Friday, July 18, 2014

Ramadan, people, bazars and malls.

Yesterday I went to the Saima and Millennium Mall with my mom. She had to buy her Eid dress. Actually we never shop in Ramadan, always a month before it. There is too much crowd in bazras and malls and  prices are too high. But this time we were lazy enough to do it early and than my dad had his operation.  So yeah.

We left home just after the Iftar around 7:45 pm. Traffic  was not that much, we easily got the chingchi. the  Samia Mall was closed because they were still doing Aftari, so we went to the Millennium and then back to Samia where my mom's fav shop is. The are adjacent to each other. 

Within an hour the mall started choke fulling with  crowd of customer. It was more rush out side of it. 

So many people, happy with their families and friends, young boys and girls all dressed up, shopping and eating out. Everyone was happy and enjoying it without any fear.

We got  back home at  around 11 am. Traffic was jam and  it was definitely not looking like a late night.  It  remains like that up to 3 am. 

Karachi's late night starts  after 1 am. This is city of light. And then in the month of Ramadan  things get  more excited. 

A lots of people say  Ramadan is  supposed to be worshiping and offering up prayers, helipng others and doing good deeds.  

Indeed it is. This is the blessed month. 

And  people do charity and good deed  too as much as possible for them beside worshiping and offering up prayers.  They help needy, give the zakat and send the Iftari and Shaoor/Sheri to their neighbors even if they are well off. Masjidein are full with food in this month. Anyone  can go and eat, even if he/she is not fasting. At road, during the Ifar time, food, beverage, oil and other  companies and even some people give food boxes, dates and juices to those  who are stuck in traffic jam and can't reach home to break their fast with their families. 

What I care most if even in this tough schedule of fasting, night prayers and high prices  people are happy. There is peace. On Ramadan 21, there is gonna be a mourning procession  in the regard of   martyrdom anniversary of 4th Khalifa Ali Ibn-e-Talib (a.s). Hope nothing bad would happen. 

 May people  always be  happy like that. 

May there will always be pace, prosperity  and happiness in this city of Karachi. 

May it always be full of life, light, and colors.

Photo Credit:
Pakistan Today

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cover your shops

I can understand when sexually frustrated religious peeps talk about women, their dressing, how much un covered they are, how much fitna and fasaad they are spreading  on this earth, and all that jazz  in any frustrate and suffocated society, but boy, it is so annoying when  women talk like that : Cover your shops. I can see your butt becasue you are wearing jeans. You can't wear lawn  ( is a plain weave textile, originally of linen but now chiefly cotton, suitable for our weather) suits at beach because  it get wet and everyone can see everything. bla bla. Shreef girls wear jeans with long shirts, its hides their butts.

I am sure there must be so many more abusive and nonsense comments women used to hear from another women about their butts, boobs and other body part.

Most annoying is cover your shops.

Means your duptta is not covering your boobs properly.

I once  asked that type of  woman: are you lesbian?

She ulta asked: what is lesbian? You mean Libyan ? Lebanese?

Being a straight mature woman in my late 20s, I have nothing to do with any women's butts and boobs. I don't care if someone is wearing a lawn suit and her bra can bee seen. Or any girl is wearing jeans and her kurti is short revealing her butt, or if any woman's duptta is hanging at side. None of my business. It should not be other people's business as well.

Live and let  live.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

R.I.P Journalism

First it was Shoaib Akhtar,  the fasted blower from Pakistan  is getting married to some teenage girl.

He denied that news on his twitter, dubbed it a crap rumor and said there is no truth in that.

"I would like to confirm that I'm not getting married to 17 year old girl,there is absolutely no truth in the story being reported..(Contd.)
 ...If not me,atleast respect the girl! Totally False"

Then yesterday  we heard  the breaking news that  38 years old Shohid Akhtar  a.k.a Rawailpindi Express weds in a low key with a 20 year old girl named  Rabab Mustaq from Haripur.  The wedding ceremony was attended by family members and close friends of groom and bride. Dawn News

Breaking  news was his wedding  until  FB started buzzing  with another breaking news of  "India  has found the pic of SA's 20 year old bride."

