Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of October .

           Dryness + Halloween

October is  finished. Hope you all have pretty good weekend. My Friday was just fine.We gave Eid cards to kids I made. And my in-charged liked that a lot, so as kids. But I am pretty sure they might have teared  it.  Children are children, after all. They were already playing with them when we handover it. However, time flies so fast. Can not believe Eid al Azha is around the corner, in first week of November.

I still could not get chance to write 5 minute Friday post. I took a day off from Saturday day meeting because I have to go university for some inquiry. All week I can not get time.I  am thinking of doing Ms. Yeah lets see.Will tell you in separate post. But I am doing Halloween in same because I don't to publish it in November.

Apparently, with the passage of time it is getting colder  here, especially nights, which are so chilly. Blankets are out, have been  put them in the  roof so they can get some sun light. I am feeling it more  because my skin is getting super  dry.Wost come worst. I have lost  the wrapper of the ointment my dermo gave me last year for this allergically dryness crap. It must be somewhere in the drawer. If  I could not find it. This mean I have to visit her again  and pay just for the stupid ointment. Do you know where have I put that ?

Just took an anti allergic and feeling better. I have quite dry skin which need extra care in cold weather. Peeps with oily skin are lucky.They are idiot who  complain. Ask me !!!!!!

I just bought one fat bottle of Vaseline moisturizer. It is one of those product I have been trusting since ages. Ponds cold creams an moisturizer is good too .It was only present at the shop and I was in hurry.

But please don't use Vaseline petroleum jelly. I am talking about moisturizer, which helps to repair skin and improve its moisture balance. Jelly is so  intense and makes  break out. It would  clog pores.You can  use it for everything else. It's very good at healing dry skin everywhere else because of its intensity, o only use it for extremely dry skin.

All the witches make some spells,
Make us very mean.

By  Fany Savin

I now some of my readers would be celebrating Halloween on 31st October which is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas. I don't know whether it is true or not but in many countries, including Pakistan it  is seen as an unwanted and overly commercial American influence which focuses on ghoulish things like skeletons, cemeteries, warlocks, goblins and more. Am I right ?

But whatever!! Enjoy everyday. Every festival.

Fun Facts :

1. The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually made from turnips.
2. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.
3. Trick-or-treating evolved from the ancient Celtic tradition of putting out treats and food to placate spirits who roamed the streets at Samhain, a sacred festival that marked the end of the Celtic calendar year.
4. Ireland is typically believed to be the birthplace of Halloween.
5. Children are more than twice as likely to be killed in a pedestrian/car accident on Halloween than on any other night.
6. Scottish girls believed they could see images of their future husband if they hung wet sheets in front of the fire on Halloween. Other girls believed they would see their boyfriend’s faces if they looked into mirrors while walking downstairs at midnight on Halloween.

Do Trick or Treat ? I reckon it is fun being adult and dressing  up like kids. Or going to costume parties.

What is your Halloween plan?
Is there any childhood Halloween costume that you  remember most ?
Feel free to share you thoughts. 

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  1. ah, I wish Indonesia had winter hahah we Indonesian use maoisturizer since the weather is too hot! hahahaa

  2. I know exactly how you feel! my skin gets super dry in winter AND summer :( sighhh jealous of those people with naturally nice skin! happy halloween to you too although I don't celebrate it either haha

  3. Yay!winter is my fave season of the year,and I love the way my skin remains soft and glowy,unlike others :D (That`s only because I`ve got oily skin and I have to suffer during summer,but oh well :P )

    Great post! and Happy Halloween! <3

  4. Those facts were good fun! :D
    And my skin goes kinda dry kinda not so I don't take much care.
    and yes, kids are kids. Though its great you did attempt to make the cards !
    Take care hun. Have fun <3

  5. Wishing you a blessed and happy Eid al Azha! I'll be celebrating it, too, and I just can't believe it's just around the corner. How time flies!

    You have a very interesting posts on dryness and Halloween. You and I have the same choice of moisturizer. I'm using Vaseline intensive care. Been using it for years and I like the product after seeing its effect on me.

  6. My skins dry too!hey check out me new post! :)

  7. In Greece we don't celebrate Halloween!
    I gave you 2 awards

    Send you a big kiss!

  8. Vaseline skin care products have always been effective, I am also using 6 year old had just finished their halloween party and she was a lots of candies and shared it with her younger was fun ;)

    Happy halloween where's my candies I have a pumpkin basket here hihihi..*blink blink*

  9. I agree those with oily skin are just whinners. Having dry skin that itches and cracks is a real problem. I have no oil even in my hair so I use coconut oil and many other moisturizers and am still too dry. The children will be coming to my door to trick or treat and I will be dressed in a costume to pass out the treats. I enjoy seeing very young children trick or treating for the first time as they look both excited and scared at the same time. Such emotions.

