Saturday, May 7, 2011

I love you , Ami.

Mother's  day is here .I did not know that it is  this day ,unless my neighbors little son told me ,who was making a card for his mother .I never make any card for my Ami, and never show my love to her.So,today I am gonna write  about her, and  tell her that I love her so much .

Mothers are   most beautiful creature God has ever created.And, I know,every mother in this world is so special.Whether it is your Ma or my Ami.They are blessing  in our lives.My Ami is also like any other mother in this world ......caring ,loving , kind ,supportive ,always there for me and beautiful from inside and out .

She has  sacrificed her whole life for us (Fi , Ai and I ).I love Ami not because she gave me birth but because she gave me the life I wanted to live and put her self behind.She doesn't wear fancy cloths, do makeup or anything .She is the most plain women who works hard besides with  my father to rise us .We are middle class people and she does everything she can do.

She still doesn't let me touch house chore .I love cooking but kitchen is her territory .I don't know how come she has that much energy that she cooks three time meal one  before going to work,and others before time  .Home clean.Everything done.

Yesterday ,my sis ,Fi,was so exhausted from her   tough  studying routine .She is working so hard for her engineering exams ,wakes up at 6 a.m .However  Ami was so worried for her,came back early with her favorite stuff.She does this for all three of us .Still treats us like we are toddles  .She stayed a wake all the time to make sure that she is OK.She  might get  tired  for our comfort,but we never say thank you to her .We feel that it is her duty to do so.

I am always crying and complaining ,put  all blame of my failure on her .But she prays  for our well being .It is true hat mother's prayer never goes unheard .God always listens it .Heaven is underneath her foot .

"""I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me.
They have clung to me all my life.""  ~Abraham Lincoln

I know ,I am a girl and one day I will go to another house .It's creep me out .How will I survive with out this woman,who never lets me do anything and treats me like princes. You have spoiled me,Ami.Wallah, I can not decide/do anything with out her.She is my anchor. Because ,Papa and you doesn't have  your family hear ,so we, your children  become your best friends and your family .You talk with me about your problems and stuff too.You are just not mother, a dear friend too.Why you loves me like that ?

I study just because of her.She  inspires me to study more ,other wise I was about to  leaving it after high school.It makes her  happy./.She  wants all three of us to be very educated  and nice .I think her  two are like that ,not me ;(.I know our little little success make her so proud .She  talks about us with others like we are some prince and princes  in this world .I am so safe and happy in her arms .I get jealous when she loves Fi or Ai more .

All the decisions she took so far for me are best .I always tell her  my complains  ,cries ,dramas  and anger and she is   so  so damn patience to listen all my crap .She  knows what to do when I cry.She knows what is good for me.All I want to say is What ever bad things I have is because of me;and what ever good things I have is because of YOU ,  Ami . 

I want to return all the love you gave me ,but I know it is impossible .You have done so much extra ordinary for us .I love you, Ami .Please forgive me .I am so bad and selfish to you .

I also  pray that  all mother in this world stay happy ,healthy and safe,amen.

Happy Mother's Day .


  1. Que bonito blog. Enhorabuena

  2. what a touching post - happy mothers day for your mom. Enjoy your time together:)

  3. Thanks for liking it Blue Pearl.Happy Mothers day to you and your Mom too.Have a good day.

  4. This was a very spiritually inspiring posting today, Izdiher. You have much for to be grateful. (And whoever knows YOU must have gratitude, for just knowing such a nice peep!)

    Happy Mother's Day to yours, mine, and everyone's Mother.

  5. I am not that spiritual Steve .Thanks for liking it .Happy Mothers day :)

  6. P/s How we return all that love and patience and tolerance which our parents gave to us? There is only one way--it is the way of God--we pass it forward to our children. Either as becoming parents, teachers, doctors, bosses (not "THE 'Boss'"--grin!) or simply being kind to Peeps as we meet them through life...

    (I just HAD to respond to that P/s...

  7. Why sorry ?I understand the notion of paying forward more easily .Glad you reply-grin!.I hope to pass it forward .Have a good day.Peace upon you .

  8. FYI. Humbly may I correct? "better" already means "more" so "more" is unnecessary (in fact, incorrect-grin!)

    "more easily" is also correct, in place of 'better'...I am sure you know I write this in friendship, NOT as in "shame on you for being incorrect"

    And thank YOU for my lesson in Arabic+Allah. So with sincerity I write:
    ...and PEACE be to you Izdiher

  9. THANK YOU .
    Of course you did it in friendship .I know, I make mistake.Like,

    Peace be upon you.

    not,"peace upon you" .There is be there too.


    P/s .............and, and where is my replYYYY ? I said take time but not forget :) Grin .

  10. u wrote: day I will go to another house .It's creep me out .How will I survive with out this woman..
    And this is what i feel right now :)
    my mum just left after a visit. shes back in germany and am in egypt. I miss her so terribly, i cryd all morning :S
    Enjoy the time u living with ur mum, u never know how often u will be able to see her once u get married :S

    Nice post anyway, and very touching :)

  11. Mimisha,You are right :) Have a good day and thanks for your lovely comment .I just read your post .It is touching too.