 Every paper and its FB page  be it Pakistani or Indian started  using that pic without any verification.

Actually India Today and Hindustan Times posted a pic of SA with  Amy Billimoria who is in reality a designer, not his 20 yrs old bride everyone is dying to see.

 Of course it was a low key event, pics are not out yet.

 Reporters/ Photographers  should start doing some legwork like sitting out side his house to get the glimpse of newly wed, instead of Googling before claiming we found the pic.

 WTfish is this 20 years old bride?

Almost every  paper's head line is "20 years old bride"like  no man has ever married any women 18 years younger than him in this entire world?  (Do the maths. if SA is really 38, and she is 20(confirmed) then there is  18 years age difference between this couple). Still she is an adult. Also that 20 year old bride  has a name, use it. FYI,  her sure name is Mushtaq, not Khan, she is Rubab Mushtaq, not Rubab Khan like papers are reporting.

India Today :
Hindustan Times:
Amy and Shoaib:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fake Facebook Profiles.

Pakistani man has this ability to make a fake profile with  female pics and female names on social networking websites to make others fool for long period of time.

Facebook is full with such type of profiles.

 One group is  who  steals  normal average Pakistani girl pics for making friends with other guys. Some guys wanna have girls. It is not easy for them to have them. Fb is their space. There are lots of sexy pics of females on internet, but they are no fool.We don't play like that.  They steal normal pics to make it sound more real.

This why  many Pakistani girls still feel scare to upload their pics.

Some do that for fun to make their male friends fools.  Pranks, you know!

One of my friend told me she saw her cousins  who are studying in Sazbit and other pvt expensive educational institute having albums of normal average girls pics on PC. Allah knows what they do with them.

I wish no one has this much frustration and desperation in his/her  life for women. I wish Allah give every one sat least three sexy female friends. Say Amen together.

 Other group is those educated  man  who are on groups religious and political pages disusing related stuff. They are mostly  non- Muslims victim of Muslim's supremacy.  It is so obvious from their talk how educated,  well informed and hurt they are. I can understand their pain.

I can't imagine leaving a single comment to those group's post, even if they are compelling me to do so. And if  I left, I would immediately remove them. What if they harm me !  They can.

Every man can. They are prone to harm women in different ways. Sorry ha!

Then there is another group of males who keep two profiles like two cell numbers: One for family and one for friends and (female friends). They are I-am-so-sharrif-with-sharrif-sisters-how-can-I-have-female-friends type man. They don't change their names neither steal pics. They are there with their real identities, just with two profiles. May be not qualified for fake profile category but very important to be pointed out.

A man who can't keep you as  friend in his profile because of what ever fear is actually telling you you are not shareef like his sisters  who also have double profiles for their male friends. Bingo !

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Being Human

I don't why some  people are that obsess with animals that they go to an  extend and start comparing the two totally  different creatures with each others. Yes, they have few traits which we have too. But they still are animals. We, humans, are not  like them. Our worlds are different. And we should never be like them.

 Their nature is different. They are designed differently for different tasks.They have their limitation, for us sky is the limit.

They kill  each other for survival and for food. They don't have concept of empathy, piety and charity for each others.  They only think about themselves.   They eat their own babies. Those who don't do like that, example our carnivorous  pet animals, is just because they are never exposed to that type of wild life. They are trained, and have been tamed,on the other hand  majority of them are fierce and wild.

There are domestic animals which we use.  Pets are definitely vulnerable, cute,  fluffy, companion to many, something fun to be with. Baby animals  melts my heart. They can't speak for themselves. They deserve  good treatment from us. It is their right. And we should do everything to give them their right, but still they are animals, never mind, and they should be remain like that!

Let them live  in  their world in their own way.

 I also find it offensive when people say we, humans are animals, esp, when they compare us with apes, monkey, gorillas or chimp.  No, we  are not like them at all, neither evolved from them or from anything like them at any point. Even though, in early ages we might be living like them, with them so closely in same place, we have evolved with time in our own way.   I don't look like them either, it's a plain  insult.

