Saturday, July 2, 2011


Not in all skin and bone ,emaciated way. Actually I want to be fit and tight ahah (what a word_-tight).Don't take me wrong .I am really so worried :(.Feeling unhealthy and sad !Because truth is this is not looking good. Every one is noticing it too.Whether I like it or not I am  becoming pear, apple, foot ball....what ever.... ever ! I can not afford this few extra pounds .Why ?Because I'm short .I am OK with it.This is how God made me!But sorry this extra few pound/wight gaining stuff is otta my league.

Pleases understand this irony here.If you short and slim it is digestible but God dammit, if you short and fat .You are ugly. And I am looking ugly.The whole world should be happy .She is ugly now.First she was tiny short girl now this new crap.I want to slap my self !!!! Seriously .Yes, Slap my self.

This occur  me always, but embarrassed me yesterday, when I was getting ready for a party, and I felt my beautiful dress  so tight around me arms .All the time at party  I was conscious about it I kept my shawl wrapped around me and cramp the the beauty of that dress .Not only that .I checked my other dress too.They all tight now.At home I wear lose shirts  so I never felt it .

O lord, I'm getting fat !!!!!!!!  :( I always have flabby arms, but I keep them tone (by  stop eating,that's only thing I know),  and from  past  2 or 3 months I am gaining weight  .I personally hate my flab,who does not? They are extra fat, and I have no idea how to tone the arm muscles.When I check my weight I was 46 kg, which is not that bad, but I'm getting flab around my arms which I really don't know why ! I eat healthy food at time. Proper breakfast.Walking . Physically and mentally active. I mean, I am actually doing what ever I used to do and never have had  that problem  .OK ,I am foodie but I also burn my calories as well.

Believe me, I personally feel heavy and unhealthy,when ever I gain weight occasionally. I don't care others two cents .But peeps around me really saying it .Every one is noticing .And most importantly,like, I say, I feel gross and uncomfortable. That's why I want to retain ideal weight for me (43 kg  ).  I want to loss few ponds. Yeah, It is not a big deal for you, but for me it is .It is not essay for me to loss 3kg .

That's why I envy   all people

Skinny and  tall  models .I hate all of you

Hitting gym is not an bad idea.Many girls than usual are  hitting the gym these days . Gym memberships are becoming famous.But not everyone who belongs to a gym actually spends a lot of time working out. It’s easy to have good intentions about exercising, and losing weight.

Actually ,getting on a treadmill is a little harder for me .I do not feel like working out. I hate working out.I like walking fast in open air .  Heart’s pumping. A little sweat. You feel your muscles ache.If I start working out too much, I get all bulky.I  just want to walk fast, and feel the burn. It feels so good to walk .But God Dammit,It is not working !!!! Because I do walking crap almost every day .I do clean my apartment after every 2nd day . So It is pissing me off that when I am on right track than what the bakwas is this?

I like yoga too. I feel like it’s the perfect balance ‘cause I don’t like the fast-paced stuff, ‘cause it just makes me dizzy. But yoga is  a good core workout, I will get lean. I like it.Alright then , let’s do it. Let’s go, let’s walk, and do yoga.

My Biggest problem is that I'm hooked up with all kind of food .I can not be hungry .I don't want to go on crash diet.Now at age 25 I can not do it .I can not skip meals .I don't wanna do it ! I have done that crap too when I was in 9th grade, and I felt so sleepy and run  otta steam .And girls should never do it .I have had menses problem after that . You need food healthy stuff ,especially girls. .Horrible option .Big way, I can not reining in food,  and those kids drug ADHD ?????????? Excuse me ????

Another thing is sugar .Yes sugar .This is only crap mistake I am  taking in .I drink 3 to 4 cuppa tea, daily .One cup = 2 spoon sugar, and 4 cup = 8 spoon.

OK so , I have decided to take only 2 spoon sugar in morning to fuel me . If I don't do my B.P would go down and I would fall down .Anyway,I can rein in sugar, and sodium .Hope it help me to keep me healthy, and retain my ideal weight.

Oh God, why this is happening ?


  1. All you said abou these models is right ! We hate skinny people too, even if we are skinny. But to say, we haven't choosed to be like that, we were born this way !

    We love your article, as usual !

    Afaf & Marwa

  2. I can totally relate to this post. I totally LOVE food and I don't like diets. I hate working out to be honest, i love the kind of working out where i don't know i'm working out. I don't consider myself FAT but don't consider myself skinny either and could deff lose something. I guess in the end of it, people are never happy with what they have.

    I can't believe they're taking those pills...actually i can.

  3. Oh my God , as if u are talking about me ???? I used to be that short cute thin girl , I gain 5kg am fat and ugly , I hate working out and I love food :( by the way I am crazy I was thinking af getting pregnant so I was in medication and I gained 20 kg !!! Imagined that for a girl who loves fashion and dressing up !! I lost 15 in an unhealthy way , I took pills :p now I am struggling with 5kg and the pills are not working for me

    So in love with your blog :)

  4. Aww dear I'm sorry that u in such a state at the moment:( I think that brisk walking is a good form of exercise - I think I keep slim coz of all the walking at the hospital, oh and all the stairs!!! You could also keep nafl fasts - loose weight and get reward:)
    [BTW I'm also short, very short;)]

  5. MashAllah only 46 kilos? Wow, that is totally awesome, I wish I could even get down to 50!

    I am 5'2" tall, and for my height the doctors say a healthy weight is like 53-55kg. Being a bit nosy, may I ask how tall are you?