Monday, April 11, 2011

I know, baby.

I  ain't that bimbo  who could not understand the phony politics of the West.Then ,being a mass media student I know these  retarded gimmick so well ,and more than that I know the Western and their vulpine  greed of controlling the Muslim  world. OK, so I can read their mind very well.I am  mature enough to understand the ballyhoo of Afghanistan and Iraq war .In Iraq,it was stark fraud."Mass destruction weapons"..............There was no  mass destruction weapons .They just make the whole world fool .They  killed  their own  people in 11-9,and put blame on us ,Big fat whoopers ,lairs and  losers.

If we do some thing,then the whole nation  is  terrorist, and when they attach us what are they ??




World saviors!!!!!! !!!!!!!!    My foot

        """They first wiped out  Afghanistan ,besides that abused Pakistan ,raped  Iraq ,now it is Libya's turn.They are doing same thing with Middle East and North African's  rich countries,they did before with same stupid pretexts.This time they wanna   vanquish Libya  to flex there muscles .""

Now,they  attacked Libya,almost month ago, on the pretext  of saving Libyans (civilians )from Qaddafi ,just like they did to Iraq for mass destruction .Excuse me,are you stoned?

Libya is Libya today because of Qaddafi,who  turned Libya into the richest nation in Africa.

The people of Libya  have oil and money.They are spoiled by him. It was the poorest country in the world in the 1950s,now  its current income is double that of other North African countries.It  is one of the best countries in Africa to live in. It has a high GDP per ca pita (the citizens aren't super poor), and it has the highest life expectancy in Africa, 73 for men, 78 for women. The guy actually DOES care about the people. Long live Qaddafi!!!!

They hate Qaddafi  for so long .He has been hated by many  for his revolutionary ideology and stand against imperialistic exploitation of poor nations.He  is hard core ,crazy but best.They don't like him cause he wants to re-unite Africa and he is a straight warrior who don't give's a crap about what wicked  westerns  have to say.

That is why they calls Qaddafi crazy.The west have some strange mental problem .Qaddafi is not mad .France  President Nickol bibokll vitol ,whatever his name  is mental ,who banned Burqa and Haijab .Obama and Bush is sick,along with sex hungry Italian president.

He spoke  against racism, has helped black & Latino people in the United States by funding programs to help out the communities, is against imperialism. He also was the first and probably only Arab leader to apologize for the slave trade.

He  is all wicked and they are all Saints is just a propaganda from the western media.  I reckon  that Obama is much more threatening than Qaddafi, considering the U.S has vanquish three countries in the past decade. So, who is the real enemy?AT LEAST QADDAFI CAN SPEAK ,NOT LIKE OTHER DUMBOZ. The West just want to replace him with a puppet,who  will in turn satisfy the economic interests of them.

Right now, in Libya, it is civil war__ not a revolution,which is been fully supported and funded by the West  .I did not see women ,old people at green square ,just few buggers with gun ,destroying their own country. Even those filthy rebellions gave guns to children .You know, the West  using these rebellion  people,just like they used few Afghan rebellions against  Afghan government ,and later named them Taliban?And I'm sorry, I can not support any retarded  rebellions at any cost ,because I know the results.We Pakistanis are facing its  after effects .The wicked oil hungry  Islam  jealous West is helping them ,and now attacked it .Libyan rebels has started selling oil ..,wow. They should be caught and put in zoo.

For every one's information,Qaddafi  is not killing his people.He is only attacking armed rebels and was actually trying to avoid civilian casualties, but the West was helping these rebels from the start. It is very good and reasonable excuse to enter  any sovereign state .West Point Academy's own report confirms Qaddafi was 100% right. The U.S is supporting, funding, and arming Al Qaeda in Libya. The same dupes that killed American Gi's in Iraq.

Al-Qaeda ,which is also the son of  goat (West) .They use them time to time for their purpose.Right now in Libya,these rebellions have no name ,but tomorrow they would be some kind of terrorist ,who would be demanding separate Libya ,and will get nothing ,seriously .No Muslim countries gets freedom.Tell me which Muslim state fighting for freedom get freedom yet? Palestine ?Kashmir?Sudan on .Only Christian states gets freedom .South Sudan,Est Timur,whatever.