 Sometimes we  behave like animals. Don't wait to kill each others. It is because we are evil.

This war of evil and bad is here since this world came into being.  Some of us are destroying their habitat by polluting water and deforesting for own own selfish reasons.

 But just  because of few, do you think it is fair to forget all those people who are doing their bit every day for humanity?

 There are so many good humans around us too, who have been proving that why we are human. Our parent are biggest example of  unconditional love and sacrifice. They don't let us go just after we are born.  They are many other who  are making this world a better for other human beings.

 Humanity is not death yet.   At least, I  don't think so!

Take care of yourself and of other human beings besides other creatures around us.

Friday, June 13, 2014

This "sexual act" is product of your own imagination and assumption.

I really dunno what is this big deal going on with  breastfeeding and these  celebrity moms, and a few other women  who are  taking  selfies (some private, some by professional photographer) while nursing their babies  and posting it on their Instragram, Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook has also lifted its banned  on female nipples in photos of breastfeeding mothers.

""Breastfeeding should not be taboo – and bottle feeding should not be judged – it’s ALL fun for the whole family.”~ Jaime Kind  
 “Some people here think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think, ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child, when they are so little?’ There should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.” Gisele Bunchen

Where these women are coming from?

 Is  it  taboo in their part of the world and  people frown upon those women who breastfeed their children?

Or are you one of those peeps who harass them like they are complaining literally under #FREETHENIPPLE hash tag? 

Actually, why would you or any one harass any mother nursing her child in public places?

No one does that.

Breastfeeding is never an issue, neither a taboo thing anywhere in this world. As much as I know, women all around the world are  doing it without any complain and taking pics. Also, last time I checked, we are mammals with milk glands, so technically  we are supposed to feed our babies: privately or publicly.

The movement/campaign about  nursing moms in public is these women's own frustration and imagination and nothing else.

 #No One Cares !No body harass them ! 

#Get Over It. Normally others know this is a normal act.

 We all know what they are doing with their child! We know kids need to be feed at odd hours. No one can starve them to death while finding a private place in park when they are crying for it.

However,   we can't rule out that there are every kind of people there  in the public places, and  excepting no one  stare  is quite so native. Even in today's world it is this act is still  consider to be done privately or in a covered way,  be it western culture or eastern.  Thus,  they will  obviously will look at you which  will apparently make you  uncomfortable to feed your child like that. That is why there are nursing rooms or some women cover it.

 Anyway, breastfeeding is nothing new unusual or outta this world. We all know how healthy, natural and important this is for any  child. 

 I am totally in favor of breastfeeding a child and against formula milk for certain age. It's a good deed. My mom fed me and my other siblings for two and half year(with out taking any pics). I also reckon any mom who is healthy and able to do it, does that for certain time. It has  so many health perks of it   for mom and baby, which no one can deny. Period.

And for any reason, if she is not able to do it, then, still we are no one to judge her at all. (Some women can't) Her baby, her decision. Formula milk or breast feeding, we are still no one to tell her anything. That is why,  Gisele Bunchen's opinion about making it a world wide law is not much possible.

“Breastfeeding is not a sexual act. It’s an intimate act, and that makes some people uncomfortable. But that’s completely normal to have all the humane hormones that are released when you breastfeed regulating your relationship with your child — that’s simply normal.”~Mayim Bialik 

Again !!!!!!!!!!!

Who said it is "an sexual act?"

There is nothing sexual bout it ever. It is a natural, intimate and still a private thing ( to many).   This "sexual act"  is product of your own imagination, assumption,  and  photographer. #Get Over It.

Maybe with the passage of time, no body would give a hoot whether you are covered or uncovered while feeding  your child in public, or posting those oh so wonderful moments pics on Facebook

People  who have issue with it might  get over it, who knows?  However, if people start using your oh so private pics for some other reasons, then don't blame anyone.

Happy Breast Feeding !