Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who is next ?

Qaddafi is  death .Who is next ?
Ohh...I really did not supported those retarded rebels,who are dancing over the death of one cat despite knowing that other cats are watching over them.But I forgot they so funded .Their guns and everything .Total epic. Libya will never be for Libyans again.

Welcome to   new  NATO totalitarian family ,LIBYA.


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  2. They, the rebels think they are free, they don't realise how wrong they are. They have just swapped masters, a native dicator is gone to be replaced a NATO puppet, no doubt.

    Who's next? Your guess is good as mine.. Bashar Al Asad..Hosni Mubarak is dying..?

    Hope you're well dear!

  3. I wish I knew more about all this. Theres so many issues around its unbelievable. Hope you're doing good :]

  4. He was a walking freak show!! Who is next, let's see who does America want eliminated next...

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  5. All very scary stuff! Why can't everybody just sing and be happy?! Btw bubs check out my newest musical blog post, dedicated to sweeties like yourself <3 Love you xxx

  6. there has been too much trouble and rumblings from all sides of the world now..

    also in our country rebels and soldiers are fighting..we have our different principles so much on our government's laws but it really make me sad of this fights and killings because we can't deny the fact that all of us have the same nationality..though they are called rebels they are still considered to be our brothers and sisters ;(

  7. Hey,
    Im glad that they dropped down Qadafi, its been ages they were fighting for victory, 40,000 people died in Libya from the Qadafi men. SubhanAllah... How can the leader of the people do such a thing to their own people. It must be democratic, his been in lead for ages. And finally victory, but we still don't know what going to happen next, so maybe its not yet victory to the complete.


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  9. Izdiher Jan, YOU are very intelligent girl, and I respect that. Also, I wonder "what if?" "what of?" and "WHAT?"--grin!

    Please be not too harsh on those who have been for half century under the yoke of a madman.

    I DO have interest in reading your perspective on world issues, especially those where you are so much closer than I--by 6-7,000 miles?

    So, my good friend...we remain in single thought, that the One God created all, including Gaddafi, the rebels, you, and me. And God will let all us poor-witted Peeps to make decision, both good...and bad--UGH!

    Keep writing what you think...I love to read, and ponder!


  10. i don't like the celebration of these assassination. prior generations might not have celebrated or allowed the official celebration of someone's death as is being done routinely now.

  11. Hello İzdiher
    Hope you are well.

    Maybe Uganda, South Sudan, Congo, Syria with political means etc.

    Be careful
    It's disgrace -and disgusting...

  12. BTW, Iz Jan...let us all not forget...history repeats itself again, again, and again and so many 'agains'!
    When we will learn? I must now say--NEVER!

    We should not regret the past--and also not shut the door on it. Maybe the memories would help us to prevent more useless bloodshed.

    I am just thinking out loud tonight.

    And...Good Night, to YOU (where it is morning!!).

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  14. but how they treat qadaffi to death was so cruel. they shouldnt have done that.

    anw, thankyou for your sweet comments..
    followed you :)

  15. Once Gaddafi also said these same words, "You are next", in a meeting of Arab leaders. But he never saw it coming in his way...

  16. Oh well, they seem to think they know what they're doing.

  17. You never know what the future holds. Maybe its positive.

  18. true! I agree with you... I only hope it wont turn into another Iraq

  19. well i know the future is going o be hard for libya however the rebels are freedom fighters . they sacrificed their lives for their countries freedom i think they deserve some respect not being called retarded .
    just my opinion ,. i congratulate them for their victory of Gaddafi .

  20. Nice blog :)

    I hope everything in Libya goes well..wish somehow people there can find peace without all this gunpowder.