Saturday, August 13, 2011

Running away

Wherever I go they are their .No matter how much I try to hide they will find me. Just because of them I am
running away from so long  ...running and hiding .Because their heart is so tiny where only they worship them self . They are over-populated,rude ,self absorbed ,suffocated humans who had created a society where I feel I could die with suffocation . All the hate and negativity I have is just all 'cause of them .God ,I just can not put up with them any one ,with their torturing traditions ,and with their rotten rituals .No freedom to speak of one minds .Just follow them blindly .I can not get along with their non-sense norms.You can not cage me because I am free.I have  freedom .This is my birth right . .

So technically ,I  keep my distance with these specific peeps with out hate  But still they are  in my face .No matter how much I try to ignore  them .Fact is fact ,and it's from ages they are not my type .I am no one to change them and who the hell I am to change them . They live their lives .When on this earth I have ever tried to poked my nose in their goddamn clean -holy-saint like lives .We are two different humans.North and South.Two different poles. So they should not come near to me.I might bit them one day .I do no jokes when I am pissed off .You have just seen my love ,not my hate .


  1. We like your essay. We first thought that you were mad and upset, till we read the 'PS'.
    We think that every single word you've written is right. We all have to go through this serious issue everyday. North and South ..

    Keep sharing your essays, they are so true !

    Afaf & Marwa

  2. First I think you are mad and upset. Then I read 'PS' and so now I know you are-were mad and upset.

    And what is this: "We are two different humans.East and West .Oh sorry !North and South."

    If you do not mean to write 'East and West', why did you leave it in the post?

    You write very good, Izdiher, but only let the truth spring forth, not hidden in a shadow.

    Yes, you know.

  3. Amazing Words.. Sometimes It Happens That Way Were They Want Us To Do What They Think Is Right.. ;/
    I Feel Like Running Away Sometimes :D

  4. I think we`re always going to come across situation, people, ideas, etc. that we dislike, that run contrary to our own values, beliefs, etc.
    And sometimes confrontation doesn`t always work, but I don`t think running away does either. There`s a tendency that whatever we ran away from will continue to chase us, or we`ll come across it/them when least expected. So it's important to maintain a mental rather than a physical distance from the aforementioned. It's best to conquer it psychologically.

    We all feel like running away from time to time, but that's only a temporary solution.

    Sorry for the long response!

  5. you summarize it by saying " You can not cage me because I am free.I have freedom .This is my birth right ".
    well said my dear :)

  6. I can relate to this post. So sad and I think at some point in our lives, we all want to run away. I'm at that point atm.

  7. I don't belive that running away from our problems is the solution, but I belive that to face these problems is better 'Cause problems won't run out from our real life.
    So if you are going to run away from something you are going to face huge problems more,So please stand and face them by your complete strength.

    Wish that was useful.