  10. I love winter! My skins gets a little dry but nothing a cold cream can not fix.. :)
    And about halloween well i do not celebrate it either.. But this time our school will be having something related to it.. ( its catholic school so yeahh..)
    And i know Eid ul Adha almost here already! :D

  11. Hello Lovely Izdiher!
    I love your blog and what you have do with it !I am a big Halloween fan myself .It is so fun to pretend to be some one or some thing you are not in real life. A chance to be a actor ,lol. Have a wonderful day !OTE

  12. What interesting facts about Halloween you have listed here. And yes, you need to moisturize your skin before it gets worse. It is very humid here in Malaysia though and we do not have cold weather.

  13. Hey Izdiher Jan, when you were researching facts about the most commercially busy day in U.S., did you happen to run into my name-and-birthday
    on any list? LOL

    And Babe, listen, you may be right about all those Halloween stuff, but when I was that age all what occurred to me was to "dress up like a stupid girl" and bring home piles of sweets, sugar-food!

    But now they got religion all mixed up with it--but the children are not affected by that. And in any case, I no longer give a horse's ass what Peeps think about anything.

  14. I hope you have a nice eid inshallah.
    Halloween is so commercialised - here in the UK I remember as a child carving out turnips and knocking on neighbours doors. Now everyone dresses up in fancy dress and decorate their houses both inside and outside and its not turnips now, its massive pumpkins. It is so expensive compared to when I was a child. It is celebrated more extravagently in the US, my sister has even sent a photograph of her daughter sitting in a pumpkin patch (field) which is a popular thing to do now going by all the blogs I have visited these last few weeks.

  15. Wishing you a wonderful and happy eid.

    I hope that it is good for you and for your family.

    I agree with you that time is passing so quickly, I cannot believe that tomorrow we will be into November!

    Thanks for the tip about the Vaseline cream.
    I too have dry skin so will give it a try, the aloe vera sounds good!

    Happy Halloween to you my friend.

    Fiona x

  16. happy halloween to you too! i didn't celebrate it that much, with all my studying and stuff :(

    jos xx

  17. Hey
    So right you are!
    Always guessed how honest people from other parts of the world saw that Halloween thing- which by the way is not Spanish at all either<!

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog
    Halloween is special in that kids can become whatever they want . It's not all about witches. You can become a princess or king or ballerina or fairy or your favorite movie actor or just about anything in this world. Its about using your imagination, preparing a trick for a treat which can be a dance or song or a joke. Its a nice way for both kids and adults and people who might otherwise never meet any one, to socialize. Kids love bringing home all the candy chocolate, chips etc.. people hand out and looking at your goodie bag at home is equally fun. Some people give out tooth brushes or some other thing if they don't want to give candy

  19. Those facts about Halloween are quite interesting! But fact #5 is actually frightening, since the event is meant to be a scary one and all >_<


  20. Hi lzdiher ~~ Another very dry skin here in Australia, so I will get the Vaselene Moisturizer. I hope you found your prescription.Lots of info
    about Halloween. We do not bother with it much here.
    I am glad you enjoyed my jokes. I have so many good friends and family who send them to me. Happy Halloween.
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  21. Hi. You asked me to follow you! :) Pretty blog and nice post.

  22. hi doll!

    i love the fun facts for Halloween
    how interesting!

    and yesss i am going through
    bottles and bottles of lotions
    because the weather is drying
    up my skin!



  23. stopping by to say hi ,,,,i'll be back for sure..take care

  24. A lot of interesting facts! Good write up

  25. Hi my lovely friend! I just wanted to thank you so much for adding my button to your blog. I am truely flattered that you like my work enough to add it to your page. I have returned the favour and added your button to my page. I hope you like it! Plus read my newest post as I have mentioned you :)

  26. hey love
    whats your email address again
    i am going to send you something
    fun to do for november swaps!


  27. Looking forward to your november!! :) Nice pretty blog... and i love the cherry blossom banner! :)

  28. This was a fun post. I loved Halloween when I was a child. We made homemade costumes, something from our imagination. One year I was a bookworm! My tiny granddaughter was a cupcake this year. I like the more innocent costumes, just playing dress-up, instead of all the evil and scary stuff. I have dry skin too, I like Avon's lotion and also Aveeno. Vaseline is good too, though.

  29. Me too always have dried skin. using petroleum jelly not make my skin much smoother. I use vaseline ph24. I can't stop sunny at Malaysia by my own (even I love sunday). Enjoyed your Halloween.

    --Your blog look more beautiful now. I love it.

  30. When your next post? "The End Of November"???--grin!

  31. I have a huge problem with dry skin the winter. It's so annoying because I'm constantly lotioning.


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