Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer :Follow up

I know, summer vacations has been started.I am so free because  my students  have gone  way  for their vacations .I actually don't have much teaching work in this area .I moved here last September just for Ammi and Fi,so they would not have much difficulty  for university and collage ,which  is so near to our house now , 15 minute drive. Before they have had  to change 2 buses and I did that too but I love traveling by  bus.Now,they now use Auto Rickshaw and Cinchi(Tuk Tuk) .

Anyway, so here I don't know much people in neighborhood .They don't know me either .Over there I was like very known .You could ask any one  about me . Inevitable,lived there for 11 years .Grown up   with them  .So, much street credit .Here peeps are quite reserve ,or they have  tutor of their own .I don't know . I have talk with few mothers who comes out for walk when electricity goes at night time.  

3  mothers  have showed up with their couple of kids .Total 6  primary school,all subjects ,1 secondary class  and 1 girl at collage level ,subjects:  Urdu, Islatmiat and Pakistan studies , compulsory subjects  student I got. Well it is OK.How ever, technically work is slow . But  satisfied. Money is OK as well . After all ,I am my own boss.

After two months they will come back Insha'Allah . Or maybe I get more student meanwhile .And guess what ?My Aunt is coming on  Friday.That's mean , today at 4 A.M . Only  Ai,Ammi and I would go to airport . And drop them at her in-law's  home. Her Mother in law is still alive .Husband coming too ,so she will live there .Fi is doing internship this summer and Papa is not taken   in going to airport  .

Beside that four weddings  of relatives  are line up  .So yay  !! Happy :) Two in the mid of  June and two,somewhere in July . They are my relatives,not very close .But I enjoy weddings .Free food!!No,no ,I am happy for bride and groom too. June and July is gonna be rocking .My aunt is  actually coming to attend them and she will stay for 2 months .They also having wedding in her in-laws.Her husband's elder brother's daughter ,huh.They are coming after  16 years and his husband after 20 years . He came here to marry my aunt and since then there .My aunt visited in 1995,so all round she is coming after 15 years.In 1995 she have had only  Abby now two more  children (two girls)I will meet them first time .Abby was  about 6 at that time.

The only thing good is that I got pretext to buy new home cloths and fancy as well. I manipulate   Ammi to get  fancy style jewelery  for weddings . Papa has also allowed Ai to drive car . He took us to market and will take everywhere .I get so scared with him going out .He drives with full speed,so fast . Ammi was like..Ai slow down ....!!!!He is 18.Would not slow down!

Some times,I miss my cousins ,but overall I don't need them.I have developed  my own life.I am not happy neither excited.Just Ammi is freaking happy .Stuffing  fridge with food and telling us to behave well in front of them .Wants me to clean home 2x.New bed sheets, curtains and cutlery sets.I am doing it, OK? Come one ,I  do clean home in this house __A   Maid . But scrubbing and polishing ,dusting every day , nah nah . I have break my two pretty nails .My hands are looking ugly without long nails.

She says we don't love her siblings and relatives and don't want to meet them .Yar, I have nothing to do with them . I don't know them  .They are miles away from me ,in every sense........physically ,emotionally and mentally .Last time her uncle died ,and she angry with me that I did not cry and every girl cried .Please ,I can not shed  crocodile tears .

Forget the family drama.Today we are having again another hottest day  46 degree Celsius.Sweating all day .Just drinking water,Lassi , lemonade and eating Mangoes and Falsy.  And weather people are predicting  a heavy storm at Arabian Sea ,which would hit the beaches of Karachi in two days and rain on Friday . This has been happen last year too ,but fortunately it lost is magnitude at the sea(s) of Oman  .

 Have a marvelous vacation .


  1. wow looks yummy!! hahaha im fasting everything looks super duper delicious to me.i love the indian outfit :D b4 i start to use abaya i was relly into this, n i alwys go to KL just to buy it but the prob that im facing, its short sleevea :(


  2. Iz Jan! For this comment I'll skip from the "fashion-and-food" section back up to "Summertime Activities".

    How much fun you have, really depends upon YOU! I'm here thinking--if I have not seen family (or anyone) for 16 years or more, what a wonderful world of sharing, catching up, family jokes, meeting new Peeps AWAITS ME (you!)!

    How exciting this all sounds to me. Also opportunity to show THEM all what a beautifully grown, well-behaved woman you have become. And so smart! A teacher? WOW!

    No doubt your students will return for more of your unique teaching methods. You could even write a blog for them--school blog only--and give examinations, special to-do projects, and 'sayings-to-live-by.

    For is that not the mission of ANY teacher? Is it not to enable others to find the way to a better life for them and their families, communities?

    I AM rambling. Sorry!

  3. Assalamualaikum Iz,

    I love mangoes too...mmmmm...and sugar cane juice too.

  4. @Silla:

    Is this fasting month ? I know most of people fasting here ,too.What is it ?
    Indian/Pakistani out fits are comfortable ,doll.

    @ Black Jubah:

    Mangoes are my favorite fruit ,ever .

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