Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whenever I am happy or mellow out  about some specif stuff in my life, something  ugly sure happens, which brings me back to mother  earth from cloud 9.  Sometimes  it is pretty sick. Worst comes worst, it is growing, which is quite painful. Is there any consistency of happiness? If not happiness then serenity ? Heavens knows, the wisdom but it. But it happens a lot with me.

Maybe, I am pretty smart in jinxing  my own self. Have you ever jinxed yourself? Fingers cross * It be my own  made up drama. I was goddamn happy. I jinxed almost many things  with all my happiness.

Feeling quite  emo at a moment. Some feelings are good and some are bad. Some are negative and some are positive. And what kills me  more is when my negative thoughts come true . Eeeeeeeee. why ? OK, enough. I have decided to stop thinking and excepting.

From last  Sunday, I was literately thinking about deleting my blog or making it private. If you area faithful blogger you might have checked it was not there. Did anyone noticed that? I abandoned it for 5 days. It takes a mighty heart to do that, especially  if you have put ages and hours into it. Your soul into it.

 I am going through harsh phase. I ain't talking about ups and downs in life. But what the hell-------- It is a part of my life, and I can't run away from it. But I don't care either. I am back. Did not blog since Sunday . Opened it today and feeling that I am so left behind. Many peeps have posted and I haven't read them . God forbid, how can I forget my best love bloggers?


  1. Pleasure and pain are inextricable...if there is pleasure there will be ultimately pain...what's the thrill in life if there is only happiness and happiness...positiveness and positiveness?. Some times it's despair that make us write...that make us blog...:-) Your post is touching! Keep going and never think of stop blogging...;)

  2. People say dom't laugh out loud since you will cry out loud later. yes, thats sick! they told me to stay balance.

    so, I ever felt the same as you. theres no etrnal happiness just enjoy!


  3. Whenever I feel like you, it is suggested (Not always do I do this!) that I find someone who is much worse off than I, and try to help them , lift them up a bit, with lunch, or a call, or some humor. Invariably (BBW "Big Bad Word"--grin!) my own spirits are lifted up, and I forget what was my trouble.

    This is even when I found I had you know it works in serious situations also.

    AGAIN: I do not remember to do this, (or unwilling to do) every single time, ya know?

    Be nice to yourself, sober girl.

  4. Yes, it is mostly that you jinx your own happiness! It is a fact and it is a reality!
    The best thing to do in such cases is to always think positive.
    It is said- Whether the time is good or bad, it does change! Time is never constant and just like the earth, which goes through day and night... remember- This too shall pass! :)

    Thanks for dropping on my blog! Hope to see you there more!

  5. i feel so much connected to this post for a number of reason that can't be explained here...
    the most obvious one is this that i also deleted my blog in a high degree of rage ...just to punish myself and to torture my creative sense....and just like you came back after many hours when the feathers of rage were sheded.

  6. yeah . . . I can understand what you are saying izdiher . .
    Anger makes us do what we might not do otherwise.
    I usually delete my contacts . . From my mobile or maybe friends from my friend list . . Sometimes i delete my account in these networkin sites . . :p

    and i went thru a phase when i wanted to kill my whole identity and start off as a new person with a new name and everything new . . .
    The only thing that held me from doing so was my blog. I couldnt . . Just couldn leave my blog. :) it's a feeling so lovely. I understand you well :) so welcome back :) and never stop blogging :)

  7. Touching post.
    True there is always happiness behind every pain. and thats how life goes on .

  8. Hello Izdiher!
    I noticed that your blog became private.
    I don't know what you're going through, but have a little patience things are going to be improved. Just try not to take them all so seriously, maybe this helps.
    I think you shouldn't delete your blog if you like/love it.
    It's a part of your life and I think it matters to you.
    I send you my love and wish everything to be fine soon!!
    Miss Starshiny

  9. aw so sweet! please dnt delete ur blog cos its too good and we will miss u a lot! xx

  10. Awww honey what's wrong? We all go through rough patches and life goes on. Don't delete your blog it's your getaway. I'm here if you need anything xx *big hug*

  11. Hope everything looks up soon :( And don't worry about not replying for a while, as long as we know you're ok, that's all that matters. Maybe you could take a little break or holiday just for yourself so you're feeling better :)

  12. awww...happens !

    dont think about deleting the blog ever..its such a bliss to be here..where we can write down anything and be relaxed

  13. I totally agree with Nikita...don't delete ur blog, coz i feel its a true reflection of what u are.

  14. Oh God. It happens with all of us.
    The pain can be rather inextricable.
    Take care. Get back whenever you feel like. Love.

  15. Izdiher that is why it is called the "pursuit of happiness" no one will ever be constantly happy all the time no matter what, unless they are crazy of course.

    its ok to feel up and down.. its what makes life worths living :)

    enjoy what comes your way no matter what it is and always think positive! trust me once you allow one little negative idea to pop up, more negative ideas follow! that is why you should always try your best to look at the bright side! inshaAllah khair :)

  16. We missed you to be true! And worry as well.........One can't go without the other. As someone says you need to experience sadness to know what happiness is.
    Life is full of these moments, up and down, but if when you are in the dark you remember the good days they will always come back.
    Take care sweet Izdiher. xxx

  17. Oh! Common cheer up... I can relate to your feelings easily :) Its gonna be fine :) :) Just stay put and enjoy today :) :) Nice blog, sorry took a bit of time visiting you :)


  18. Izdiher!!!! You are soo real and yes ups and down are what this life is ALLLLLLL about. I feel dizzy most nights due to the bag of emotions I have displayed in the few hours of the day! I loose it, laugh, cry, stamp my feet and then sit down and anyone who tells you they are always fine, happy, content and never phrased by anything Allah throws their way is lying to you. Jalpari, Marie and the majority of your reply comments should make you see what you already see and know that your just like the rest of mankind. Striving, walking, stumbling, crashing on the floor then standing back up and doing it all over again! Hope you have a better day today and so on!

  19. Sweetie, I just wanted to let you know that you are fabulous in more ways then one! Never question that. You are a beautiful, strong women with so much passion and enthusiasm it makes others jealous and want to tear you down. Please don't stop blogging, as I love reading your work! Know that your Australian friend is thinking of you!! xxx

  20. lots. of. love. for. youuuu!!! xxx

  21. I think I know what you're feeling, dear Izdiher! <3 Know that you are in my duaas and I pray that you will feel better soon! Life is really tough sometimes!... Know that we are there for you sweet heart <3

  22. Dear Izdiher, I was quite concerned when I couldn't find your blog and I am so glad that you are back.

    I'm not sure what exactly you are going through, but I hope you will stay strong and ask Allah to show you the light.

    You are in my prayers.

  23. Hey
    You've got a blog award =D Hope that cheers u up <3 and u know what I feel like that sometimes...I guess it is growing up...

  24. I do it all the time so whenever something good is cooking, I keep quiet.

    But since I'm Muslim now, no matter how tempting the idea of jinxing is... I just think that this might not be the kind of life Allah ta'ala wants me to lead.

    We don't own anything. Hence, we cannot attach ourselves greatly to anything. I hope you get out of this phase. We are missing you.

  25. thanx dear:)follow new please do too:)have a great day kisses:)La Folie 

  26. sweety!! contact me asap in email. we need to talk