Friday, June 3, 2011

They are not from us.

I don't know from where to start .It is cobweb  . 2001 is by far the most shitist year in he history of Pakistan  . I know we are used to this shit so not making it a ballyhoo.Another after another.But that PNS Mehran attacked,I thought ,dammit they have reached the south, too !First tribal areas,then FATA,Kahiber Pakton Khwon,South Punjab,now here .

But thing broach here is that  how could someone will kill,bomb and attack his own people? I honestly,have not   get their point .If  they have any kinda issue with US ,France or Britain or any one in this world   then go and bomb them .Why are they using our land  for their fitna?

AlQaida ,This is not their mother land!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is not their land and they are hiding  here  because their own countries have abondemed them(or I-don't-know) .I really don't wan to know about these specific  losers. They were not that power full  before 2005 .Now they are ganging up  with other militants to fight their  fight here.What have we done wrong to them ?

This Pakistani Taliban are actually breed of those Afghan Taliban who has  came here in 80's .It was the fault of ex-president  Zia-Ul- Hag who supported Afghan Jihad in 80s. The Taliban emerged in the early 1990s in the Northern Pakistan following the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.Now after 30 years later ,they have become Pakistani Taliban . I am NOT against Afghanistan  or that beautiful land but I can not support any retarded rebellions.Afghan has become fucked up land and so as Pakistan .We are paying price for someone else war.Other countries ,US , Britain Russia is also as equal responsible for our mess.

Don't tell me they are here for Jihad .Impossible.No group can do Jihad with out the permission of their state and no one  can kill another  in the name of Allah.Our government has not declare Jihad to anyone . So they are lairs and portraying wrong picture of Islam .They are anti -human , anti-Muslims, anti-God and anti-Pakistani .

Our biggest enemy.They are exactly using this word  .Very smart !!   fighting their fight on this land.Why don't they go back to their countries  .These days their countries need them more then us .We have enough politicians to fuck us.

Why don't they do Jihad for Palestine and Kashmir ?That would be ,when people ,normal people would do struggle for their right of freedom .Just like Pakistani did in 1947 .It took ages .But we did.Does they know the true meaning of Jihad ?

It's an Arabic word which mean struggle and it has many type from self control /struggle to sate level.Muslim jurists explained there are four kinds of jihad fi sabilillah (struggle in the cause of God):

    * Jihad of the heart (jihad bil qalb/nafs) is concerned with combatting the devil and in the attempt to escape his persuasion to evil. This type of Jihad was regarded as the greater jihad (al-jihad al-akbar).
    * Jihad by the tongue (jihad bil lisan) is concerned with speaking the truth and spreading the word of Islam with one's tongue.
    * Jihad by the hand (jihad bil yad) refers to choosing to do what is right and to combat injustice and what is wrong with action.
    * Jihad by the sword (jihad bis saif) refers to qital fi sabilillah (armed fighting in the way of God, or holy war), the most common usage by Salafi Muslims and offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood.

They don't fall in any of above mention categories .They are not spreading the truth.The type of Jihad they are trying to do  is out of question .When Pakistan is  an Islamic state with Muslim majority then what kind of Jihad they want to do?And Jihad by sword(armed) is only allow when state declares it .

They are filthy people with  gross crimes and sinful acts.They should be shamed of their self .I have mention just above it is impossible. Only army, air force,police etc etc can fight .Just like our soldiers did with them at PNS Mahran.They should ask forgiveness from this nation who has been giving its lives for their bastard acts . We are the one who are  putting  up with these extremist those who are our enemy .What a mess this country and this whole region has become .

No religion on this earth can tolerate hate or killing .All teaches peace and harmony.Jews,Christians, and Muslims are all believer of God and follower of  his books.Killing is murdered.Killing of any human,for any reason is killing of humanity.Does God,your God, my God permits us to kill his people?

I'm not responsible for the rest of the world.If people hate each other then what can I say?Only insane people can kill. No normal person do such things.And using Allah names, Islam for their cruel  act,holding Al Quran with weapons, beard and turban can not make them Jihadist  ,Muslims or even human . They are criminals of humanity,Islam, Allah and Afghanistan and Pakistan.

 If they have to do Jihad(struggle) they do Jihad to build up school for poor children in our rural area,for spreading  the light of knowledge ,for effacing  poverty , wrong act ,killing , against poverty, drug and evil things in society.JIHAD (struggle)FOR MAKING THIS EARTH A BETTER  AND SAFE PLACE TO LIVE;NOT  FOR KILLING OWN PEOPLE Spreading true picture of Islam,peace, tolerance and love.

Islams say,Education is compulsory for man and woman .

Islam say A perfect Muslim is one from whose tongue and hands mankind is safe .Some one ,once said to The Prophet (pbuh)  'Pray to God against the idolators and curse them.' The Prophet replied," I have been sent to show mercy and have not been sent to curse.' 

They brain wash our teenage kids to blast a bomb and them self(suicide blast)  so they could get Jannah (heaven) immediately ,and gives 5 to 15 lakh to their families.

The word ISLAM means "PEACE " it is Arabic word drive from “Al-Salaam=Peace ,” So my question here is who the hell are they think they are ? Peace lover ?

They are biggest fat whooper in this earth .They bomb and destroy school in the northen areas .They have killed  so many people.Today we can't pray in the Masdid ,on masses ,shrine .Our masjid  have became unsafe .Can't go to market because our markets are unsafe , children can't go to a playground because our playgrounds are unsafe , who is responsible ?

