Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wasting time.

First of all people shoulda  have some sense that USA and Pakistan ( governments) are not friends. Neither they were nor they are. Actually they are allies to each other. Still, USA have no interest in this land like it has  in Middle East despite its geographical situation, and being nuclear- third world country. Itt has to put up with us. It don't even consider this place a nuclear power.  So creating  fuss that Pakistan relation with USA is on brick is time wasting -guessing game .

Pakistan is  wrap around USA's finger sice its creation. The biggest example is its raiding at Abbtabad for Bin-laidan. It government did not give any sound answer to that joke and media asked some silly question like we are living in cave age. We all know it was  permitted by our government to do enter and take our most wanted man Bin Ladian which was another fake drama .

Things would be like that between Pak and USA. They will keep funding . Pakistan will  be keep selling out. But still Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, should not  accused Pakistan's top intelligence agency of supporting the Haqqani network and its attacks against U.S. targets in Afghanistan. This is non of our goddamn business. Pakistan government have done enough for this someone-else-war-against terror.

Give us some  break. Pakistan army have  succeed in Sawat, Malkand and South Wazirstan but Army operation ain't solution to every terror situation. Now it is a duty of civil admiration to create control in those area which has been declared clear from terrorism  because Army can not stay at any place for so long. That is why the Pakistani Army has decided not to take action against the Haqqani network. Afghanistan it self declared that Haqqanis are not in Pakistan and have no connection with ISI.

Now out of sudden this love affair between Pakistan Army and Haqqani  showed up  and all blame is on Pakistan. So in simple plain English " Pakistan's army and Intelligence 's connection with Haqqani's network    is just a  pretext of doing another operation in North Wazristan".



  1. Why did I not comment on this VERY well-written article. You should be published elsewhere also with your blog Izdiher.

    You write (this, out of context) "Pakistan government have done enough for this someone-else-war-against terror."

    I know just how you feel, and other countries also. We Americans are so full of Pride, we think it quite proper to take our battles to other places, and fight them out, so long as our own homes are safe from that.

    And we do it all the time, WWI, WWII, and all the others, since.

    OTOH, if U.S. goes down, so do all other countries. This world is no longer you, them, and us, they, those, etc. It is all us (as in WE!)

    A fine post, articulated just what you think (thought) at that time, and still two months after....

    Thank you for putting me on to this post.

  2. Now remember that I was away on trip at this time in September.....I think!--grin! (It's called "excuses"!)