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Friday, June 24, 2016

She is barking at wrong tree.

 Mufti Shb got suspended after being with  Qandeel Baloch,  in her slefie stick wali vid in the month of ramadan.

Poor him.

It was a good try by QB to make some waves.  People gave lakh lanat to him. He got suspended later. That's it.

However, as I see, she is still not appreciated.

And this what always happen to this sweet gal. Her vids make noise for few minutes, whether it was her vow  to strip if Pakistan wins cricket match against India, in bikni, in seductive lip sync on oldies while lying down in bed or darling Modi.

 I personally like her efforts and hard work to get proper tv and big screen work, to be famous, to have audience. Every entertainer wants this. But there is something not clicking even when she is so ready to expose and explode, this tall, bold, smart, typical  *****  face woman trying to look cute (Noooo!! That ******it is no cruse words, you fools !).  And unlike other loud ****, she is little bit soft and sweet.

 Social Media helped her a lot to gain some audience, however it is still not enough for her. Her vids are webcam made, not so bold. They are uploaded on her face page, that is why they remain there in her page that is why their  impact is not that much.

 All she need is a proper show or film and right audience otherwise, she will need up being on her page with confused desis, who view each and every vid of her but don't like her, who curse her shamelessly, women and men both  with ma behne ki gali, warn her "sudher Jao," pray for her " May Allah guide you."

Technically, she is barking at wrong tree.

Public is not ready to see skin. They are not getting the idea of a gal taking selfi in a saloon in robe. They haven't seen this type of entertainment in their local media. Being sexy, bold and honest don't sell here. They like  good religious chaste entertainers.

 Like other wise showbiz women, she should also change her whole  game. Why not doing Ramadan or some domestic cum  9'o clock walay wedding morning shows? People will LOVE her.

 May Big Boss 10, where she claims she is going, help her to show her talent.

All the best, Babe !!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

People don't like each other.

First of all I have my doubts about these so called (Syeds and Shareefs) direct descendants of Prophet Muhammad's (Peace be upon him)  in this part of the world, south Asia. 


(Seriously...look at us, our condition, arrogance, and  jahalat.....Syed and Shareef  would be here?

 Anyway !

People here, especially Shias and Urdu speaking in Karachi who migrated from India still claim to be the one, when it is so obvious that it is all made up. They also have no such evidence to prove it.  people in south Asia are Hindi origin, even if Pakistan got separated in 1947.  However, I take it as they say. They are proud of it and prefer their own people when it comes for marrying off their children.

However, things are changing in Karachi and in other urban sector. 

You can't keep your children unmarried just for your own. That is why when the blog being a syed zaadi  was a curse came out, many Syed people said this doesn't happen any more. They are well educated, urban peeps, direct descendants of Prophet  Muhammad's (Peace be upon him), marrying non -Syed, or anyone who is suitable to them.

( Fyi, they are not marrying non Syeds because they want to. Actually, it is not possible for find one as all have married to each other. The are less in numbers now and these our own doesn't work out in urban culture).

Well, they are still proud of it. So are others in all over Pakistan.

People have strange kind of romance with their lands, provinces, tribes, villages, languages and last names as they are just for their identity.

Every other person with some fancy feudal, tribal and religious last name from some remote areas are still  proud of it, even  in 2016, when nobody gives two hoot about anyone. And should not give either.

They dub it ‪‎caste and at a same time call themselves Muslims ( how ironic !!).

I have heard people around me shamelessly and proudly saying that they don't marry outside their families, ethnic groups, and caste: be it Syed or Malick, Afridi or Choudhary. Same goes for Shia, Sunni, Ahmedi and Ismilies peeps.

They have imposed things on themselves which doesn't even exist in the real. Sad part is when they justify if.

That's the way it is.

So, it is not just this girl who is facing this issue. There are many, waiting for someone from their own people.

Instead of two adult people, here marriages are between families. People are family oriented. Everyone is in a very close a family setup. They know each other. And scared of outsiders and vice versa. 

 Having an outsider is risk for the family, "What if she takes away the son, which is her husband, asks for a separate home?"

"hamary ghar ko tor rahi hai."

 It is  mostly  females who has to go through this. When a guy bring an outsider, it is  somehow OK. That outsider gal has to adjust, and our obedient females do it anyhow. No one wants to break their families. Still people have fear of others. 

When once in a blue moon someone tries an outsider, they become proud of different kind and justify it in his own way "buhat achy log hein. Dosry punjabi/sindhi/pakhtuoon..etc, etc ki tarha nahi "". (They are very good people, unlike other  punjabi/sindhi/pakhtuoon..etc, etc)

And most of the time it is seen that outsider gal still belongs to same ethnic group. Otherwise her entry into her husband's family is a hard nut to crack because being an outsider it is difficult to adjust where everyone knows everyone. And fortunately or unfortunately if that couple has issues, or decides to break up, the whole family blame that religion and ethnic group, "Dekha, humna kehty thy...#%/=÷ to hoty he asy hein. See ! Didn't we say, ***** are like this. "

And it's a fact whether you like it or not. It is just a compulsion to meet "others" even in our  daily lives, otherwise people don't like each other at all. That is why, we have such dramabazi, when it comes to accepting another human being as a spouse.

