Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years later

To be very honest ,I didn't give crap about 9/11 when it happened in 2001.It was million miles away from me.I was a careless teenager.It's been 10 years.But,ten years later,things are pretty worst after 9/11 ,over here .Now  I am fully  awake , more careful,and sensible .I have seen enough ugly bomb blast and many uncountable terror attracts after 9/11. I have been seeing how Al-Qeda ,Taliban and other militants  are using  innocent kids to blast them self in markets,schools , masajid, and other holy places.Who know the real price of September 11 rather than us ?

Still, I don't wanted to write about it, till last night when my best peep write a poem about it .He send me a beautiful message ,as well. Actually I was avoiding it .These international and internal politics piss me off. I use bad language for them .They boil my pretty blood.  My blog is so pretty .Why I say ugly things for senseless  , cold blooded bloody phoney  Al-Qeda. When I can see the whole picture ,and see nothing is fixing .It just piss me to death . But I think, I should say  few things, because we are pretty much directly  inter link to 9/11.

Morrow is September 11.The whole USA  would be remembering that  gruesome act. What ever happened that day was one of the most cruelest  thing in this world.I strongly express my complete disapproval  because it was not only happened in USA.Like I said above ,we are inter-link  to  it. We Pakistanis are also affected by this gruesome act,till now .It is we who are still paying the price of war on terror. We are fighting this war since 9/11 . Many peeps in USA died that day .Fear is still here. It has only created a hate between the Muslim and the Western world.

Many , normal innocent Americans think we are those who hit the twin tower . Till now they think we will bomb them ,or cut their throats .World is most unsafe place just cause of us. And after the Bin ladein death more criticism was on us that we supported him, or hide  him .It has not only demoralized our forces,but in return terrorist attached our PNS Mahran (Naval base),destroyed the most vital  craft,because we are alliance with US . After that US itself said that Pakistan was not involve in it .OK,yes .We have accepted the failure of our intelligence.Much better.Our hands are clean...........I guess.Hope so!

There are countless massive attacked happened here.It has become  a part of our country . We are fighting war against terrorism  for the whole world ,and still all blame is on us.We are actual victims of terrorism. We take every action against militants.

However,on 9/11 ,some 2,976 American people  lost their lives  but what about 48,644 Afghan , 1,690,903 Iraqi, 30,000 innocent  Pakistanis,beside many soldiers, two thousand police officers,who  have been died  for this war against terror?

Evey one, especially USA  reckons that  Pakistan is the terrorist sanctuary. Here, we reckon that 9-11 was a false flag .Bush bomb the crap out of Afghanistan after 9/11/01.It  is still unsolved. Out of sudden Oasma Bin Ladein  was captured in the compound of Abbtabad.So much money has been spend on this war on terror . Now in Libya. It has almost bankrupt the USA.

All I wanted to say is this war against terror have  be stopped.Western imperialism shoulda think that this nothing but Death.Every country; whether it is Muslim,Christian,Hindu ,Secular has its sovereignty.World super power should not poke into it .Live and let other live.If they are real terrorist then we are all in one boat .

I still don't know why Al-Qeda hates USA that much ? I still don't know what is conspiracy behind  it?Or do they really hate ?Still don't know how much truth in the Al -Qeada. My bimbo mind can not detect it .I have ranted enough that Western imperialism has created that to control Muslim Ummah .However , I also can not ignore that we are sold out nation .



  1. I remember watching the events on the news at my great-grandmother's house.. it was like so scary.

  2. this is truly thoughtful of you to post. It's sicking from both the west side and the alqadia.. 9/11 changed all of us and effected everyone. Elhemdiallah 3la kolo she..the pictures are heartbreaking

  3. Izdiher Jan...Nobody who I know could have said this better than you. You live there, communicate well, and are a proponent for universal peace.

    You posted some beautifully TERRIBLE photos. They help you tell your story. Thank you for an appropriate post on this day of memory, in the U.S. and in the world.

    Continue to live with JOY and in PEACE!

  4. What is happening in your country and other muslim parts of the world is horrible. May you soon have peace.

  5. I find this post really thoughtful and these terrorists hate america and many other countries of the world. What they don't understand is that the people they are killing are just common men with no guilt.
    May all R.I.P

  6. May Allah SWT bring peace to the whole world. Ameen =(

  7. Although I disagree with a lot of things that Al Qaeda and Taliban did or are doing but if people aren't sure about the events that happened in 9/11 why blame it on them? I mean does it always have to be the Muslims fault? Does the Muslim always have to be the terrorist? These are all conspiracy theories. It pisses me off when I see Muslims thinking that 9/11 was caused by Muslims. The Jews and The US are doing this. The wanted to blame someone so they created Osama Bin Laden then acted like they killed him. Crappy twisted politics. The US brainwash people

  8. I never said Taliban or Al Qeda are Muslims. I have rant enough about it.And I ain't saying it was cause by Muslim.I have no proof who did that .

