Friday, April 15, 2011


So many things are  going on .Really wanna write all about it .It is end of a day and I am so damn tired,about  to sleep but I am sad .Don't know why ? There is one thing which is eating me from inside.It is personal :(.I wanna writeeeeeeeeeeee).

Anyway ,beside being all time complainer I am understanding that I am learning a lot ,which is more important . Everything happens for best .I am an official lazy person .Work Work .I just fib at work place .OK,my in charge doesn't get what I am saying ,so I do .

I don't  know where Angel is these days? Only Faith is  here, but she is also busy .I am missing my friends too.At work,I  am also very hyper these days .Everyone noticing it too,and mentioned.I am thankful they said .I just did not like them  They are all men .I am just ......mmmm

I am I am ....... stupid.


  1. What's wrong:( are you okay? it's okay to complain. this is the place. *big huuuug*

  2. YEah ok .Just not happy from heart :( thanks for hug doll.