Friday, July 15, 2011

Clean your own mess.

This specific  Filipino and Indonesian maids  case ain't a  new thing.This world is full with these types of stories .Oodles of peeps from  the South Asian  and  the Far East Asia wants to go the Middle East , especially gulf countries, where they were prepared to endure hardships in order to earn money to send home.

Story has not finished here yet.They are maids who are consider lower than labors and workers.This is our society and we are like this.And I am not talking about Saudi Arab only.Anywhere in this world where there is master slavery stuff still exists this happens.In Pakistan,especially in my city, we have lots of Bangla maids and some from our rural areas.The only thing is  this that there is no legal system for them over here.Abuse them.Rape them.Who cares ? They don't complains .  They are animals .These Filipinos are at least  lucky enough who complained and contacted their embassies .,July 06, 2011 says that: 

Fifty-two Filipino women currently staying at the shelter of the Saudi Social Welfare Administration (SSWA) in Dammam have sought assistance from Arab News in following up their cases.

Most of them used to work as housemaids but absconded for various reasons such as contract substitution, maltreatment, delayed or non-payment of salaries, among others. Filipino workers are particularly subjected to contract substitution because they must sign contracts back home that comply with Philippines’ minimum wage requirements (equivalent $400 a month in the host country’s currency). Upon arrival, these workers are given new contracts offering lower salaries. 

And If I say  that these wanna be masters  are not wrong  just because of the fear that most of my readers are The Middle Eastern  ...OK Saudis, Palestine or  Syrian then I am hypocrite and coward . This has happen. I am not defending Filipino either. My mind don't believe master - slave  stuff  because Only alone one Allah is master and I am only his servant.

What I personally think is that maid culture is very disgusting . First of all no one should hire any maid from any where .I don't care if any ones home is Big .Clean your own mess ..Sell that house and get some thing you could manage .All those people who are in false impression that they are prince . Wake up.I  really don't know in which century  they are living .Come out from your world and get a life .This is 2011,where no one cares if you are a prince or a king. These things  are so 30's.

I effing hate when girls from these Far East Asian region goes to other part of  the world. Human trafficking is high over  there . Prostitution .Prone movies even online prostitution.These girls are vulnerable. Teenagers are  forced to work . They are poor .This is fact.And rich people treats them like crap.

"The number of abuses has been rising," Priyanka Motaparthy, HRW research fellow in Middle East and North Africa, told a press conference announcing a report, which details specific case.

"In 2009, domestic workers from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines and Ethiopia filed over 10,000 complaints of abuse with their embassies," she said.

This is 2011 .Cases might have increased . The Philippine government reports that:

        Of the 43,000 Filipino maids working in Saudi Arabia, about 4,000 seek their embassy's assistance each year. So far in 1995, 1,022 maids have sought shelter at the Philippine embassy in Riyadh alone; 11 of them alleged they were raped. Those who file formal rape charges are held in prison while an investigation is conducted; not surprisingly, few file.

This situation is really very alarming .I quoted above stuff from a report  and online newspaper because I don't want to  hear or any one say that I  am making it up and siding with the poor.I ain't saying that Saudi peeps are cruel and they are proudy of being ARAB. Or they treat them like shit. It will definitely open a can of warm and many will start lecturing me that  EVERY one is not same. Or they have good experience with them.

 Sure.Sure  !  

Every one has different experience with sheiks . So I am no one to give my two cent about Arabia and its Sheiks.According to Arab news  the sponsor of that Filipino maids is Palestinian and his  wife is Syrian wife.So it don't prove that Saudis are  all bad This not about Saudi and Filipino people. Or anything racism  .  It is about the rich and he poor.

But then why there are so many cases of these types popping out ? And why these Filipinos ,Srilankans,Banglas ...... third world people complaining ? Are they " all" lying ? If you check  Google,you will find oodls  of hate toward these rich peeps .People have  written their experiences .This recent case has created a new  buzz . 

Maids are maids .No matter they are  Bangla or Filipino.Indonesian or from any  other Asian or The Far Eastern countries .Just image they are filthy poor from third world countries  ,in your county , cleaning your mess . Ain't an easy job  indeed. Many girls felt driven by a single ambition: to rescue their family from the poverty and hunger of their life in the Third world countries .Some times owner/master abuses them , delays their wages and some time they invite them to abuse them .Vice verse .But no one can give them any right to abuse any labor , worker or maid.

Even in this modem era this phony master- slave thing is not only exists but also increasing day by day .But the most shameful thing is that we all all involve in it directly or in directly .Because we encourage it.

So if any human is maid by force or by will please don't bow in front of the rich and if you are rich then don't treat your workers,labors and maids like animals.



  1. I agree with your complaints against the master/slave relationship, as well as the rise in the request for maids. While not everyone that hires a maid is necessarily bad, selfish, or see him/herself as a master, but increasingly, from what I've noted, they're hiring them without sufficient justifications. Like you said, if you're house is too large for you, that should indicate that you should purchase a smaller house. If you are too busy, whether due to work or the number of children you have, you could hire house cleaning service, but not a maid, who you will treat as inferior to you. It has become a trend for people to "own" and not merely hire maids for status, prestige, and without a real need.
    I'm not saying that people are never justified, some elderly people whose children cannot take care of them may require that extra help and some maids may live better lives with the people they're working for. I know of one who is treated like family. But, overall, I find this trend problematic and people are abusing it.
    Sorry for the long comment, but this is something I comment on from having seen it.

  2. I couldn't agree more with you. I seriously don't like the maid culture either and like you said, clean your own damned mess. It honestly wouldn't bother me if these maids weren't treated so effing poorly.

  3. I don't trust maid, too many stories about them :( I don't want one either :( Plus I don't like to look down at anyone :)

  4. I didn't know all of this honestly. But I think you can't generalize. My opinion

  5. Hi people. I am living here in the ME and I currently do not have a maid. I have had some over the years but I HATE this culture of maids as well. It is a vicious circle. An added point to this discussion would be that the maids are ruthless too. They don't want to work for me because I pay 'local' wages but buy them everything they need. They would rather go work for expats because they get triple if not more the salary and work much less. It has been hard and my house is not too big but I have a teen and a pre teen and living here I can not let my daughter go alone to things so I am with her and then dinner does not get cooked or the bathroom does not get scrubbed and my hubby likes his house CAAALEEEN!! Just something to think about. I have heard horror stories of how these maids are treated though. Agreed there. All in all, I hate the maid culture. However, one more thing, I am treated as a freak by the local arabs and westerners for not having one!

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