Friday, March 4, 2011

Assassination of Pakistan.

The assassination of Shabaz Bhati  is actually assassination of Pakistan,because in my eyes only minorities  are  peaceful,law following people left.Rest of them had gone mad.They are real contributors and servers, and most patriotic people .They works hard ,and their work is honest .I can not  ignore their services, especially in education, and nursing.They participates in our Eid,respects all our religious and other things (only God knows whats in their heart) .I personally don't believe in the division of minority- majority on the bases of religion .It is a disgusting thing to do , and all these division just creates hate .When all humans are from one God then who  am I to discriminate them?

And from which angle Christan, Hindus ,Parsi ,Agha Khani and many others are minority, when they are living here before the creation of Pakistan?They are citizens of this land as much as other Muslims .I can say a lot more thing which people of Pakistan don't know about Quaid-e- Azam he said:

“You will find that in the course of time Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense because that is the personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as the citizens of the state.”

He also said that :

         "You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed - that has nothing to do with the business of the State."

It should never be a matter of anyone .How can I hate some one if his or her's religion is different from mine?No religion on this earth can tolerate hate.All teaches peace and harmony.Jews,Christians, and Muslims are all believer of God and follow his book.Killing is murdered.Killing of any human,for any reason is killing of humanity.Does God,your God, my God permits us to kill his people?I'm not responsible for the rest of the world.If people hate each other then what can I say?Only insane people can insult each other religion.No normal person do such things,so  honestly in Pakistan I never find them ever doing anything  wrong .They know how to live civilize.  

            25-30 bullets were hit on the face, throat, and neck of Pakistan .

This kind of assassination is  nothing new.Another after another.From Laiquat Ali Khan till Shabaz Bhatii ,we have been assassinating Pakistan.So how many time they will  assassinate Pakistan?Are we some kind of animals who can not tolerate each another anymore ?Is this jungle where anyone can kill anyone?Democracy does not mean you are God ,can do anything.It is so shocked to see that how  the values of tolerance and respect for people of all faiths and backgrounds had been finished.It must be for most duty of every government to protect "everyone".It has drawn the line of division in society. Some one has advice Mr Zardari to kept  his mouth shut in every matter,so he never condemns or says anything at all.

Was not he aware of the planned visit of Taseer to meet Aasia Bibi in the jail?And to assure her that justice would be done in her case?To be very honest,he was .He send him to meet her  jail,and it is his tactic to solves quirky issues like that ,putting forward someone else. He should have taken steps to make sure that the law would be allowed to take its course. Now, as far as President Zardari is concerned, Taseer event is a closed chapter. He has said nothing, not even a word about the manner the Governor of Punjab was murdered.It is his duty to nib this crap in the bud .

Salman Taseer's assassination  was a clear call for the government to review the situation and appoint a committee consisting of qualified scholars to examine the situation. Nothing was done.Now this nation is facing a music .I don't know anything about blasphemy law,so that I would not comment on it .I heard about it first time after Salman taseer's assassination,before that I was ignorant .The problem is the abuse of the law.And we are master in abusing laws,every kinda law ,are not we?Only alone God's know whose fault was that .

Who to blame?Last night, I was watching Capital Talk,hosted by Hamaid Mir,at Geo,where very prominent ,and you know, elite writers and media persons were blaming him that he was without security.He should keep security,keep his mouth shut , bala bla .He was receiving threats for the last few days but his point of view was that security can do nothing.When former Governor can be killed by his own body guard then what would he do with the phony security?So true .And why on this earth they were blaming dead man?

Blame your self for creating such kinda suffocated society ,gegget it?Don't be an ostrich, who digs her head into ground,at the time of danger .Don't give false optimism that "All is well" ,if all is well then no such  assassinations would had ever happen in  the name of God.

We claim  Islam is  the most love-filled, peace loving religion,on the contrary we are portraying it as a non-tolerant hate-filled, violence -loving religion of this world.The roots of the problem runs deep. It started with pampering of religious lobby by the politicians.Are we  becoming vermin?What kind of joke we are doing in the name of God,has anyone ever rack their brain  about  this?


  1. ok well,u are very unpatriotic ,u don't love islam person,u should go out from here.

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  3. why you support shabaz bahti????