Friday, December 2, 2011

We let them do that .

There is no need to do investigation on NATO's   attacked on two military border posts in northwest Pakistan. It is so crystal clear  .And till now they have not gave any sound pretext .Saying it was a a mistake,Pakistan fire first than condemning  it , or   inviting  to cooperate in the investigation  is not enough . How could two hours deadly strikes by the NATO in another sovereign state be consider as "mistake " ?Either we are fool or NATO has  gone wild.

It was intentional  and  willful. We all know how evil NATO is. USA 's mentality ,propaganda and her defeat in Afghan war is not hidden  . She has just created a bitter world .Always poking into others  business.Consider Pakistan as her salve rather than strategic partner in her  concocted filthy  war against terror.But,problem here is not NATO or USA . 

All blame is on us. We let them do that .We showed our weakness .Not they . Whole world support them,and consider us terrorist . We have made our land play ground for them and  digging our  own graves.

As we all know ,this is not so first attack on Pakistan's sovereignty.That is why I am not that angry or shocked or surprised . It was inevitable. How could we forget raid for  OBLadin  ? No one can enter in your house without your permission .

Just suppose you want your boyfriend to visit you at night . Might your family don't know but you know . So same goes here  .May be our Army, intelligence and whole government doesn't know but Zardir  knows everything . USA does  drone attacks by permission. She have Air  bases  here .Their CIA men and spy roams around freely    ..bla bla.We  takes fund of zillion dollars. In nutshell, we bows down.Now facing  the music.

This time Pakistan might felt some shame and   took pretty serious and much mature  action  to boycott Bonn conference , to stop NATO supplies to Afghanistan and asking USA to evacuate  Shamsi  Air base,which should be done  long ago.

Usually Pakistan government is so trained to  ignore USA's abuses .They shout and scream.Do their politics on "Go America .Go".Government cooled down these opposition's outrage  by  accepting  an apology from USA and go back to taking her dollars.

President Zardai always  plays safe game no matter how many innocent peeps die but this time he is trapped with his allies. His policy is to ignore,but there is crisis after crisis and scandals after scandals. Non of them are wrong allegation. Everything happening  by the permission of Zardari and 24 Pakistani troops in a NATO attack is  supper serious a matter to be ignored .

Ex-ambassador to USA Hussain Haqqani's memo gate is already burning .And after that attack  lota protest is going on.It has outrages  all our support and hard work for the war against terror. Enraged  public .Government is facing strong criticism from both the  public and  politicians .Army is more than pissed off.

I strongly believe it is our fault !


  1. I am not getting the words - what should i say-

    yeah to some extent we are responsible for that.

  2. Assalam-alaikam,
    Its heartbreaking what is happening in Pakistan. I visited eight yers ago with my daughter and the country seemed to be going from strength to strength with neww infrastructure and everything available that you could need. I visited again two years ago in the midst of food, fuel and electricity shortages. A year later my uncle was kinapped and the growing lawlessness of the country was brought home. I have avlot of sympathy for Pakistan and the country is always in my duas, there is such a desperate need for change.

  3. oh. I have some friends in Pakistan too, I hope and pray everything would be better soon.

  4. Very sorry to hear this. Every country's government has two faces, they say to their people something and does something completely different on the whole. And the media is a politician's stage to broadcast what they want people to hear. We only get to hear and see all the destruction Pakistan govt is causing to other countries, but nobody stops and think what might be the situation for the people of that country. Keeping all the bitterness aside, my sympathy goes to Pakistan and hope that someday every country agrees to a permanent peace with her.

  5. Salama aleykum.

    Well, this is a sentiment shared globally(the Islamic world), but at least you guys have your own government good or bad. Us Somalis, we have a "government" elected by US, a parliament that gets it's salary by the UN, a sea patrolled by NATO,land filled with mines,a nut-jobs with guns that dictate our life and to top it, we the civilian people are so scared that whenever pigeons fly over our head we duck and wet our pants thinking it is a missile. So, all I say is "inshaalaah kheir and may Allah have mercy on us"

  6. I think to a very large extent, it really is out fault. But this is a result of some really bitter history involving Pakistan, Afghanistan, the U.S. (and a couple of other countries, like the British). Such history has really weakened and dis-empowered us, so much so that many of us feel like there's nothing we can do about the problem.

    Also, when a nation is not united, it's so, SO easy for it to be attacked and controlled and manipulated. Pakistan is one of the most disunited countries in the world. That's where our fault lies as well - if we would learn how to respect each other under one flag, we won't allow others to do to us what the U.S. does to us.

  7. Iz, you may not like what I say:

    Rather than spending (wasting) time on appointing blame for any of these Attacks, whether misunderstandings, miscalculations, or miss-, miss-, miss-, etc...I believe more time might be devoted in positive manner to realize the true blame is Pride, Greed, Fear, Resentment--the mob-mentality in ALL the world's countries.

    When the 'mob' rules, bad things occur. However, revolution DOES have its place, no doubt. In U.S. we have one every 4 years, usually without bloodshed.

    As one human, I sigh at powerless to construct change in people's minds. Seems like a "Golden Rule" would be helpful--IF everyone practiced it.

    One day everyone says, "God be with you" "And you also" ...and the next day one is a suicide bomber, killing needlessly innocent Peeps.

    When is the end? Only known by Allah!

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