Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Days are going so fast .Half of the 2011 has been past . 2010 was  my fine  year,because  it was so clam .No such bad tings happen which had rocked my boat .Quite and clam .No progress but OK for  me .I am not good in hilting  problems . I get panic and forget to breath .It take a week to get back to track .Which I hate  to core .I have said that before .No matter how much I try I am stupid and dumb .I ain't  a early bloomer .Already left behind in many  things .I am working but no one happy .I want my parents to be happy .

The end of 2010  things was fine . At the starting so many murders, and earth quake ,and on personal level ...so so many things .We got moved in here (new apartment)in September 2010 .Fi got engaged.Ai got admission in  engineering collage So ,I am  happy with this year .I have had so many hopes with this year .I wanted to done few personal matters ,but can not do without Allah 's permission .Every ones says ,no matter what you do ,in the end he is king and things done according to his way I am also reminding  myself that there are reasons for everything and I hope that the lessons have been learned. For sure, nothing will be the same.


  1. I feel like you're a moody person. in a good way. inshAllah everything will be okay. i know when you look back after a year passes, you feel bad for the tradegies. lets hope this year starts to light up

  2. Hehhe, yes I am :).Thanks for reading, Chick .

  3. We like your post very much, you should write more stuffs. Novels maybe ??

    Go ahead!

    Kisses from Morocco

    Afaf & Marwa