Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 1 — Your Best Friend

Dear Best friend,(***** Jan).

Hope you would be best in health .Like You always says " Good enough" .You might be wondering what bug me to write you an open letter.Well let me let you .This is my first letter from writing 30 letters(click here!) .Which I have been delaying for don't know what reason. 

It's been months I did not talked with you.So yeah ,this is pretty awesome chance to write you and say those things which I never said  you.

You been a  great best friend .Gave me positivity which I always needed. Kind and friendly of course .Despite being totally different from me I learn oodles of good stuff from you . I love sweet names you give  me.You came by the will of Allah at the time when I was really friendless. So yeah I am blessed.You are my best friend forever <3.

May God bless you too.I am also giving you a cute flower boutique of daises .Hope you will love it.That's my style,babe.I always give you flowers.You know,yellow is color of friend ship :).This mean perfect boutique with this letter .

Stay healthy.

Take care.

Iz .

 P/s:I miss you.

Photo Credit : bouquets


  1. awww dat is sooo sweeet, she will love it :D


  2. Aww. I like the idea of letters. Waiting for the rest:D

  3. This was cuuuuuute! bestfriends are a great thing! :)

  4. Aww lovely post .. Friends are awesome :D

  5. Good friends are hard to come by, so it's always wonderful to have a best friend who is genuine and will support you through thick and thin! I'm sure you BF will appreciate this gesture.

  6. so sweet of you,i'll appreciate if my
    friends like you.

  7. Sweet picture!! I love letters too. If we want to express our feelings, I think we should write!!! not an E-mail!!