 UN is biggest circus ,with dumb puppets .

And honestly if they have so much weighs about us then why don't they bomb ill Israel?People in Gaza needs freedom .They need help more than few armed rebellion Libyans .Kashmirs people have been whacked out of wanting freedom.

The only reason why they  want to invade Libya is to control it like Iraq and steal oil!!

How dare UN allowed to attack it ???? France,and all West by the way , always scared of Islam . CNN,BBC and Fox news are bias and crap.Al Jazira is concocted by ex CNN's losers to get in to Middle East .CNN and BBC are showing only the western world's weighs  for  their "travelers'. I mean,  their  people in those countries .I felt like  Arab world has become some kind of play ground for them.They are using shi'a Muslim also. This is true ,especially in Bahrain .Don't mind.

So,I don't believe them at all. It is also the fault of Middle East, why they let these buggers come there ?They have made it their play ground.Now face the music.Thanks to almighty Allah ,we South Asians never ever impressed by dirty Britishers .I am so freaking proud that my ancestor,who  kicked their ass off from  our land, some 60 years ago.Till now they wanna come but our own internal politics is so dirty that they don't know where and how to soil their hand hahahahahahhahahah  .I think Middle East and North Africa should do same things with these mental case Westerns.Middle Eastern  leaders would also understand that ,instead of bowing in front of them, kick them out.

We learn from our history that they   know only one rule  ""Divide and Rule",which they are doing right now,very well.It is their old gimmick but it works.Actually,all the West  is Nazi Germany under Hitler with his delusions of world domination.

They have  so much pain in their  ass,only heavens know for what reasons .We never poke into their craps  then why they  are so weigh about us?Don't they have anything better to do.We are Muslim,we have our own system.Tell me, which Muslim is against Islamic laws and way of its  government? What is democracy by the way?Can this world show me a better way of living ,and government than  Islam has proposed?

Please ,don't give me crap  about dumb democracy of the West.Why don't they teach democracy to China, Iran ,France ,and Russia ,Venezuela etc etc? And where there  is democracy in USA???? Obama  ...wanna be black man ,don't even know what he is saying .Has he recalled all the army from Iraq ,liked he said he would do?He also wanted to attack Pakistan in 2008 ,for Osama Bin Ladin.Why he did not attack us then?  I know, he just  read those speeches which has been given to him .He has no brain .

It is fake democracy in the USA .....everyone  knows how president get elected there.This time they racist people gave chance to Obama.

 Anyway,why don't the poke China,or the far East Asian countries ,or Russia or other communist countries ,who don't know the ABC of democracy  .They need more revolution than us.Over there, people have no idea what is democracy .They are dumb dolls.Teach them democracy ,not to us.Why not worried about them ? They are poor ,so much poverty.Why only Muslim countries need lesson of democracy?Why the West did not support "Green Revolution" ,of Iran ?People who voted against Ahmedinjan  were demonstrating, but no western media ever reported anything .They can not touch Iran ,and everyone knows why.They have problem with only Sunni Muslim states. .I gegget  :)

What ruffs their feather is .....Sunni Muslim States.

"Change"is conspiracy theory, those who want to be in power are supporting it ,and using to make  people fool to protest on their behalf them,so they be in power .

The only change you'll make is with your action,because action speak louder than words.Nothing will change in our lives until we change from the inside out. Our lives are a perpetual treadmill of opportunities for learning, constantly coming our way, again and again, until we heed the call and shift our attitudes, perceptions, feelings and and/or behavior.

P/s: Please support each other ,make Muslim Ummah strong . And wherever ever protest/resolution  worked ,because the West supported it .Why this not happen in Iran, after election ? Why Imam Kamamini's Islamic  revolution was successful in 70s?Why they not helping Bahrain,Yeman and Syra? Why this not happen in Pakistan ?We are more filthy,and penurious than Tunisia .We have bomb blast almost every month ,some time twice.West did no support us.They are doing donners attach in our (Pakistan's) Norther areas ,and funding .So our government and opposition parties  mouth have been stuffed,that is why they don't want to wast their time in Pakistan .Things are already going according to their will.

