Wednesday, July 27, 2011

۩ Ramadan Kareem ۩

The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner .It is the most superior month in Islamic Calendar in which was sent down the Qura'an,as a guide to mankind,also clear(Signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong).Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

        “Allah says:Fasting is for Me & I shall reward for it. He gives up his desire & his food & drink for My sake. Fasting is a shield, & the fasting person has two moments of joy, one when he breaks his fast & one when he meets his Lord. And the odour that comes from the mouth of a fasting person is better before Allah than the fragrance of musk.” [Bukhari, 7492; Muslim, 1151]

 It's the month when the devils are chained, the gates of hell are closed and those of paradise are opened.It's the month the holy prophet used to pray to witness. It's the blessed month of ramadhan. As the Fajar azan begins and the 1st holy fast begins .

        اللهم بلغنا رمضان واعنا فيه على الصيام والقيام والفرآن
        O Allah make us reach Ramadhan (a month of fasting) and help us on fasting, Qiyam(praying additional prayers) and reading the Qur'an.

May Allah shower his blessings and grant you forgiveness in this holy month.May Allah bless you with happiness and grace your home with warmth & peace.Happiness be at your door .May it knock early. Stay late & leave the gift of Allah's peace,love,joy & good health behind.May you remain happy all the time irrespective of any occasion,amen.

    ۩ Happy Ramadan Kareem   ۩


  1. مرحبا يا رمضان. \(^-^)/

  2. Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

    BeauTifuL PosT DeaR..

    May Allah guide us to the right path and HapPinEss dunya O 2a5era Allahuma Ameeen ^_____^

  3. Ameen!!!

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  4. Happy Ramadan :D
    The Best wishes For You :D

  5. Ramadan kareem hun! dont forget us in your prayers

  6. amazing post! so beautiful I almost tear myself up. :')

  7. Ramadhan Kareem ~ may this ramadhan filled with Allah's blessing :>

  8. Ramadan Mubarak To U too <3 <3

  9. Ramadan karreem :D.
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