So,the religion which doesn't not allow cursing ,hurting and its meaning is peace has become one of the most violent and hateful religion,which was sent as mercy to humanity (Quran 4:79)Killing is forbidden , so how could they use innocent Pakistani children from age 12 to 18 for suicide bombing against their Muslim Pakistani  .Not just one time . Uncountable able  bomb blast ,attacks at our security institutions ,Masjid ,school,parks ,markets.Not only that they are violating the law of Pakistan .Any one who is living here ,or hiding  is  obliged to obey  the laws of the land whether it is a Islamic state (al-khilafa) or non-Islamic.They are criminal of the sate of Pakistan, too.

Just because of this war against terror.We have lost enough lives,more then 36000 civilians and soldiers and   many more  . Our economy is shaking ..No one want to invest here.Fighting two three wars at a time  . We are at sate of war ,one in the south Warziristan,another at border and then internal and one is about to start in North Waziristan against Haqani group.

Dammit ,the whole world says we are terrorists. At air ports we have to go through full body scan in front of nah mahrem Just because we have green passport .Just because of these wolf in sheep skin and  their  drams .We are no where in this world.The whole   world dubs  us terrorist . They says, we are like Somalis, Afghans and Iraqi.Wah ,a nuclear power and  like Afghans ,Somalia and Iraq?

 They  have this strange expectation that we (Pakistan )support them(militant ) .How could we do that ?We are living in 2011 . They want us to be backward .No Muslim country supports us. Not even China-our-all weather friend. We are fighting their fight alone.Which country in this world is with out friend, alliance and enemies? We are not living in caves,OK ?We need friends, alliance, and enemy , as well .

We have enough internal craps to fix and now they have  ganged up against us  just because we are alliance with US .Are they joking with me ?We buy weapons from US . Who will give us weapons and funds and aids after aids? Their daddy ?

I know blame is on us .We are equally responsible for every bomb blast, attacks and operations .We let our enemy do what ever they want to do  .We  invited Taliban in 80s  and let Al Qaida hide here .Now facing the music after every month .Some time twice a month .

Ok yes, many Pakistanis are also involve in many attacks outside Pakistan with them . Just imagine and cotton on that they are living here since or before  2000 and rooting here .It is easy .Any one can come here .They are using our stupid and ignorant youth.People in North are more touchy about Islam . They use them in the name of Allah ,in the name of Islam ,brain wash them .

We did not save our innocent children from these monsters .

We did not pay attention to education ,poverty and other issues. We let every politicians whatever they wanted to do .From North to South we are burning besides Afghanistan ,which is a lost land .But it affect Pakistan .This is second home of Afghans.  We have no direction , and all ruling and opposition parties are in a state of denial .

I am writing on the behave of Afghanistan and Pakistan because this game in the name of Allah is getting otta hand. This does not happen in Dubai or Jeddah , Amman or Cairo but remember  all Muslims are as one person. If one complains of a pain in the head, the whole body complains; and if the eye complains, the whole body complains.

If Afghanistan and Pakistan would not be terrorism free then there would be no peace in this world. All world should understand that ,especially Muslim Ummah who is sleeping .

So,if we would not realize what the hell we are doing and letting do, not struggle against false notion then every one of would be burn in this fire ...............first Afghanistan, then Iraq ,now Pakistan. Lets see who is next ? 

Especially, to Pakistani and Afghans ,Don't encourage and support terrorism and extremism of any kind . Our children are dying .This region is finished.

 There are many more things I wanted to write .It took me more than a week to compile all this.I am running outta steam ,right now .


  1. We are peaceful muslims, those terrorist may be don't even do their Salat!!
    Do terorism have a religion! NO!
    Well said!

  2. In few days I will have read this more times, and better able to comment.

    But for now, I write:
    Izdiher Jan, you worked hard on this, it is obvious. The information has been compiled, and you wove in your honest perspectives.

    I will comment again...

  3. @ Meryen
    Thanks for visiting and always reading my posts.I love you ,doll.
    Yes,They have no religion,but they using Allah's name for their act .

    @ Steve Jan ,

    Hope you read .Thanks million time :)

  4. IZdiher know I now read always whatever you write. It is important for me to know how you (and your Peeps) think about a culture different from mine in so many ways--yet....not!

    Your country reminds me of a once peaceful neighborhood, where living normal was the rule.

    One day two other neighborhoods decided to battle one another. But in order to destroy NOT their own homes, they chose a 'peaceful' place to carry out their murdering and warring.

    It is sad that ALL of us cannot live in a fairly peaceful manner, but that has never in history been the way. And...history repeats--an axiom!

    Well-written stuff--careful, your politics are showing--grin!

  5. I find your blog interesting.
    As the meryem said, We are peaceful muslims. But we must to fight against enemies...

  6. Dear sis. what u wrote touched me deep inside because this is the truth, the truth is that all Muslims nations r target by the first world (US, UK, FR, etc etc...) because they know if we become one nation (omma waheda) we'll judge the world by justice, & justice doesn't serve their greed and their own interests,
    so they have to work on bury the Muslims countries, they started by Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, and us (Egypt) but with a different way, they give power to our ex president to make the country poor so the people forget the (guihad fisabilelah) forget the occupied Palestine and Sudan division (our 2 closest neighbors) because we r suffering for the bred we r suffering with diseases, more than 10% of our people r home less, they now if u r healthily people without problems we gonna drive Israel away, so briefly all the Muslims governors and specially Arabs governors are betrayer for their personal interests.
    to solve this problem all Muslims must revolt on this policy, their governments policy, like we (Egyptians, Tunisian, Libyan, Syrian & Yemenite) did.
    thank u for this great article.

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