Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Look.

I am trying and experimenting with my blog  look .Hope ya all would like it and tell me about it .I am about to make it more colorful and more vibrant .Last look was more spring but plain .I was in love with that too .Yellow ,Orange, Peach, with Aqua ,White ,Pink ,light Purple...hmm. Well, actually I love every color except BACK. I don't know why this color gives me feeling  of mourning and funeral  .But here it is popping out my Aqua font ,which I love so much,can't imagine of leaving it . So all I have to keep in my mind that whatever color I use actually suites  and contrast Aqua .

Now,I  have made up my mind and this is it,for now .This image is color full,and  vibrant  .So this blog look  is more I /ME now.I was looking for a filed picture ,girl in field  and flowers.Image credit goes to

pixdaus.com.There are lots more mind blowing images. I took which I liked the most and wanted .

To be on level , I have been using this blog site since last November  , and  still not aware of how to use it properly .Sometimes I feel lost and spend most of time in looking for right way to use it .I know by the passage of time I will learn it .No worried those who are oldies here would know what the heck I 'm talking about .

I tried blogger's original template they are offering ,and really find them very stiffed, especially the new one with three column.So I  tried old version which  are quite acceptable (for me), more alive .I used their old ,Simple II and Minima for some time .They offered wide space for posts .Simple II is single column ,very rare ,but  my most favorite  one is  Minima,a double column also with wide space for post and very sleek second column for about me , archives and other widgets.

The problem with Minima was background skin  that they are too  white, but  way better than many others.After some time,I feel pall and  looked  for those templates who gave wide space for post  with glossy skin.That's the prime thing in my mind ,other wise what's the use of blog?I reckon, it's main purpose is to write post, not to add widgets .

I added skin,and happy with   Minima left Template, I did some customization which were  not bad But .................but I got bored and last night I changed the whole look  .Right now, I am using Picture Window template,powered by Blogger,with some customization and same Aqua font.

Update: I just changed Rani Mukerji fake smile  wallpaper in to this one.Some one just asked me that who smile this much ? Yeah really!! That was too filmi as well .And  also omit the dress part ,will write about it in some other, separate post .

Gals and Guys let me know what you think :).I still have my old CSS code,saved.If its not good then I will  change back,lol.No no, will change when I will get bore :)I am adding few website from where I  learned.They are:


  1. love it :) i have to accesorize my blog too :) right

  2. love this look...just beautiful!

  3. Yup, Izdiher, this look is very easy on the eyes! (means "good!")

    And those last few lines I like: (Paraphrased) Hey Peeps! Sure, read the books (websites!), but then...well, nobody ever learned how to play a violin by reading from a book (use your brain, too--grin!

    Me? I'll just ask a really nice blog-friend to design mine when I feel like a change.

    Good post, Izdiher Jan...

  4. hahahaha i thought im da 1 whos really suck in html n editing blog :P but i bet u did a better job than me. :) n thanx for the tips


  5. Iz Jan...whatever you do, OK! But that aqua font is really pretty--and easy to read. Hmmmm?
    Your American friend.

  6. @ Miss Fatty : Thanks, Good luck for your blog's accesorization,doll.

    @ Blue peral,Afaf et Marwa,GüLüm'Se, Silla :Thanks a lot :)

    @ Steve Jan : What do I say !You were with me in all that time of experimenting .Thanks is small word for you .We need change all the time and can not do any thing just with reading .Practice,practice and intelligence is all we need :)

  7. I like the new design :)
    But i have to admit i prefer the picture with Rani ( i like her a lot :D)
    The girl u put now is so skinny and doesnt look that happy :P
    Anyway the new design is still great

  8. @Mimisha : Thanks for liking my new design :)You do know Rani ? Amazing ! Yeah seriously .I might change Mimisha ,when I be bore with her. .That Rani wallpaper was so fake and filmy .