Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Talking out loud.

 + Small poll.

I am pretty much  sure that you must  be  having awesome   time.You  still be  in festive spirit. And why not ?  After all it was a festive week and we still have holidays. And within a couple of days new year is  coming,which means more fun, more parties. Can you really believe that new year  is coming. I mean, 2012 is coming, boy. 2012! This year flew so freakinly fast. I be 26. Oh My God ! I be over the hill.

Whatever! Today, I am not gonna blog about my age. There are lot more I wanted to blog ......yeah personal. In this two-week holiday I decided  I would blog randomly, everyday, anything, which would kicked in me spontaneously. All day I do nothing  much great. But I forgot  it's my siblings holidays too. Everything will  commence from 3rd Jan. So they  are all at home, all the time, except my papa. While typing this, I also double checked marks with my mother, who is also a teacher. Right now they are in my room.. Ami_my mother and  Fa_my sis, and talking out  loud something bakwas!

Papa is angry with  Ai. They are in lounge also arguing something about coming late. Yeah, I can hear that too! He is growing up. Father -son drama. He has told him not to drive after 10 pm  and atm it is around 11:00 PM, something. He came after curfew time. He is never angry with we gals.  but not getting  well along with Ai--my bro.

We do talk almost everything with him freely. He is not very typical father. Get boils at Ai because he gets on his nerves. Some times, he is totally againsts our ideas, which are apparently not easy for a Pakistani father to accept, but still for our happiness he  puts up with them. He gives us freedom to say anything. So, all my life I never have had any issue in telling him about anything. I know my boundary pretty much. I talk a lot and want to document them. I am talking almost everywhere, with everyone. In buses, in park, in chat rooms......with random strangers, shop keepers, auto rickshaw driver,  for no reason! Most of my chats are  non-sense, total blah blah. But still I do !

I do talk but not loud, and everyone in my home does  talk loud. I just can't stand noise. It's a harmful  pollution, and so unhealthy. Peeps in my neighbor also talk loud. The family at my right hand consist of  a single mother with her two children.  Girl is under her thumb. She always yelling at his son. This is dilemma of a Pakistani family. Gals very obedient, and guys outta control.

The husband and wife  at 4th floor does yell at each other in morning. The man has lost his job. They take out all their frustration at their kids. Yesterday, around 10 am, his girl asked for a breakfast or something, wife said, "Go ans ask your loser father!'' S, an other neighbor told me that  they were not like that before. It' s because of their current job problem.

Well,  my family at a moment   is  not yelling but loud. Way loud ! Any one can easily assume they are having an issue. Our media is also very loud and fill with random politics who just yell at each other. Peep buys it, anyway. Pretty much every one is loud.

In the morning I went to uni for inquires. And quite happy with them.I might go for higher studies  not abroad but back to Uni. When I was  doing my graduation I wanted to do my masters from abroad but not any  more. I am happy where I am.

In the end, I am gonna do a small poll. As we know a lot happened in 2011. But which  news story of 2011 effected or attracted you  most.


Or if there are other, add it freely. Local, internationally .......anything. You must be wondering, where this "news" came outta sudden. Well, you can not take away politics from Pakistani. We do politic everywhere. It is our general character. Every one is politicians in its own way. Seriously, I don't know what to write today.

Did you check, I added glitter text of new year wishes.  So in love with glitz and sparks. They are shining , boy. Super cute. If you want any other text for your blog  just click it. It will take you to its website. Get your own glitter text in jiff.



  1. The Japan Distaster. This is a poisoning of the Earth and of us and Politics will not fix this one.


  2. For sure the Japan Disaster, I have one of my best friends living in Tokio so no need to explain why!

  3. I have followed the Japan Disaster day after day. I have to say I did follow as well the Arab Spring, as my husband is Egyptian but in it I could see a glimpse of hope I could find nowhere in the tragedy that affected Japan.

  4. I was stucked watching t.v. when the tsunami hit Japan sis. I was in tears because many people there where Filipinos asking for help even through phone..I was also praying and I can't help but cry seeing those little kids being separated from their fathers just to be sure of their safety.

    may this coming new year bring us peace and glitters in our hearts like your glitter graphics sis hehehe..