This is why despite many unmatched marriages, people are still into it. This is called power of family pressure, culture and good brainwashing since childhood. And when things are exactly like that then there is no option left. 

Somehow it is safe and wise, you know, if the social and family system is that close. It is also good for the new bride. Within family she wouldn't have to try so hard to adjust like others have to do.

So when there is very less option to meet and mingle, and  marriage is all about going from one home to another, then it is wise  to go to known house. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Not impressed at all.

Problem with the kids like Zakia Belkhiri is that they are confused.

 They are living in free democratic society of first worlds where religion is personal thing, where having rallies of anti any religion is no big deal. They are second generation of immigrants from the  third world countries where religion, culture, languages, ethnicity, tradition is so important.  However,  these kids are so far away from their parents' homeland, and have no desire to ever leave the comfort, and freedom of the west for their parents' homeland which is Islamic in their values. However, they don't want to be known as Western either. They try to find answer of their identity crisis in religion.

Someone please tell them that they can't have  a cake and eat it too.

On a serious note, despite living in the western world, these kids have so much  pressure of not becoming like western. And this is the saddest part.

Anyway, this whole selfie episode of Zakia makes the west hero. It shows how easily a head covered girl  can go out  and take selfie freely.

I can bet, Ms. Belkhiri would be asking permission to go out first from her father and brothers on a sunny day with her friends just for outing  if she was living in any Muslim majority country. Countries like Belgium give them full freedom. None of them harmed her.

Those protesters were peaceful. They are actually group of non significant peeps in the western world.

Sometimes I feel so pity for our girls. How much over  thinking they do  before going out, taking selfies and posting it on the social media.

Parents of such confused kids should also understand this dilemma. Islam can protect them from becoming western. It is they who decided the  west to be their home. Sailing on two boats is a risky business. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Walk to nursery

I am getting used to my stay at home weekends. It makes me dull but that is it is like that,

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ferer Hall.

During group photo shot Dr.S told me about some vintage cars' display at the Ferer Hall.

  She is an easy person, still single like me and fond of going out unlike my other single female friends who prefer to stay at home, go home after work or hang out with family only.

We  like fresh air.We like having channa chaat from  Jamma  after a long day in university. We like going places.   And most of the time we decide our outings at bus stop. Chalna hai?

 So as usual after signing out, she asked me again at gate.  I was all ready to go.

We got the rickshaw and the didn't know the route.  Neither S knew where it is. I have been there once and all I remembered was that it is somewhere near the Arts Council.

Rickshaw wala should know routes ..please !

Anyway, deal was for 60 rupees but we passed the Arts Council and then  came to the Press Club, driver started  getting pissed off. We asked police peeps who were standing side outside the PC.

We finally reached the Ferer Hall and gave 100 rupees. The chik chik !!!!

There was no sign of vintage cars dur dur taak. Boys were playing cricket outside the main Sadeqien Gallery. And it was not evening yet according to Karachites' standard. Park/garden was kinda empty.

Actually people prefer to go out after 6 pm. It is with almost every park in Karachi. In summer, days are long. They stay their after sunset. We are night people.

It become obvious to us that there is no vintage car exhibition anymore. We went to the Sadqeen  Gallery. It was open.

A self taught artist, Mushtaq Lashari's  painting  exhibition was going on. Theme of the exhibition was old buildings of Karachi. He covered almost all of them. It was technically my first ever visit to any art exhibition. I loved it.  His work is neat and unique. All his paintings were made by real tea and coffee.

Unique, innt?

We stay there for 20 minutes and had good chat with him.

There are few other pics but they are in Raw format which are heavier than JPGs files. I can't develop them as my PC as  ram is exceeding its limit. Developing Raw files into JPGs is quite a work.

Sharing those I could developed.

Monday, April 4, 2016

I was doing at least OK.

I wanna be back to blogging. It kept  me sane for so long. It gave me motivation. It gave  me hope that everything will be fine no matter what.

I used to be so focused. Despite having less time due to university I was doing OK. There was purpose, there was hope.  There was routine. I was  doing at least OK.  Then heaven knows why...how..but something  happened..... I lost the track. 

I am clueless..more confused than ever. 

Despite having  3 days off, I did nothing productive. Papers are unchecked. Camera is still on my table, three novels I bought are still untouched. Only thing I did was cooking.

There is no sadness, no depression, a bit frustrating but that is also almost gone after making myself understand that what I want is too much, my expectations are way high ...however it just feel like I am lacking motivation. I have gave up on things so long ago. I guess I have hit the rock bottom in a nice way. 

My emotions made me fool. My happiness mislead me.