Their formula is Divide and Rule.

Hope everything happen fine.And we raise once again.Qaddafi shut them/bulldoze them/nuke them ,what are you waiting for?


  1. Izdiher, my warm mediterranean regards to a Pakistani beautie.

    You are absolute correct about everything you write. About Afghanistan and Iraq war, Qaddafi and Libya, terrorism and the U.N.
    Divide and conquer was the main ancient Roman strategy.

    There are voices in the, so called, Western countries that speak the same language with you.

    I, as a Greek (Younan), live among the East and the West, and trying to be a bridge between the East and the West, the Muslim and the Christian way of seeing the World.
    But we the Greeks are in way cursed. Although Greece is the root for the Western civilization the Western-Christians tells as that we are… Eastern, in the same way many Eastern-Muslims around the world tells as that we are… Western. It’ s madness.

    The past decades (when all the Western countries saw Qaddafi as a ''monster'') Greece had very good relation with him and traditional we Greece had very good relation with the sunni Arabs. And these days, our politicians, and not the people, decide to ''help'' the Westerns –giving them the ability to use military bases. It’ s again madness.
    Just some thoughts.

    Δημήτρης, from Greece (our Western name) - Yunanistan (our Eastern name).
    We call ourselves Hellenes.
    I hope I didn’t disturb you. Thank you very much.

    P.S: What is the West without Democracy (means Power of the people in Greek) and Philosophy (means friend of Wisdom in Greek). They are nothing. The westerners should self-critisize them selves because they are not Democacies, the are liberal oligarchies.
    The modern western, so called, ''civilization'' is collapsing.

  2. @ Δ, first of all, thanks a lot for your comment .And I really appreciate your point of view which is very right .My issue is not with Christians or anything .I also support them when they are right and run down my own people when they do wrong .You can see my post about it "Assignation Of Pakistan ",in archive.

    I know Yunnan is a very peaceful country .I am just angry with few .Best of luck in bridging between the East and the West, the Muslim and the Christian .Hope it work. We really need this bridge :) What else I say .You are just right ,SO I can not disagree with you .

    No ,why would you disturb me ?I am more than harpy and would love to see more of your comments and point of view .It is healthy .I understand better about real West .Take care.

  3. Izdiher (absolutely beautiful name) thank for your reception, to your blog.

    Just one question to have in mind.
    Which is the most expedient method in order to destroy [dynamitize] from the start the prospect of an undesirable dialogue?
    Answer. The old good tactic: if you wish genuinely the bipolarisation, [shut down] close the mouths of the voices that cultivate the convergence. Propagate the prejudice. That’s what they doing.


    I won’t consent to these new-western propagandas.
    With respect to your culture and your way of seeing Cosmos.

    P.s: from Pakistani music I know Abida Parween, Farida Khanum and Mehdi Hassan.
    Here are some photos taken by me from my country, if you are in mood to see. Pictures do not need language.

    Thank you.

  4. @ Δ ,I am so thankful you give so much time and replied .Well, izdiher is my pesodoum.

    But question is why they are shutting down the mouths of the voices that cultivate the convergence?

    It is so wonderful to know that someone from Yunnan do hear and know Abida Perveen and Medhi Hassa .Abida Perveen sings the message of love, Sufi songs and Medhi Hassan sings normal more romantic songs ,but he is ill these days .

    These pics are so beautiful ,just saw them :).I think music and pics don't need launages.

    Take care

  5. Izdiher, my regards again.
    I don’ t know what ‘’pesodoum’’ is but either way Izdiher is beautiful.
    I absolutely agree that music and pics, neither in the past, neither know need languages.

