Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In the name of democracy !

 Daughter of East.

27th December  is the  4th death anniversary of  our  first female ex-Prime Minster, Benazir Bhutto.....very powerful woman, from a powerful family, has been assassinated in the name of Democracy,on December 27th, 200, at same spot where our first PM Liaquat Ali Khan assassinated. After her we never saw such a charismatic and powerful woman. Her father was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto., also hanged to death when general Zia-ul-Haq take over in late seventies.Then she become leader of PPP(Pakistan People's Party).

From first prime mister Laiquat Ali Khan  to her we have seen so many assassination of politicians and deaths of innocent human.Yes, in the  name of democracy, as well as in war on terror and target killing.So yeah, we have bloody history of killing our own peeps. She wanted to be back just to rule. So who ever is supporting Imran Khan ___dream on. No politician can bring change here.I am not saying she was an angel or Imran Khan is a hope.Pakistan ain't a team of 11 players, neither running a country is a game of cricket.

 The system is actually corrupt. Who ever be in power will suck us. Democracy is not an answer to all social or economic problems. Good governess is what we needed. What happened when Musharraff  left the country 4 years ago? Her party,  PPP came in power, under the supervision of Zardari,who is her husband  . Things got more worst. Now Zardari is President. Do I need to say more? He becomes Mr.100% from Mr.10%. God loves this man!

Army  rules  better here. Peeps have much fear of law and order. They rule with iron fits which suites us. My vote for them. We have witness it, weather it was General Auyb Khan or General Pervaz Mushraff. Some were crack. But you can not denies  the fact that  General Musharaf performed way good. On the other hand, he gave soft face of Pakistan.to the world. Things were under his control. He was himself ain't a hard core-Hitler-type General. He gave  freedom to media and become victim of  it.

All the journalist who can not write or say a word in democratic time became tigers. They bitten the hand who feed them. His policy with American was in the favor of Pakistan. Introduced  local bodies system and made every one happy. If not every one.MQM, got some peace and serenity, but all politicians were not so happy . They were not getting fat chance to eat whole cake. Every politician wants to become Prime Mister or President. They are big elephants. Can not settle for less.

And these elephants can't work together for the national interest . We don't need to change faces but to change a system, which seems quite impossible. Musharraf should not left  that early. He should not be that soft. He could have done  a lot .....like banning all this phony political parties. It's my opinion becasue I want all political parties to be banned. I don't care what you reckon.  I grow up in uncertainty, political turmoil, bomb blast and unstable economic system, conservative society with corrupted politicians and their Jalsas (rally) .

So, I don't trust politics, neither do  I trust democratic system of Pakistan. May be it's a worthy system  and works wonders for other. But not here. This country is standing no where.There is state within state. One province Baluchistan is burning. Poverty is at it's peak. Inflation touching sky. Education system is death. Instead of progressing, we are going backward.Poor and middle class does not care what system is running,or  who who the hell is ruling. They want money in pocket  Food in stomach. Cloths on body and home to live in. Democracy gave us  nothing but pain in ass.


  1. Hello:

    Yes, it goes when it is imposed on a people from outside sources and isn't a natural development that grows out of the will of a people.

    Take care,

  2. Hi Izdiher! My country has been enjoying the democracy over years and I agree with your sentiments. Democracy cannot really solve all social problems. Unfortunately, democracy is being used as a means for corruption.

    Anyway, to somehow break this frustrating and harsh reality of life, I'd like to invite you to join my giveaway.

    Thanks :)

  3. I am sick with Democracy because it does not really mean what it should mean in the facts. It never goes without corruption and more power for the ones who already have it. It's like Democracy is working only for the ones who have money and power. The rest of us just have to do with what's left. It's not my conception of democracy, but I still have to live with it.
    Take care dear friend. xxx

  4. You are right sis and some government officials tend to brake their own imposed laws..sometimes a country needs to have a strict and determined leader.Same here and I guess all countries have this problem.Politics grrrr..sometimes I don't like even to watch the news huh..same story of politicians everywhere though ok not all maybe some can still be trusted hehehe!

  5. I don't trust democracy the way it is today and politicians either.
    It's so sad that the world is such a mess and there are so many people who suffer.
    I wished that things get better but as the years pass I think that things get worse worldwide.
    it's bad but it's true. (sorry for my pessimistic text)

  6. Wow, she must've been a great leader...
    Our countries may be different but when democracy came to our way, the economy of the Philippines went down...
    We used to be in the top 10 among the richest countries in the world, but when democracy came in, we went...brooooooot... down the toilet...
    But of course I don't really know what happened then coz I wasn't born yet...
    But I feel you sister...


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  8. Ifrah! Believe this, or not. However my country U.S. is more or less in the same boat. You described it better than any I have heard or read so far:

    "We don't need to change faces but to change a system.Its my opinion"...I say, "Ameen"!

    I have become most respectful of your political opinions, and the succinct method you present them. Thank you,

    Please continue to write much, and often.

  9. I was so sad when she was murdered. She had such charisma. You're right- no politician is perfect or an angel, but I would have loved to have seen what she could have accomplished.

  10. I admired her very much and wish she was still with us. She was such a beuatiful person in every way.