Monday, October 24, 2011

You asked for it

This Saturday meeting ,in our tea break,we talked about rape and harassment ,and most females said that other females DO ask for it because they wear inappropriate dresses. I swear I have never seen any Pakistani gal walking on street with out duptta,which is bigger than any scarf and covers one from head to toe. But still she is the one who is inviting according to many .

Our man freakingly stares,with their eyes wide open.They will do your complete x ray even if you are totally  covered .They would say you asked for it. And other would say it's  man's world.This is worst form of harassment ,and literary hurts.

Yeah psycho!

I reckon dresses has nothing to do with saving any woman from  any kind of harassment in our case.Some time man don't give dam about woman in two piece bikini.These men are mentally disturb .If dresses wear only reason then children,nuns,old women would never be harassed.They will harass you  if they want  to do. Especially here ..time has gone when call gals used to wear loud makeup,and tight ,deep neck shalwar kameez.Now more woman are wearing abayas  and head scarf.And this still happens.

OK ..inappropriate dressing ,too much skin showing off do attracts .Women are just vulnerable.And these son of Adams  are sick..... clever creature .They know how to play games. And whenever something go wrong they put blame on women .You asked for it !!!!They are programmed to harass,rape and molest matter what you wear .


  1. See, I believe a woman dressed in the minimalist clothing can also look decent and be discrete. Please, don't blame a woman's attire for the rape and indiscreet incision of character and clothes people perform on her. That's just a sick way to think- like an excuse- we were raped because you asked for it with your clothing. Yuck. Though one should try to maintain decorum and dress as decently as possible, i think its highly negative to take it as an excuse for rape.

  2. it's like you are talking about some men in my country O_0
    it's fact ( some ) girls do this but they only few .

    you really say it right when you compared the men look like X-RAY !!
    some girls walks straight but the sick men still do to them the same things they do to another girls who are really asking for it !!

    but still , ( some ) men don't care about this girl clothing due to the are SICK MEN and they want
    to do bad things for the girl

    so at the end the men and the women had the blame but only if they are that kind of sick behavior

    may Allah protect you all from (some) sick men around you

    hugs & kisses

  3. that's what those who can not and wont know how to help excuse. It's always the women's blame and she asks for it.
    what about those being raped by their siblings or fathers?, they asked for it, too.
    What about those children being raped? also being asked for it.
    Men who are raped? asked for it?
    they can not go over this silly sentence and then stop.
    Rapist if a sick person and rape is never about sex, it's about violence.

    Thanks for bringing up the subject my dear.

  4. Well, Izdiher Jan, you got me to think. God gave every man and woman this urge to procreate the species. To do so, He had to give it *some* pleasantness--grin!

    Since we are discussing here 'men'...I will offer that God gave each man these gifts of desires. He also gave to each the ability to choose whether to refuse to use, to use, or abuse them.

    From my own observation (Ha!) I discern that many women (in U.S., that is) enjoy to be looked at, admired. When a man smiles at one, she 99% of time smiles in return!

    And very small minority of men are those harassers, rapists, molesters, perverts, etc., etc.

    So, IZ...please do not write 'they' and 'them' about those to whom you have enmity, when most Peeps are just fun-loving, normal Peeps, being also H U M A N !!! OKAY?

    Steve, with a male viewpoint!

  5. I think sometimes it doesn´t matter what a girl wears since what is attractive to one guy may not be attractive to another guy and so on. The key is Respect, no matter what! We respect them when they walk about with no shirts on and show their coin slot, so why can´t they do the same for us?


  6. I don't understand this mentality. How do women who dress a certain way be asking for rape? That's a sick way of defending disgusting men who rape. Why is that women are being taught not to get raped (not saying its a bad thing) instead of teaching men about morals and how to keep their thing in their fucking pants? god this topic really pisses me off.

  7. thanks to share that with us :)
    kisses sweety

  8. A sick twisted person will always try to blame others for his own mistakes/sickness! These are the people who are suppose to be locked up for life or even executed in my opinion. A person who doesn't show remorse is considered dangerous to society!!
    I do agree that some ladies bring it a pone themselves, but that doesn't mean the rapist didn't commit a big crime!!
    That said, women are not the only ones who get raped there are innocent children who go through this all the time! My opinion rapist should be executed! End of!!
    And I consider nothing more despicable than seeing women defend and give excuses to these rapist!

    Great subject hun, keep 'em coming..

    MiMi ♥..
    Make-up Overdose

  9. Wow bebe! A controversial subject which you addressed honestly and respectfully. You are a gorgeous strong women and you have a strong voice- very inspiring! Love Professor B xxx

  10. Bravo, izdiher, for posting a very difficult and sensitive subject.

  11. I agree that those men who commit rape and harassment are somehow mentally disturbed and women's clothing has nothing to do with it.

