Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am pretty much pissed  at a moment. Even though there really isn't much to do right now. Still mad. Not at any human. They don't have much ability to do so _________Yeah, at circumstances. 

 My bro  is also not at home so computer is free.Tuition is get more stressful. My students exams are incoming three weeks. Even with two kids I am freaking out. What the hell going on with me? I use to taught 20 at a time. They be here after an hour. So, I have much time to blog  about few stuff. Just got back from Job hunt. Would not cook lunch, as I said bro and  sis are at collage, and I  have had my lunch  with my mother @ near by restaurant,  which was a mistake. I should not have lunch wit her. Bad timing. No details. She is just not happy with me these days.

Any how, I went to her University after my job interview, which  went quite well. That lady-in-charge  offered me something acceptable after some questions. Thank God, I did this interview thing first at the morning, and I was fresh. Otherwise, who knows about the mood in  noon? So, technically ball is in my court. I would not think much because not much option.   Even though this is not gonna be my dream job. It is not even a proper 9 to 5 job. A work shop and I am assigned as assistant.  In other word, I be helper to some dumb ass co-coordinator. But OK for now. 

I got this idea from my best friend. It is a time to wake up from my airy fairy world. When I reached at her Uni, she was almost finishing her class. I did not need to wait more than 10 minutes. After that we scooted off for lunch.  Both were hungry. I told  her  that I'm taking this assistant thing, and she got quite relax. Huh!!

Rain have had  stopped. Air is becoming quite  chill. N called me for get together at beach yesterday. This was my second visit to beach this month. I never get enough of it ever. She and D are moving to another city. His company  is transferring him to L-town.

 L-town is awesome. Much better than here. But ,their would be no beach. No, I am not sad about it . It is pretty good for her & him. D is a country man. And I'm not attached emotionally on them. We are just gossip friends. We not only like to dish about people we know, but also  interested in celebrity gossip, or stories published in tabloids about famous people’s lives. It just depends on how malicious the rumor is, and also how juicy the details are of that rumor. This is our best love pass time. That is it.

D  was stuck  in  glitzy, fast-paced alien world of Karachi. A small fish in a big pound.  I always knew he will end up with he. He was so wrapped around her finger ___till now. She was quite baffle in the beginning. But we were  sure that they two are an item. Now after 2 and half year they have one gorgeous  angel(baby gal).  I reckon everything in her life is beyond perfect. Her mother in law drama is what keeps her alive. This is her nature. First D was her pet peeve and now she.

But the worst part is that after her I would have to roll with some wanna be  serious teenage woman, and non serious teenage boys. Yuck.*

This is another pet peeve. Why on this earth I talk with them in English when our mother tongue is same. And their fake clubs where there is no booze coke. Just dumb ass teenagers losers dancing at Indian  songs. Seriously, I want to slap tight  on their face. Keep it real or if you can't then don't be cartoon. When we don't have clubs then we don't. Which cartoon is bastardizing these Kids ?

Don't ask about other bunch of losers who just talk on sms because their mother, society and bla bla wouldn't allow them to be with gals. If you talk with them they get so nervous but their fingers working  24/7 on their cell keypad. These night packages !!!!!! They can have whole affair on a mobile phone.

Another reason of my being so pissed  is that the only local drama I have been watching is gonna be end today. Yeah, I know tittle for today's post either. 

First tell me are you peep using  updated Blogger interface ?I went their, but it is s spooky ___so goddamn white .Creeping me out. New page design is OK, but all white  page? No No. I like colors. Ahan, another blogger Aiman gave me bunch of award(here). Big fat grin* This is gonna be award season for me. I have added all those award on my side bar. Would do post on them later.

 Me gotta go now !


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  2. Thinking of you sweet potato! I'm loving the blog background btw! Love your comments xxx

  3. you're the sweeeeeetest girl ever :***
    wish you all the best in the new job :)

  4. you give tuitions?! =O

    And are you reading my mind? Cause the spooky whiteness of the new interface totally creeped me out too.

  5. u have a lovely blog :) following u now :)


  6. Wow You started a new life "new job".
    Hahaha nowadays it's hard to satisfy your mother.
    P.S. Your posts always make me smile. :)
    All the best dear.

  7. Don't ask me why, but it is somehow refreshing to read a post where the writer is angry at almost everything.

    Of course, it will not last...or will it?--grin!

  8. Thanks for the comment..following u :)
    n all the best for the new job :) I am finding one..I hope I get one soon..

  9. I loved your blog outlook! Its simply beautiful (: Loved your post even more! <3

    Thanks loads for your comment,Im your new follower now. Really hope you follow back <3 ^_^

  10. Wish you so muchhh luck for your new job hun :*
    And giving a tuition i think is really amazing :)

  11. Good luck for the job :)
    And congrats on getting the award :) May your blog go a long way!
    Don't worry about your students :) They'll be fine! :)
    As per the new blogger interface..Well, I prefer the old one :)
    Take Care!

  12. Thanks for your sweet comment! I'm following you now, you have a wonderful blog! Have a good day

  13. Cool blog and lovely post! I'm following now! Check out mine :)

    - <3

  14. Hope you go well at your new job, good luck!

    Your blog layout is so cute, I love all the colours.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


  15. hi babe, I'm back from blogging now :) and goodluck in everything you do. :)

  16. it all starts now summer is over good luck babe xx

  17. You have a lovely blog..:)
    Thanks for the comment..:)
    im following you

  18. Hi!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
    You have a nice blog :)

  19. Hi Izdiher ~~ Nice to meet you and I
    hope you enjoy your new job and it may lead to something better - think
    positive. Thanks for your comments
    and I am glad you enjoy my blog.
    Take care my new friend, Cheers, Merle.

  20. izdiher..HMMMM
    where to begin? s many question popped up in my mind regarding u. wats the meaning of ur name? do u live in USA? how do u know abt Karachi? n how come u can speak Urdu? ur vocab is pretty good btu ur grammar is weak at times so ic ant just decipher what's ur ethnicity...

    nn the way u mention teenage kids, ur tuition job n all..u seem mature..wats ur age range(so i can communicate) on the same level./.i m 30 from Karachi PK,, ex-teacher of teh City school