Sunday, September 25, 2011

My whole week was hectic. Interview and more interviews. But all is well, at the end of the day. Electricity is here by chance. So I decided to write something on my blog.You can not trust electricity over here at any cost. .From past few days it has nothing but left to make me mad. Going for 2.5 hours for 1.5 hours. Some time 3 times a day. And some time more.You never know.

I went  to  school for meeting. This is officially my second day over there.We have had teacher meeting  and to complete left over work or prepare something for next week. Because I am new here so the co-coordinator asked me to do some art work for class. Anyway, I did it. Teaching is something I never wanted to do. It  never occurred to me, ever. Even if you ask me I would banned all school and free the kids. It all started with tuitions I were giving part time, while I was studying and till now I am teaching.Whatever. It is OK for now.

Last night, one of my friend got married to an Afghan man. God know what she saw in him. She never told us about him for so many days. It is outta sudden we got invitation. I knew him because he hangs out with us when ever he is in town. I never asked and she never told anything more then that _____"He is my  good friend." But anyway. This is mentality of my generation. We never reveal our love affairs till marriage.  

Wedding  was fine but so late. We left home around.10 and reached their in 15 minutes. The groom came around 11:00 PM. And  took some half an hour to reached the main stage, where the bride was waiting for him.

There was this afghan wedding singer, who  talked and ate with me. I  axed other gals. Of course, I ain't fool to introduce good looking man to other gals. He was so down to ward, full  lair, groom's  friend. He sings for friends and can play Rubba'b that's what he told me. I don't care and I don't wanna know. He brought plate full of Kabbas and rice for me  when the dinners was severed. His English was so funny, so as mine. I guess that is why he talked with me.Two people with funny  English. 

But it was fun  Food was  whole some of beef and mutton. No chicken. Some  locals were making faces. I love lamb, camel, goat and all meet, so it was a treat for me.  I left around 1:45 PM. I had to because I don't wanted to be late for work. 
Because on Friday I went late at school and L-in-C  asked why am I late at first day of  my work? So to avoid this crap I  did every thing so hurry in morning. I waited for some 10 minutes at buss station, and reached school at time. And I was second to be there, and L-in-C was absent.

Today I wake up late and have had breakfast .Check some mails, want to read other blogs.Change   the  font, after your vote for White font. And did few more customization. But you know, all of my previous post are in Aqua font. Gonna miss it so much .

What are you doing in  evening ?


  1. "God know what she saw in him." haha I laughed when I read this!
    Do you work? I thought you studied.
    This evening I won't do something special, just home.
    Have a nice week!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. Hello was a tiring busy week for you..have enough rest girl..relax and smile..oh my the bride was waiting for the groom..made say oh no..because in our country the groom must be the first one waiting for the bride..

    Just stay cool and love life..passing by :)

  3. Umm ? Goddamn Afghans? What for? :( That hurt. And well, love is blind, they say. :)

  4. Hey Girl, Love your blog, thanks for the comment! Have a relaxing day today and enjoy something special. :)

  5. out of curiosity, where do u live?

  6. looolz your funny, I also ask myself the same question sometimes at weddings! "What did he/she see in her/him??"
    Hope you have a great week hun

    MiMi ♥..
    Make-up Overdose

  7. thanks for your kind word at my blog.
    i love your place, it super, i love the header ov ur blog -
    following you ...
    love ya x

  8. Aww glad you enjoy your time :) Have fun in your new work :)

  9. I love the photos, you are very Artistic :] good luck with the interviews.

    If Wisdom is your ladder, Come join us.

  10. Hahahaha love your wedding story. I actually laughed out loud at some bits. You had a super busy week! Hehe I would ban schools as well :)


  11. Hi Izdiher I got really busy and never came back to follow your site and finally here I am I have made it!!! Your site is how long have you been writing? It's so pretty! If you have time would you also follow my blog?


  12. hey your blog is so cool too! today, i only relax at home :) read your blog and so on :)
    i'm following you now. if you like, follow me back please.
    thanks so much for your comment.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

  13. Thanks for the compliment on my blog :-). If you don't mind me asking where do you live? It was entertaining to hear you talk about hte wedding, weddings in Saudi also start late if it says 9pm on the card everyone comes at 11 the bride and groom ceremoney happens at 12 earliest and you get dinner at 1am and the dancing continues till 3/4 am, if you want to stay for that.

    Good luck with your new job!

  14. Descriptions in this post of you thoughts, your job, the wedding--actually, the details of your life-- are interesting. Also the comments your Peeps wrote. I really enjoy it all, Iz Jan.

    My comment could be in 'book' form, since I had many thoughts also--grin! I will not write the whole book here. How about if I just skip to the bottom of page 341, where it says "THE END"...

    You are lucky I skip to last page!!!

  15. you know when its a busy eek its more productive so its a good thing love. hats wrong with marrying an Afghan man?

  16. sis, wish u good luck at work, miss u habibti so much, i been so busy this week 2, but the week and was good hamdolelah. I like this topic a lot specially the weeding party. kisses xo

  17. Hi lzdiher ~~~Sorry you have been having problems with electricity and
    hope it doesn't happen too often.

    Thank you so much for your comments and I am so glad you enjoy the things I post.

    Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

  18. This is funny..I love the question that pops in your mind in wedding:)

    and now I'm and I hope everything okay now with your electricity:)