Friday, May 6, 2011


To one off my peep .Some misunderstanding happen and I think he angry .I would not mention his name .I am sorry I know he is elder and his respect is my duty so instead of being nice I was behaving over smart and rude .I want to give him this flower and apologize .


  1. DAMMMIT! Izdiher, I am angry now--with the only one who really can anger me--ME! I had written a lengthy comment on your blog last night...then decided it would be inappropriate for public comment. So I deleted it. Then began to email it to you, and LOST THE WHOLE THING!!!

    NBO! NO! Not angry with you, your ideas (that is what freedom is about!), or how you and I have been writing.

    In fact, nothing would please me more--right now--that to have a friendly blog relationship with you.

    Today is a busy day for me, but I WILL find the time to recreate (HA!) the message I wanted SO bad for you to read.

    Really sorry. Let us try to have no more misunderstandings. We are who we are, what we are, and WHERE we are.

    We may "agree to disagree" sometimes, but let us keep that as our RIGHT OF LIVING together on this planet.

    "I'm with you, Babe" (using your words to a blogger in your comments yesterday--grin!)

    PEACE for you, and good health, and OK in other ways. Allah be praised!
    (See, I can call on your Higher Power!)

  2. OMG! Were those flowers for ME? I should be making 'amends' to YOU. In fact, "Sorry" is good beginning for anyone's amends, but must be followed with CHANGE...such as Iz, I promise to be nicer to you in the future, and in that way I shall show my sincerity, intention to be a friend!

    Ps THANK you for those flowers!!!! It is the first time in my LIFE I have 'received' flowers--from ANYONE!

  3. I said you sorry because I really felt that you remove those comments because I am Pakistan or something like that .You are one nice peep from heart .Now ,thank to God things are clear .I have understand it that it was really not inappropriate to write for public comment.I really flt that .

    Thanks you understand that we have our ideas .You are my elder But you did not gave me chance to reply on the comment you left on my blog .

    Yes those flower are for you.
    have a good day peep,grin.

  4. Do not know this in Arabic, only in English, but you must have equivalent:

    "All is Well Which Ends Well"


  5. this is people on this plant must communicate with each others, with respect, even if we agree or disagree, thank u 4 both of u (Steve & Izdiher)