was strang. Weather was over cast. I asked her to get auto rickshaw and divide the fare. We live super colse. She said no. I was tired. I m mostly too tired after work. I tagged with her. Bus got choke full at Naumish Chowrangi.


Long story short. Someone jacked it. I didn't check my bag after coming home. It was not there in morning.

I have to go NADRA tomorrow g or my new CNIC.

All this happening because I m so lost. There is so much to do. My semester has statarted.

 I m at home since last saturday. And it is so relaxing. There is nothing like home.

Ok, I am lazy. Things in my room are as it is as they were last Friday. Getting up in morning is struggle. It is impossible without alarm. To get up at 6, sleeping at 9 is must for me. Otherwise I wilk keep sleeping till late morning.

Morning time is the best time to do anything. Your mind is fresh. And I have to study. Whole day passes in jiff. So, for me getting at 6 is so important. Then I am having this bad habit of not setting my bag at night.

 This is so not me.

God, what is happening for me.

Eid Al Adha is all about sacrife. And meat. There is meat everywhere. We don't go crazy about it. On first day We had curry rice in noon and grill at night. Today I made cauliflower and potato for the lunch and palu for the supper.

This time around my apartment's Union decided to have all the slaughtering outside the apartment in separate place. We have a tenet till tomorrow's mid noon. People are taking their animals in a organized way and waiting for their turn. All the butchers, seasonal sand professional are sitting out. People are understating the concept of having a proper and separate place for their animals, the mess it creates before and afterwards. It is all up to you. How you arrange. How you want things to be done.

 Sacrifice can be done in less messy way with some proper arrangements as well. Only meat cutting and making is happened inside the parking lot. Sweepers are active and cleaning.

My apartment is at the 3rd floor. All pics are taken from there. I wanted to capture the slaughtering.

 Ohh, Please if you are thinking I am against it, you are supper wrong. I love hunter beef, Mutton biryani/Palu, camel nihari, and sheap kabab in moderation. Go eat pie. You can't have hamburger from carrots.

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