    If US have created that them ,then we did everything for them.WE ARE SOLD OUT Ummah(Nation).

  9. this is a magnificent! Very real and thought out!

    Lots of Love,
    Sarin (:

    ps thanks for the lovely comment<3

  10. It is sad how we all are directly or indirectly exposed to terror attacks nowadays. My country has faced is as long as I can remember. I grew up with it. Hope this world will be a better place to live. Peace for all.

  11. It's sad to hear about those things. But that's all we get- we hear about it. Not live it. Lots of us cannot imagine anything like this. Truly amazing post,


  12. totally agree with everything you say. the pictures are absolutely terrible! i'd love to follow you, follow me back too please! :)

  13. i was 11 years old when it happened. never like it actually, its freaking scary. hope those who died may rest in peace. but i really think USA should stop from involving themselves with other countries' matter. they can stand on their feet! n also i have the feeling USA just wanna take over the black gold


  14. I was too young to understand what was happening. I just knew it wasn't good but like I said, I was young kid so I didn't care.

    what happened in 9/11 was horrible :( May god have mercy on each and every one of the people that died/may they rest in peace.MAY EVERYONE WHO DIED REST IN PEACE.

    Whats happening in your country is horrible. I hope you get peace soon insh'allah.

  15. This is such a well thought out post, may everybody who died in this attack rest in peace.

  16. Following you now girl.
    Loved this post.
    i never write about serious things on my blog actually, the highest crime shown on my blog is some comany ripping off YSL shoes design.

    But I liked that you did. I;m muslim myself (even though not practicing at all ) but living in Italy you see that people now associate Islam with the terrorist actions.

    I've red the Qur'an and the Bible so pretty much i know all the lessons taught in both. And they both teach us love. And show us a little bit of the history (which yes included some wars too).

    With my knowledge I try to explain others what is happening. That everything is political and economical. Religion has nothing to do with it. It never has.

    I don't hate anyone, because this planet has its history created with wars. The USA qants oil at cheaper prices, Al-Qāʿida wants a share of that money and doesn't want it to be given to USA. Is always about the money, never about the religion, and it has always caused wars. look at all the past wars.

    RIP all 9/11 victims, RIP all Afgan victims.

    Peace & Love

  17. i remember eating breakfast while preparing for school. i thought it was some old tv coverage because it was still 4am in my place. but every channel had the same coverage. that's when i knew something was wrong.

    it may have changed all of us for worse. but remember, as Muslims, we do not get discouraged or distracted by what's in the middle of the journey because we should be assured that our end is victorious.

    Allah is with us. Allahu Akbar.

  18. Gosh all the war pictures are horrible!Why people can't live peacefully sigh...

  19. That day effected everyone, not only US.. Thank you for this post, it made me think about some stuff..

  20. What a powerful post. I think more so because you write from your side of the story. The photos were really confronting but Its good to be reminded of the war going on around the world and we are all not the only people or the only country suffering. It was a very heartfelt, raw post though so thank you for sharing.

    Anna xo

  21. Conspiracy nothing else. The narcissists plan and execute these vicious games to have thier motives met.

    Innocent ones are paying. They finally found OSAMA and then they threw him in ocean.


    ALL IS DRAMA.... just an effort to to distort image of islam and eradicate the muslims. HA HA.

    Plz people who consider themselves humanitarians.......... WAKEUP and don't become fool. Stay justful

  22. I think this is beautiful account to what happened and still happens every day in the world. The World Trade Centre Attacks are unacceptable and we should always remember "Never Again"..............but terrorism and hate are spreading over the world and no nation is safe, so many innocent victims die every day. Not mentioning the impact such terror had on Islam and Muslims, bringing their religion on the edge. And 10 years later people are still thinking Muslims = Terrorists, without even trying to go out and get to know their neighbours better.
    Let's pray for Peace now and stop violence in exchange of violence. The winner is the one who knows when to stay "stop".

    take care.

  23. This broke my heart :( Innocent people, terrorism. :/ What's happening to the world? :(

    PS. I love how your blog has a variety of topics, that's why I'm already following you, babe! :D


  24. I really enjoyed this post, I couldn't stop reading! Thanks for sharing your story. I hope things get better. It's all so sad, I hate it.

    Thanks for your comment. I'm following now!

  25. "People please read in between the lines" lowkey

  26. Agree! Forget countries we are humans, we are all the same now matter where do u come from.

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