Monday, September 17, 2018

Home Chores

Taking care of home, cooking and doing other chores are  not that difficult. It is just a work. But, yes!  A time consuming work. Nothing else, at least to me. Doing things make me feel better.

Chores become burden when we procrastinate them. Even in other matters, all I do is do things right away. I am managing to do my own since Mom left for Canada. Only thing is my dad's being bit picky about his  meal due to diabetes. He wants freshed cook meal. He also want besan ki roti in every meal. No rice.

Last night, I cooked Green lentils with spinach, Mutton Kunna, and Bitter Gourd For him. He only ate Bitter Gourd. For my bro, I made Chicken Roast.

Then my mom called for an hour. We usually chat at my morning and her night. Last night it was opposite.

Only thing is don't want to do is ironing. It is something I have to knuckle down. Even laundering is acceptable, but ironing !!!!


What is the most easiest core for you?
and what is the most  annoying one?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Why TV is dead?

T.V is one of the  strongest and popular medium of mass communication. It gave rise to  a lot of interesting Mass Communication Theories. However, it looks like in today's age of information it is dead now.

At least, to me.

I really don't remember when was the last time I watched it for entertainment.

Maybe, Breaking Bad?
Fash out of Boat?

I don't know exactly when I stopped watching entertainment shows, and drams on T.V.


Yeah. I still turn it on for the news bulletin once in a while. It is an old habit.

But when it comes to entertainment, I have moved to web. It suites my nature. and it is convenient. I have liberty to watch it whenever I want and the option to watch it multiple times  and again whenever keeps me hook.  On the contrary, T.V is outta my control. It's all planned and runs by the terms and conditions of the channel owner.

It want it on my terms and condition.

Then duration and commercials in between.  Ugrahhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!