Saturday, August 20, 2011

Phoney politics

From past many days, I am not writing much about politics .International stuff is not exciting me any more.Arab uprising is becoming bore, isn't?I bet no more revolution would happen .In Syria, Yemen,Bahrain,and Khalijee countries, it is impossible.It happened in Tunis accidentally, and in Egypt by proper support of international community ,and their own army (Read this). Other middle Eastern countries  would keep shouting but their army is with government, so it will be like that,too bad  .

Locally not much happened after  Bin laden and PNS Mehran Attack.I  had already  given my two cent about it. And ,my gals readers have no interest in these craps.On the other hand, why on this freaking earth I waste my time in this drama?I feel so tired when I repeat my self again and again .Like, I am an idiot in this world .

Yesterday, I went to get my experience letter from AI ,I got full scan because  horrible blast in Peshawar( North)  at mass Friday prayer.I felt so shamed.This is my city and I am suspect.Everyone is suspect.Security is so tight . They killed innocent people in the name of God .And don't know how many people would  be killed like that . They suicide bomber was just 13 or 15 year old( a teenager),who blast him self.In the holy month of Ramadan religious places are the targets.Death  toll raised up to 51. 

Now look at my city  ,here no such  terrorism but phoney political  uprising .PPP(ruling party) & MQM(some time opposition, some time coalition partners ) both are equally responsible for this mess. Karachi has becoming garbage .City where Parses, Hindu ,Sindhi,Urdu speaking  and anyone from all around the country used to live with proud ,is now scared to death because of their ethnicity and race. It get rooted more after 1993.

Peeps are at home instead  of doing  Eid  shopping. It is  impossible for  a labor  to move onto roads owing to mounting panic in the city.

Usually,MQM hit the ceiling if something happen to them or to their workers .But they don't give their two fuck about recent killings .Obviously ,this does not bother them .They are in government ,so they are happy.

Six more people fell pray to the violence  since last Friday midnight,taking the death toll to 27 during the last 24 hour,Dawn news reported.(read here ) .

This is going on since last 3 months. Now the saying the are drug mafia ,land mafia..........this mafia & that mafia . Fuck your ass. Crooks don't behave like that .Just a blame game .These killers  are fully funded just because MQM wants loin share and planing to separate Karachi from Sindh .This political party is nothing but grief. Pain in ass since 1993. Its only concerned is  in staying in power and controlling Karachi !!!They never rise their voice for solving racial issue.Actually they are one how give rise the racial issue in this city .It is more like a cult then a political party .Its followers are some freaks gays .

Urdu speaking immigrants  shoulda know that they are still immigrants because after living here  more than 60 years they call them self Indians.First be a Pakistani ,loser !To be on level,truth is always bitter,whether you,like it,or not.We are already a polarized nation.Divided into many political parties,religious sects ,and in other things.I'm sure a Phakton will never support a Mahajir ,and Mahajir will never come out for Sindhi.We are racist people.We have poverty,corruption,unemployment,literacy  and all evil thing are at their peek,from so long,but who cares?People not only suicide, but also sell their children .Fudral lords are king .Baluchistan is forgotten land .No development ,and progress.Real Resolution happens when there is unity .

Killers,criminals ,government men ..mad men what ever fucking name they have........ terrorist  are kidnapping innocent citizens ,torturing them , stuffing  in sacks and dumping  on the streets.

Police have no power and some how week .Rangers and FC has been deployed here. The independence Human right commission of Pakistan said 800 people have been killed in Karachi so far this year ,compare with 748 in 2001 .News channels telecasting  death tools like  some freaking baseball game score. 50 die in 3 days .7 in 1 day .Labors are standing at roads for work . 

Provincial and Federal government has failed to stop it.Hence army is  not a soluble to this mess.This is a political problem and would be settle politically . Army operation in Sawat was totally different .It was against the enimes .They don't accept our sovereignty .Those  terrorist ! Army operation in Bangladesh was flopped because like I said handle political issues politically.




  1. gurl lemme make it clear to you. even if you care about what's going in politics IT'S A DIRTY & BULLSHIT field that ASSHOLES are controlling it.

    i'm saying this bcoz when i was consediring my self as a good citizen to share my thoghts about what's going on to my country, i found out that no one really listens unless if i'm one of the "controlling" families out there.
    sooo, they can go to hell as long as i'm not living in there :P

    unfortunately, that's the ugly truth about muslim world or to be more specific >> the middle east area !! the more oil you have the more "bitchy you act"

  2. where do you live actually? keen to know more about your country..& yourself..

  3. i thought i loved politics no my head is spinning

  4. I was thinking that our Arab word was full of dirty ego leaders who lead for their own benefits but it seams that all the Muslim world is the same. God we ask you on those blessed days to make as a real (Ommah)= (nation) caring and sporting each other, Allahomma we need a justice Khalifa to raise the Muslim Ommah. Amen

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