  12. Your so right is always on the mind set of every person..yes woman wearing minimal clothing do attract men and even media it is full of sex related movies..rape scenes BUT it will always depend on a persons motive.In the end even if how strong these influences are..Our Choices in life are always followed..nice post rock girl ;)

  13. Rape is more about control/violence than it is about sex and has very little to do with the amount of skin a woman chooses to cover or display with her attire.

    The mentality of a woman 'asking for it' should be abandoned from our train of thoughts. A very lame, pathetic excuse that should NEVER be an issue in dealing with the crime of rape.

    Very important topic, indeed, Izdiher :)

  14. when a guy says so about a girl i tend to think "it's a male-dominated world" not just a country or a region..

    if she said NO then she definitely did not ask for it.. plain and simple. but unfortunately it is a male dominated world and that is why women must learn how to speak up and to defend themselves from such abusive mentally disturbed men.

    I would love to see a women kicks a harassing mans A**! :) that would be a scene!!

  15. This is a powerful post, many different comments you are receiving. I would never say a woman is asking for 'rape'. A woman may wear clothes that will mean she is receiving more attention from men, but the man himself has to be already some kind of sick man to do this. You are brave to bring up such a powerful subject, Karima.

  16. I can't believe the attitudes of people these days. blaming women for "dressing inappropriately", it should be blaming men for not behaving appropriately. it's not like a women goes up to random guys and goes "come on harass me". no one asks for it and definitely no one deserves it

  17. Scientist s believes that the part of brain that governs the visual senses generates more neural activity in guys than in girls.

    They are Men the forgiven specie of mankind

  18. i think is is a great topic to talk about. and i do agree with you sometimes it has nothing to do what the lady is wearing but the man unthoughtful thinking. Ermmm I hate how women in the ads and magazines and all sort of places are viewed as mare objects so do men really at fault? hard to answer..
    thanks for this amazing post hun

  19. I am so sick of hearing this - all the time the blame is on the women. They are the main victims and never considered as such - Pretty intolerable I think.
    The problem goes down to lack of respect. Some men definitely don't know what respect means, and this whatever clothes you are wearing.

  20. It is so true that the dressing of the woman isnt the cause.

  21. I totally agree with Wafa' opinion
    they are sick

  22. What a woman is wearing should never be the excuse for rape, which is a crime of aggression and power. There are some twisted people out there, though, who will try to hide behind that.

  23. I dont think that the way a female dresses has anything to do with harassment. I mean girls in abbaya are harassed too. What do u say about that???

    Once, a saw a girl dressed in a decent shalwar kameez and trust me it was decent, very decent indeed walking down the pavement and she was covered from head to toe in this black chadar and then a man probably in his late forties or early fifties walked by her and the way he looked at her OMG it was so f*****g embarrassing and then to add a cherry on the top he said Mashallah in such a loud and obnoxious way that I all I wanted was to slap him so hard on his freaky face that his whole jaw would fall out.

  24. I definitely agree. No matter what a woman is or isn't wearing doesn't mean that its ever okay to harass her.

  25. Hi Izdiher! This is a powerful distress call to educate men worldwide about their attitudes towards women. It is not only in your country that this is a problem. Rape is very prevalent in SA, too and has absolutely nothing to do with how a woman dresses. It is a violent crime perpetrated against women as old as 80 and babies as young as one year of age! It's so good that you elect to speak out about these things.

  26. Great post, thanks for sharing with us!

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  28. Dear Izdiher,
    I don't believe women's dresses have nothing to do with raping. When a man sees a woman in a revealing dress, he gets excited. And then all he wants is a woman, and when he is not able to get the woman in revealing clothes, he goes for any woman he can get. That's how woman who dress decently become targets of theses wicked and cruel men. But its not always a woman's false. I would say, some these raping cases would decrease if all the women decide to dress modestly (which is of course impossible in this world).

  29. I agree with ( About Aisha ) too
    and make us to what you and Wafa' said, and maybe others they are sick.

  30. There are good and bad in both sexes. Women rape a man's money.

    Men rape a woman's body.

    Both are stealing resources.
    Both leave scars and a bitter soul.

  31. I agree with the comment above mine but the main thing is that people are getting fearless about the punish they would get

    By the way I liked your blog and is following it
    You can follow me too if You want

  32. I agree with you completely. Research in Egypt showed (as far as I remember) that about 80% of Egyptian women and about 98% of foreign women had been harassed in the previous year. Of the Egyptian women, about 70% of those who had been harassed, had been wearing hijab at the time (, so clearly, the harassment has NOTHING to do with hijab or how you dress.

    Oh yeah, and sadly enough, the one time I got sexually harassed, here in Denmark, it was by a group of young Muslim guys, I was wearing high heels, but jeans and a long coat which covered my behind, and they had only seen me from behind, when they yelled that I was wearing "f**k-me-shoes".

  33. No woman ever asks to be raped. She could walk naked down the middle of the main street of her town , but she is not asking to be raped. Rape is an issue of anger and control . Men who fear women rape them.