    Happy new year ;)

  5. I talk a lot too but with strangers not so much.
    Unfortunately I speak loud and it's quite difficult to change that cause it's in my nature I think!
    Nice glittery test!
    many kisses to you Izdiher and good start with your new studies!
    Miss Starshiny

  6. Greetings from Southern California

    Japan Disaster & other major earthquakes around the world.

    I am your Newest Follower

    Happy New Year! :-)

  7. from my point of view the death of Bin Laden. I think that in few year we will notice. :(

  8. Wow, it has indeed been an eventful year. The tragedy for Japan was so heart breaking. The death of Osama was - well, a little anticlimactic. The Arab Spring was inspiring, esp. in Egypt, because it was such a groundswell of people wanting freedom. What the long term result will be remains to be seen.
    I like to talk too, although I have a very soft voice and often people don't even realize I'm talking to them! I don't like loud voices either. I like blogging because the volume is just right!

  9. Ohh I am guilty! My husband always tells me I talk too loud! It is just my nature I guess, I want to be heard. I do have to make an effort when talking about something we disagree with to try not to raise my voice but it is hard haha. He never raises his voice - if he is upset with me he just walks away from me until we have both calmed down.

  10. Thankyou for ur comment :) ur from karachi!which part???

  11. Japan Tripled Disaster made us or a lot of people in tears,. Seeing those who really got affected will make your heart tearing apart.

    About the glitter text, that was so great ! Love to see that and try it too.. Thanks for sharing! :) Happy New Year! :)

  12. Following you back love the post today

    Thanks for sharing


  13. Obsessed with your header hun! Beautiful. Great blog here! Thanks so much for the visit and the sweet comment :)

    Couture Caddy

  14. Beautiful Pictures in your header and foot. I love the way you sincerely and eloquently express your thoughts here my friend. ~Jim~

  15. Arab Spring for me, as most important scene I have witnessed this year. Japan Tsunami(s) also. But Japan as a country, will bounce back, and mourn annually for their dead.

    Arab Spring, begun officially in Dec 2010 is ongoing, devastating to stability of the world's countries, and nobody has a notion of the final outcome.

    Actually, I believe anytime anybody is hurt, physically or mentally, it affects all others. Are we not all One with this Universe, a seed in the ground, or undiscovered galaxies. (Maybe that is why we can cry when we see another in great distress?)

    Thank you, "Over-The-Hill" Peep!

  16. The Pink Sparkling New Year banner on your blog is so pretty.
    Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving a comment.
    I wish you a very Happy New Year!!

    glow ;-)

  17. Hey.. your blog is as nice as your name! I liked them both! :)

    Following you! Would love to read more posts! Take care!

  18. PS What attracted me the most was Japan's Triple Disaster! Truly sad!

  19. Japans Disaster was the most shocking to me. It made me really sad for them and worried of what'll happen :( Great post. Wonderful end of the year :)

  20. Happy New Year my dearest! Stay healthy and so beautiful in your souls as you are! Greetings from Austria.

  21. Sorry, in your soul as you are! Typing misstake! Hugs.

  22. for me, it would have to be japan. so many people died, and are going to die from radiation. and those who have survived will always carry the terror and sadness from losing loved ones around them :l

  23. My heart goes out to those affected by tsunami. Really heart-breaking seeing the disaster and the victims young and old - men,women, children.

  24. What a beautiful pic of Japanese Cherry Blossoms you have on your blog Izdiher :) its really pretty and a very beautiful name u have "Izdiher"... very unique isn't it? what does it mean?

    by the way loved reading your posts which are are so heart felt and full of emotion... got to know a lot about Pakistani society as well :) unlike what we see in movies :) nice to know you :) do u check out my blog at
    and yeah.. happy new year :)

  25. i think the arab spring has attracted me the most . when the people rose against brutal dictators , it was such a beautiful sight . they are so courageous mashallah!

  26. the Japanese tsunami make me so fear from God power or God punishment.
    seeing a hole country moving and crushed, this is definitely a message of God. as for the Arabs spring this is a must for a dictatorial rule and i'm so glad that i'm a part of it as an Egyptian, by the way i do talk to every one like u exactly even if it is a blah blah blah.