Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I 'm in a poetic mood today .I don't know how many of you love sky . I do and I am obsess with its beauty and  wideness . It is  big,  wide open and free .Some time cloudy, some time rainy   .Every color of sky  is beautiful and meaningful. Morning sky is so beautiful, especially when sunrises and gives light to earth . It gives me hope , energy and smile,gives me hope to wake up and start from starch.And when  sun starts getting brighter and brighter  I wonder, what I  am  going to do for the rest of the day?

Whenever, I am sad , depress, angry ,bad moods, big &   small crises, I look up at sky not because Alla'ah is up there,just cause, I want to see it .When heavy clouds comes and rain starts ,it actually cleans everything,  and after that rainbow appears with its bright seven colors and make sky more beautiful , colorful , cleaner and vulnerable.Air carries away my troubles, blows away strife, and carries positive thoughts.

I  am not an intellectual or scientific person, but I want to know what makes it so blue and beautiful?I spend my time watching birds fly in that big space. I wish, I could fly too. That's why  I also like planes. Lucky those who get chance to fly. At least they can be near to it.Can see  clouds  from so near .

Night Sky is not bad either but it's dark and bleak ,quite and  clam at the same time .I love watching them when they are decorated with countless stars and one moon. It also gives me hope that there is another day . Its beauty has  captured the attention of  many  poets. John Keats, whose poem ‘Bright Star’ praises the stars, 

“Bright star! Would I were steadfast as thou art”.

I feel calmness and healing with the light blue color of the sky. When ever I looked upon the light blue of a new day,I felt safe after shuddering in the fear of the previous night of darkness and the dangers within it.If you feel ill,sad  or depress ,look at sky , open your arm and take a deep breath, then exhale ,you will feel light and  comfort.

The sky is deep, the sky is dark. 
The light of the stars is o damn stark.
When I look up, I fill with fear,
If all we have is what lies here, 
this lonely world, this troubled place, 
then cold dead stars and empty space...
Well, I see no reason to persevere, 

no reason to laugh or shed a tear,
no reason to sleep and none to wake.
No promises to keep and none to make. 
And so at night I still raise my eyes 
to study the clear but mysterious skies
that arch above us, cold as stone. 
Are you there God? Are we alone?"

(Dean Koontz,The Book of Counted Sorrows)

 P/s: I love sky.

P/p/s: I  currently started reading Dean Koontz's  novel "Sole Survivor" . I don't know who this guy is .This poem is in a novel  " The book of counted sorrow." Is he a poet too?I just bought this book from secondhand book stall ,and found this website angelfire.com,where his other poems are .  I don't know much about English "famous" writers.You know, what after reading books, I am like ......" Hey is this book famous?   

On its first page, I saw this poem and it kicked me that I should add it to me post "Sky ",which I have written long ago . So I am republishing this post with a poem.  



  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment

  2. The sky is blue because light scatters as it pass through the air molecules, blue is the colour which scatters the more effciently.

    It's amazing how wonderful God made the earth

  3. Sky is always grey here! Wonder when will summer come.Where do you live btw?