Friday, November 18, 2011

Crazy Posh !

Just wondering is this normal/real  ?

Man, she is ridiculously skinny. Heaven knows her secret . Either she takes pills or have an anorexic. Some thing is cooking.Gave birth to a baby gal in July ,name Harper .Baby is healthy .She is back in shape after her pregnancy.I know  gaining  weight at this time is pretty normal thing ,but  look at her now ! There is  no  trace of any  extra pregnancy gained weight .All vanished . She even did not gain much while she was pregnant.

She showed up at the Women's Wear Daily Apparel & Retail summit in NYC.No one was excepting her to be that skinny .Posh is crazy !

My cousin , gave birth to  a baby boy  in May .She is still struggling.She is breast feeding as well.Only thing in her mind is Posh post baby pics. I ain't saying Posh is a  role model .But there are lots of women out there like my cousin who wants to get back in shape to their pre baby weight .

I reckon don't give fuck about it. You are bless with a baby . Enjoy being with that little one .The weight will eventually come off.

Keep doing exercise like walking,  breastfeeding, balance diet,and patience. Nothing would happen over night.

P/s : I love David Backham .

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  1. Yes she's very thin but I think maybe it's her "structure" not to gain weight easily.
    However all celebrities have nutrionists, fitness teachers etc.
    Congrats to your cousin for her baby!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. I have seen some women very slim and fit after giving depends of your body really.
    A baby is a blessing, and I think we should enjoy the time we have with them........and continue to exercise (I see lots of young mummy going for a run and pushing their buggies at the same time!!!)
    Happy Week-end Izdiher and Congratulations to your cousin and her husband!!!

  3. I agree with Starshiny, alot of people don't gain weight easily, but you know what, you never know with these people, they could be living off pills and botox. No one knows.
    Its good being normal and unless you don't encounter weighing issues, its no fun ;)

  4. Awe, her baby is soooo cute!!!

  5. Naturally thin or not, many women have babies, wake up every 2 hours to feed, do tons of housework, barely have time to go to change their clothes, much less make it to the gym, and go back to work weeks later.

    She is in show business, so it`s expected.
    She loves her kids, that`s great, but as a role way.

  6. god that is scary!
    i can't believe what
    celebrities do now a days
    So unhealthy! but as we all
    know .. it's the media that
    pressures them to always look
    like the skinny role models

    this sucks :/

    *___000000000000000 XoXo
    *_____00000000000 Melina

  7. i loooove victoria :) and i love you sister :) muaaaks

  8. Yeah it is a little crazy but you've got to admire her for it. It takes a lot of hard work to lose weight. And it could just be in her genes. I know plenty of people who after having a few babies have never ever gained weight. She just might be one of those lucky ones.

  9. i just have to think that she is one of the lucky few that is just naturally skinny. but her little baby harper is just the cutest!!!
    xo TJ

  10. I was a 9 pound baby (you'd never know by looking at me now :p) and my mother was/is a thin woman. The weight gain on her was mostly ME :D

    However, I am opposed to the message that celebrities send to the public, in terms of being too thin. Many of them look unhealthy and go overboard on the weight loss issue.

    Love the baby pics! Have a great weekend :)

  11. Well i don't think she's as crazy.. just because she has the prefect body now! i seriously adore it. I mean i don't have any babies and im not slim i envy her. I think she has a strong motivation in her life because her husband is an athlete and she has the pressure to be prefect. I don't blame her! her husband has fans world wide and girls are throwing themselves at him. she's also a fashion Icon so all this states she has to be fit to keep her life balanced.

  12. Yay! Congratulations to your cousin! :)

    Awts.. i think breast feeding helps in weight loss after giving birth. But honestly.. losing weight shouldn't be top priority. The moms should think about the baby first.. Take care of the baby! The weight will eventually shed off.

  13. Congrats to your cousin! I think the problem with celebs is they really feel the pressure to lose weight fast as they are always in the spotlight. That combined with a super hardcore work ethic and probably good genes makes for a speedy weight loss journey!

  14. yes she is so thin for me..because they say it is plus 10 pounds when seen on camera and on a t.v. screen..celebrities do have the pressure of being sexy..but not so thin..I lost a lot of pounds after 3 years because I had CS twice..

    your right sis returning to your desired weight will just a mom our baby will always be our priority..I did have a balanced diet so I am now back to having a 26 waist line hehehe..passing by sis..stay pretty..and smile ;)

  15. She is a known anorexic > just feel so sorry 4 her if 4 beautiful children and a gorgeous husband isn't enough for her. She has her own business and had several carers and still she doesn't feel fulfilled or happy inside.Sad. As we say here in Libya , 1,000 congrats on the new baby !!!! Girls are so wonderful !!!

  16. Some women are blessed to be in good shapes even after giving birth. May be the long hours of taking care of the baby is more than enough to get rid of that extra bulge.

  17. Hey! I think VB is blessed to be naturally skinny, we all know someon who just has a bump when they r preggerss, and don't gain much weight on the rest of their body- they are so lucky! Even is she did put on a bit of weight , I think the barrage of fitness isntructors, dieticians and nutritionist she can afford would have guided her thru a miraculous weight-loss programme- but my main theory is she that posh is blessed with good pregancy genes :-). have a nice day

  18. hahahahaha I definitely agree with Starshiny, a lot of people dont gain weight that easily and whether I like it or not I am one of them I mean no matter how much I eat I just cant seem to cross 46 kg :p Currently Im 40 kg :(

  19. hey thats a super interesting post.they'd do anything to maintain their body. exercise ,diet, supplements n what not.
    just joined u from ladybloggers

  20. Harper is so cute!! I don't know how she can walk in such high heels whilst holding a baby! It scares me!


  21. Thanks for following back.
    I like this blog you made about Posh.
    But I don't think she's that crazy, although I think she is too skinny.
    I'm new to the blogging thing.


  22. Great post love your blog!
    Thank's for your comment ^__^

  23. I always wonder if its real or not too!

    My cousin just had a baby too and is struggling but then again, she was on bedrest for a month. I think for some people they just go back to their normal weight(through breastfeeding and exercise) and others it's just too hard... and they might get a tummy tuck!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  24. Thank you for your comment on my blog :) and Very interesting topics on your blog. And ya, being skinny isn't everything. Even my cousin gave birth to a baby girl last year and now when i look at her, there is no way I could tell she had a baby. I guess it just depends on the genes. But if one is on the heavy side, better try losing weight gradually (with lots of patience!!) rather than obsessing with the issue.

  25. well... good for her ! :)
    i wish to be so skinny after giving a birth ! :)

  26. David Beckham ~swoooooooooooooning~

    Like you, I don't see her as a role model. I think it's really a bad idea for any female to see ANY female celebrity as a role model. Not only do most of us girls/women not have the means to attain what these celebrities have, but they're also mostly very unhealthy! If we're going to emulate someone, let's do it for the right reason, not for what they look like or how skinny they are. Let's take Angelina Jolie's example of caring for orphans, for instance, or donating to charities organizations (I'm not saying I know what her intentions for doing this are, but I think it's a good quality in her to be this generous, and this is what we should appreciate in her, not how beautiful/skinny she is).

    I love my body exactly the way it is. Even if I gained or lost weight, I'd love it just as much. We shouldn't let others tell us what is beautiful and what is ugly, because we're submitting to humans', mostly men's, desires and in the end, we end up hurting ourselves much more than being honest and true to ourselves.

    So, beautiful ladies, LOVE yourself! :) And encourage other females, especially those younger than you, to love their bodies and selves as well!