    I thing -in a way- the answer to your question is in your text.
    Divide and Conquer.
    In ancient Greek thought the opposites (black and white, good and evil) show us the unity of things, of Cosmos. For example with this way of thinking someone can understand the fundamental similarities between liberalism(capitalism) and marxism(communism) and to be critical with these ideologies –and suddenly both ‘’enemies’’ become friends and turns against the one which is critical with them both. These similarities, are in a way hidden, and must stay these way because we must be with the one or the other. Nothing else beyond these two poles. Remember g.bush phrase: ‘’he whos not with us, is against us’’.

    I think the, so called, modern western thought of liberalism (capitalism as a social-economi system) [and marxism (communism as a social-economic system ) in the past] see the muslim religion (Islam as a social-economic system and a way of thinkng) in someways as ‘’incompatible’’ with the west -and so as an enemy in some cases. And of course there is the oil and the geopolitical place of the muslim countries.

    It is a bipolar (two poles) way of thinking between West OR East, Christian OR Muslim which divides, and not a way of thinking which synthesises West AND East, Christian AND Muslim. And also is –and this is the main thing- a way to legitimise economic, political and international interests.

    ‘’the purpose of the one which has the power is to maintain it and to expand it.’’
    Rephrase of Niccolo Machiavelli

    In this sense, if you don’ t have enemies you must ‘’invent’’ them –so that you can expand your power… and for this reason (and many others) I think the voices that cultivate the convergence must be silenced. These I thing are some fragments of truth answering your question.

    Thank you very much.
    Take care.

  6. Thanks for such a detail answer .My mouth is shut .Just rushing but this is so nice of you to explain me in such a nice way . I never know these things before .seriously I am very dumb person and politic is not my way .I just write ,just write and my blog is full with hate ,lol.Many people says I am jealous,superficiall and hyper ,anyway .I am so glad you gives me that much time .My intention of blog was never politics or international world .It was about me .Don't know where I am heading :( ?

    By the way, your blog is so deep and great .I am so busy these days ,not giving much time to my own blog .If Allah wish that I will comment on your blog too.

    Please read my other political post and let me know where I am wrong .I would love to hear your point of view :).

    P/s: I was in hurry that day so instead of typing "pseudonym" I typed "pesodoum".A pen name actually,sorry.

    Have a good day.
    God bless you .

  7. hahaha thanx to the british, now i have lost my identity, i basically hve no idea about my origins. n i agree with u, all they want are oils since they dont have BLACK GOLD in their country, n till they keep on blaming the MUSLIM, instead of blamming why dont they help PALESTINE n kik thoses israeli OUT from palestine. THIS WAR is already more than 20 years n there is no small changes for those Palestinians. besudes that the west GOV should just MIND their own business n stop attacking other people's country


  8. Hi Δ,

    It's been ages I did not see you . Hope you doing well. Do we have to only discuss about Libya :) ? There are lot more I would like to talk about. Sorry I was so busy.
    Today I went to your blog and read your post about ignorance. Wanted to comment but there is no option to comment.
    Have you started another blog , too? .
    Hope you doing well.

  9. Hello İzdihër!
    It's been absolutely ages since the last time we talk.
    No, we don't have to discuss only about Libya! Absolutely not. I would like to talk about more too, with you.
    As I wrote you at my blog (i answered to your comment) i disable comments for personal reasons and because i don't have the ability to answer many times. Things in Greece are pretty harsh...

    Nevertheless, any time you want, you can write me, and i will answer you definitely. I wrote my mail at my answer to your comment.

    My my warm mediterranean regards.
    Hope you doing well.
    God bless you.

    P.s: Yes, i started another blog but i don't write often. I write more elegant, philosphical and aesthetical (not political) themes.
    The pic at the background is one of my favorites (it's a place 10-20 kilometres from where i live).

    Don' t hesitate to write me any time you want. It was very nice of you, to ''show up''. I would be glad to discuss more with you.

  10. Look at this İzdihër

    while istening this!

    Because you like beautiful pics.
    Take care.

