Saturday, October 15, 2011

Award !!!

Oh boy! Finally ,it is Saturday. The most waiting day of the weak. I am at home. I have been thinking of doing this award post for  so long. Now I have enough time to do it  and do other pending stuff. I usually get so psyched when peep gives me any sort of  amazing awards.This is all my pleasure to be awarded. I am getting many ,by the grace of God. It is all your love. Otherwise wise, I am no one. I write for you.

Love to forward it, one by one. Because, like I said there are many, and I don't want to end them up in one post. Today I am gonna give one awards at a moment. No rush. OK? I also make long post about it. But this time I am gonna write less about me.

Well, the most amazing thing is that I got Versatile Award from 4 beautiful blogger !Isn't great ???  gave me (here)  then Miss Kaeema's ( here  ). Two bloggers Asiyah (here) and Aiman ( here ) gave me seven awards, and one of them is Versatile award. So, yeah........I am including that one over here, as well.

The rules for receiving this award are:
  • Thank and link back to the person who sent you the award
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Spread the love and honor, award a few amazing bloggers
  • Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.
    Thank you ,Sussi, Kareema, Aasiyah and Aimman   for such love. May God bless you more. All four of you are awesome women.

    Seven things about me :
    1.  I can eat any type of chillies but cooked.
    2.  I talks a lot but not loud.
    3.  I hate black color.
    4.  I am girlie girl.
    5 . I love going out in open places but hate crowds
    6.  I  don't follow any freaking rules in real life .
    7.  I can make you crazy easily . 

    Awarding amazing blogger(s).
      All of you have versatility in your blog and it's my own ritual to give all my followers, whether they remember me or forgot. Love me or hate. Versatile Award goes to:

                                        EVERY ONE WHO READS MY BLOG!

       Congratulation everyone, and spread the love ;).


        1. Salaam alaykum,


        2. Well done to you
          and congrats to all those that you nominated.


        3. Oh, but I love black. :(
          and mucha gratias for the award, lady. :O

        4. Love your blog, cool post!


        5. Congrats and thank you!
          have a nice weekend!

        6. Thanks you so much and congrats on getting the award :D

        7. HOW CAN YOU HATE BLACK? that's one of my favorite color luff it. And you're a girly girl aww;P

          Thanks darling for the award (im really bad at doing them but i still appreciate it) and congrats to you :)

        8. Well deserved awards
          This is great,

          You are great

          but hey, Girl- this English teacher is telling you > you must definitely correct your English:
          #1 'these above blogger'(bloggerS)
          #2 'enough time to "make" it' (DO it)
          #3 I am "no one" ( You are are SOME one, a very special person... thus it seems to me- and according to Peep Steve... :-)}}}



        9. Congratulations kittycat! As always, I am an admirer of your work! Lots of love, Professor B xxx

        10. Congratulations, Izdiher on getting the awards. You deserve them.

          You are the most generous person giving awards to other people as well.

          Thank you for sharing your love with others and giving me an award too.

          Take care and have a happy Sunday.

        11. oh congrats hun! You deserved it wallah.. You been missed so much!!!! I been meaning to check your blog but life been busy lately. Thanks a lot for the tea party invite i'm going to do it soon inshallah<3 and thanks a lot for passing this award! you always make me feel so humbled by how much you care. Love you darling:*

        12. Congrats dear and thankyou so much for the tag:-) Happy blogging!

        13. habibati, mabrouk means congratulations, by the way u may b no one for some body but u r all the ones for me, love u so much and thank u 4 award me, i don't thing that I deserve it :)

        14. Dear izdiher ~~ Congratulations on so many awards, and thank you for passing it on to me. I will get it when I have more time.
          I am so glad you enjoyed the story called The Rain as it was very nice
          and you also liked the jokes.
          Thank you my friend for your comments
          Take care, Love, Merle.

        15. awwww thank you Izdiher! and congrats on the award :D :D you're an awesome blogger!

        16. Contrast and thank you for the award! It made my early birthday!

        17. Of your 7 'things'...I like (a lot!) #2, #4, #6. About #7...I like also, but for me there are yet a couple rules I still follow:

          Rule #1 Drink plenty coffee

          Rule #2 Love everyone and every THING!

          Rule #3 Do not exercise too much

          Rule #4 Do not exercise ANY!

          Rule #5 Be grateful to God always!!

          Rule#6 Absolutely insist on enjoying life!!!

          Rule #7 Break any of YOUR rules, any time I feel like it!!!--grin!

        18. congrats :)
          do you want to follow each other maybe?
          let me know :)

        19. congrats :)
          do you want to follow each other maybe?
          let me know :)

        20. Wow! My name is here! hehe.. Thanks so much! :)

          I know a lot of people who hates that even a color.. black and white? Oh well.. I like black. hehe.. :D

        21. Congratulations on your award! That's super. I'm sorry your father has been ill. And you are right, the hospital is BORING! I am going back in it tomorrow and not looking forward to it! But maybe they will fix me up right this time, lol.

        22. Salaam alaykum,

          Jazaki Allahu ghairan. My name is not in the list though, but I read your comment on my blog.

          Keep on blogging!

        23. Congrats for your award.
          me too, hate the crowd place. And for me I hate the place that will offer more than 50%. It will make me hard to choose between the good one or the other.
          Have fun ya :D

        24. Congrats dear :)
          I'm following u now...

        25. thank you for the award... you are a blessing..

        26. Great to know the things about you! Nice post :)

        27. Congratulations! and thank you so much / My post is done and you should check cause there is a little something for you over there!


          Dear sis would u pls come here

        29. I love u 2 so much habibati, pls copy the card i made it for u on ur blog if u don't mind. kisses for my beloved sis.

        30. i see my name in the list, ohhh... thank you darling, :)


        31. Congrats on being chosen for hte versatile blogger award by 4 fellow bloggers thats awesome! Thank you for nominating your followers, Love ya xxx

        32. Hello! Thank you for following my blog. Hope to know you better.