Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fuss over nothing.

What is so wrong with peeps of Pakistan ? When  government has said to have two days off (Saturday and Sunday )in a weak then have it. Every thing is not for debate. There are lots of other fat issues to be disused and SOLVED. Peep should   understand the benefit of two-day weekly holidays instead of making fuss over this .....Not only that it is still confusion that whether it is laid down or not ?

Besides that the order to close markets  at 8 PM is just fine for those  lazy ass shop keepers who opens their shops after 12 in noon. Why can not they wake up straight early, work from morning and then enjoy two days weakened? This is what normal peeps do !!!!! If we start  our days activities  with dawn and end with the sunset, we will have a long working day, have more day light and save more power.

I  know ............staying at home for two days, working in day time would not solve the shortage of electricity in Pak. We definitely need more preferment and sound solutions for this crap like  building  dams but check out the psyche of average Pakistani ......debate and arguing at everything. This is become viscous circle. When ever some one talks about building dam they oppose. For example : Kala bagh damn, and hundreds of  others have been put backward just cause of politics.

When ever government give any law majority is here to oppose. It doesn't suit us, etc, etc. What the hell suites you, actually ?????????? Don't give me examples of Chines hard working peeps. You are not Chinese nor anyone else. Government has also increased the working hour. Be happy. Complete your work dumb ass and shut up. 

What you goddamn  peeps has done actually is  got generators and UPS and generator.Your problem solved.

If customers don't come in day time  then it is not my fault. They know shops would not be open. And if someone  is so found of shopping could go on Saturday during daylight. We also have Sunday, Monday .....other day's Bazars(Market) where everything is available during day light. When law would be laid down , peeps would have  some sort fear of government and law enforcement (if there is any), every thing be on track .

The same customer would be shopping early and by the way ..... these are exactly those loser who will make  goddamn right queue when they go to develop countries. Here they enjoy luxuries and do complains. Ohh , yeah ..luxuries are always in third world countries. In developed places you have to follow rules...fear of cop, fear of deportment, paying  taxes , blah bla.Here .......who cares ????

Where are you from ?
Do you have two days holidays in your state/ country ?
What are market timing over there ?
Is your country developed  or developing ?
Curious to know !



  1. Just followed you dear!

  2. As you know, most business in US set the hours they prefer--it is not (for the most part) set by government, or law.

    Of course there are rules and laws, but they change with the wind, and Peeps change with them. ...Also, what is legal in one state, might be illegal in another...different penalties. It is called "State's Rights".

    That all being said, we DO have our PROBLEM Peeps, who want everything for free. Not work, just smoke pot, and enjoy benefits for everything. Our government is really F'Ked up, Izdiher. REALLY!!!

    But, as I look around, I believe we still have the best life here in US. But THAT may not last many more years, either.

    I compliment YOU, on your astuteness in politics, your ideas, and the fact you have no fear to publish them. Take care, Iz-Jan!

  3. I am from the Philippines Izdiher..yes we have Holidays here..and usually they are really implemented on the specified dates..but yeah politics in all countries I should say have a lot of issues..sometimes our officials themselves are the ones breaking the rules.Have a nice day Izdiher ;)

  4. Here in the states they celebrate the Christian holidays. Like right now, EVERYTHING is decorated for Halloween. Right afterwards will be Thanksgiving, then of course the biggest will be Christmas.
    Stores here close pretty late! I'm on a college campus so for the most part they understand that we wait until the last minute to go out. Some days they close early (Sunday) WHICH IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER!
    The US is completely developed. We need to slow down because we're kind of in way over our heads.

    Take care :)

  5. AND EVERYTHING is closed for Christmas except for Chinese restaurants and movie theatres! :) It's odd.

  6. We normally get the weekends off, but that is not to say they are regarded as holidays, and even on our days off, we're working. Though, of course, certain shops remain open on weekends, but with less hours.
    From what I've heard, there are places in Europe where on their weekends everything is closed, and, as such, you really get a day off. I think we all need our breaks, and as it stands right now, because society is built around the accumulation of wealth, even recreation is a type of work and depends on economic status.
    I've rambled, but I do hope you get electricity soon. When I lived in Lebanon, we hardly got electricity, so I know how hard it is to be without light!
    Hope you're well.

  7. Hi Izdiher,
    I'm from India and we have a lot of problem like you - the government brings in some law, and people oppose it. There are some laws that should be opposed, for example, the government in India is going to make 'two kids per family' law, which I think should be opposed. The truth is, government brings in so many disputable laws, make people debate on these irrelevant issues, while they cover up their corruption. People like us, behave as donkeys and fight on these smaller issues when the real problems always goes unnoticed. Government always wins in this play.

  8. Yes, let's follow each other.
    Have a beautiful day,

  9. Hahahahaha same country, same problems, same thoughts :P

  10. I think we are lucky in Ireland, thought I feel bad to see people working all week-end. We have public and bank holiday throughout the year too but same these are working days for many.
    The only day you won't see anybody working is the 25th December - Christmas day!

  11. Hi, As you know I live in Saudi,
    and although most people don't work on the weekends (Thursday and Friday), shops are open Thursdays and in the evening from 5pm-1030/11pm on Fridays.

    Shop timings here are a bit different as on weekdays, they open at 10-12 then they close for prayer time.Some reopen 1-130pm, many don't.
    Then they open in the evenings at 5pm and stay open till 1030 or 11 depending on the company policy.During the evening they shut for 15 mins for Maghrib and Isha prayers each.
    Most people here are used to shopping in the evening as its cooler, and people like going out as families when their husbands return from work.

    I feel really strange when I travel and everything shuts at like 6pm.

    Restaurants stay open till 1 on weedays and 2 on weekends.

    I can understand why Pakistan would want to implement these changes, to mitigate the Power shorttage some what:but I'm sorry to say, majority of the people are no better are no better than the leaders. Not everyone's like that but alot of ppl just oppose every single change!

  12. wow...That's so
    I live in the US and its...interesting I guess. Kinda like how that Steve E dude said. All it seems lately is people do what they want. Doing drugs and drinking. I don't understand how people can do it. I work about 5-6 days a week and still have to work at home when I do get a day off. No Drugs or drinking. I love your writing and how straight forward and outspoken you are! :] Very inspiring

  13. ..We work five days only..
    weekends are off
    everything works fine,..We jus need to discipline ourself rest ... it hardly matters..
    We work for ourself we earn for ourself.. so why the fuss??

  14. Where are you from ? Denmark
    Do you have two days holidays in your state/country ? Yes, for most work sectors.
    What are market timing over there ? Supermarkets 9-9 (some only 10-8), the rest of the shops are usually 10-6. (Normal working hours are 8-4 or 9-5). On the weekends shops are usually open 10-4 or 10-5, but closed on Sundays (except the first Sunday of every month, where the shops are open 10-4 or 10-5). We have VERY strict rules governing how long stores are allowed to stay open. Some small convenience stores are allowed to stay open 24/7.
    Is your country developed or developing ? Developed