  11. Hi D,
    Don't be mad I just got busy with my cousin's wedding and all that jazz.
    Well, yeah it's always good to talk with a liked mind. But you know , you are smart. My post on politics are by product of my anger. May be I grew up here , where politics is an ugly thing. democracy is joke. and when i see Arab up rise .I got an idea what is happening. God knows the best. All we can analyze.
    And did you see we were quite right, Nothing happened after that up rise. Egypt is still unrest and no good news from Libya either.
    Syria is burning. They are using kids as a shield. Every day army doing its gruesome act.
    Well, Today i also saw Greece's election in news . Hope things turn out better. So how people are coping up ? I heard people are giving charity more.

    Your other blog is also very fine . I gave a crack to translate it but damn Google's translation is quite pain in neck. :D. I also translated Δ`~, it says
    " D ". I hope it is right translation.

    Anyway, these are your blogs. You have all the right to able or disable comment stuff. However, I would love to see your two cent on my other posts :).

    Well, all your pics are mind blowing. believe me you have a knack of photography. Keep clicking, my friend and share it with us ;).

    Thanks for letting me hear such a smoothing music.It's about summer and I love summer ;). A treat for me, indeed !

    Take care.
    Have a good day.

    Peace be upon you.

  12. Hi İzdihër, i'm not mad, you can write and answer when ever you can.

    The westeners has take all the greek born values and they misappropriate them, they change the meaning and the content in these values -democracy, freedom, truth. Republic is the political name of the states, not democracy. Anyway, all these are long story and has to do with the legalisation of intervention of 3-4 western countries to the hole planet -and Greece has suffer from this.
    All these things has nothing to do with democracy, i assure you -they just use the word as a banner- but rather with liberal imperialism, neocolonialism, westernisation of the whole planet (include Greece because the so called ''western civilization'' is by far a diferrent view of the world from the hellenic-greek, they just rape the greek civilisation for their interests) as the socialist where trying to change the islamic identity in the U.S.S.R.

    The so called ''western civilisation'' of our days is the most ignorant and arrogant civilisation of the history of human kind...

    In Libya as in Syria, Russia and China is against intervation of U.S.A, England and France -they call themselves ''the West''. Eastern Mediterranean has become a battlefront -Greece and Cyprus are affected too- between the status quo powers and the contestation powers (Russia, China, Iran. I know that Pakistan has good relations with China).
    The ''East'' and the ex colonies of the West -slowely- are rising again, no matter what the westerners are trying to do.

    Thank for your good word about my blogs. I know that translation is quite pain in the neck.
    If you want to write with my name, is Dimitris - Δημήτρης in Greek.
    I' m waitng your thoughts when ever you can.
    Take care.

    Peace be upon us all.

    P.s: '' I would love to see your two cent on my other posts'' i don 't understand what this phrase means.

  13. Greek/Byzantine - Islamic - Latin/Christian/Norman Art culture.


  14. Yeah ..I saw that post of yours where you published Greek - Islamic art.It's very nice to see them.

    I am sorry to hear the way so called western are playing with this world.
    Two sent means your opinion/comments on my other post,if you have time ;D

    OK, Dimitri, have a good day.

  15. To realy understand my dear İzdihër what is, not only, to steal ideas and values and use them -as theirs- to dominate the world, but to steal whole monuments also...

    Colonialism at it' s best.

    I watched the opening ceremony of the olympic games (another thing they exploit) and almost laughed and cried at the same time...

    Peace be upon you.

  16. To glad to see your reply. Hope you doing great.
    I did not watched Olympics . We did very bad in it.

    It's Eid's first day here .

    wishing you happy Eid.

    peace be upon you, as well, Dimitri.

  17. Hi İzdihër,
    hope you doing well.

    This is my new blog -the other two don' t exist anymore.

    Have a good day and peace be upon you.

  18. yes I am doing fine :)

    What about you Dmitri ??

    Thanks for sharing your new blog with me.
    Today I saw protest in Greece against unemployment on CNN.
    Are things getting worst over there financial wise?

    You too have a good day.
    Peace be upon him.

  19. Lets say that i am doing -close to be- fine İzdihër.

    Things are getting worse and worse, i will tell you only one thing, we have about 25% unemployment. I don 't want to tell anything more.
    Will see what's next.

    Have a good day -i will try also.

  20. God with you. Hope everything perfect in your life.

    Keep in touch.