Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I might be wrong.

In my last post I discussed very controversial topic  people avoids discussing :immigration and race.People  love talking goody goody with goody goody good people.No sweat .I write that post because some thing awfully  bad provoked me .And then I really don't  know what bugged me to defend whites.I am not even white .Dammit .
I have read all our comments and do agree with them but  I am bitter and mad  angry and went so far.  Anyway,I never claim my self to be very good, upright righteous person . But I have noticed  goody good people are more loved then those who speak out their hearts. So yeah I am horrible in nutshell Actually most of the time I am victim of righteous standards .And its hurt

And I also  can't . buy racist humor.easily no matter how funny ,cute or innocent that is and especially it is some someone who protests her/his self very religious and righteous.It missed me to max.I  never feel comfortable  with racist jokes  I don't know why.You can not generalize whole race just cause you met few stupid.

And why the by no one is stupid  and dumb in this world.  Every one is quite smart in his/her own way.

Anyone can immigrate or migrate to anywhere in this world when he/she  could not find good job, good education  or for  whatever  in his own land.Million of  people does that every year .Some  prefer to study abroad and stay there after sham or real marriage ......whatever.I know many Pak man who did that. Again no harm .It is their choice and decision. I am also not suggesting  to forget your roots either .It is impossible. You can never forget where  you are coming from.

All I feel so sad when very righteous, religious , educated, rich and hard working peeps leaft  Pakistan when we needed them most .It makes me mad angry .They can do any type of odd work over there but  they will  feel shame doing it over here.

That is it for today.I might be 99.9% wrong ...who knows?


  1. Heya =)
    I don't like racism jokes either.

  2. You are a good person with passionate beliefs. Don't let other people make you change who you are. Racism stinks, no matter who it comes from or who it's about. You're totally right.

  3. I agree with you, i don't like racism jokes too. I'm not happy hearing it, in fact I don't get what does this person really pointing out with his/her jokes. Blessed day !:)

  4. Dear Iz,

    I truly admire your courage to speak your mind, especially on controversial subjects. I just read your previous post after reading this one and I totally agree with you and the message you are promoting!

    I live in the U.S. and many times wish I could say the same thing to those who want to reap the benefits of living here but complain about all the things they don't like. There is a saying, "If you don't like it here, then go back to where you came from". It seems to me that people want to have it all and you can't have it all. Choose one or the other. So, I do applaud you for that!

    The thing that bothers me the most about people immigrating to other countries lies in the fact that they want to come to places where they can be more prosperous financially BUT they also want to bring the culture of their country with them and don't remember that wise phrase of "When in Rome . . . "

    You are correct in saying that different cultures mean just that! Different lifestyles, beliefs, etc., and someone coming from another country should not expect for those things to change nor should they complain about them.

    I am not a racist person so I don't appreciate racist jokes either. My parents immigrated to the United States when I was a child, so I do understand this situation and the modifications that need to be made.

    As for 'bashing Americans', I'm glad you brought up the "hypocrite" sentence. Thumbs up!

    Don't stop being YOU, Iz! We love you :) *hugs*

  5. I feel bad for calling myself "Good Youngman Brown."

    Perhaps I will either take away the "good" or add "goody goody good," so as to emphasize the point that I am not necessarily good.

  6. I highly agree to what you say about goody good people being loved more than the ones who SPEAK their minds.

    Its upto us, Izdiher. To be the latter or anyone else.

    Don't take over much load. Things'll fall at place if your mind is stable! :)

  7. hello sis Izdiher..I just saw your previous post..we are all entitled to our own opinions and we have our own reasons why we made such post on our sites..if someone will also say a joke degrading our nationality I will also get angered so I do understand where you are coming from..all of us can be frank and it is our right..sometimes we maybe caught blurting as a cause of our sudden out burst of emotions but at the end of the day all of us are still one is perfect..*hugs* ;)

  8. I can never get myself to laugh at racist jokes either :/
    And you bring up a really good point there at the end, I'm not sure if I agree with you or not though.

  9. i hear a lot of rascist jokes, and it doesn't make me happy really. but it only tells about people who make them.
    and a lot of people left my country in search for better opportunities, and i don't really blame them because they are too smart, too hard working to stay somewhere where there is over 30 000 unemployed people.
    but maybe there are some other reasons in your country.
    I have a giveaway on my blog and I'd like you to enter it!
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  10. Only Allah(God) knows truth. Thanx your post

  11. i hate racism, unfortunately it is everywhere, judgment is present, and people jump into that before making the time to first meet the person and see how she/he really is ...

  12. And they call themselves "educated". Its a disrespect to the term education on its own. :) Allah apne saamne aisi nainsaafi na dekhengae, na manzoori dengae, they'll all bear the brunt of their action sooner or later. Take care <3

  13. Don't feel bad about your post. This is your blog. For your opinions. And you shouldn't ever feel bad about posting them.

  14. Racist comments are problematic for me too, because they're just that racist. They perpetuate stereotypes and celebrate ignorance.

  15. Izdiher, I am Caucasian, only become white (as a ghost!) if I am suddenly frightened--traumatized.

    OK. I live in US and have been many many places here. I am thoroughly convinced that racism is much more a popular topic in Pakistan than in United States.

    In U.S. a Peep may be 99.9% wrong, but the whole country will be there to defend their right to "be wrong" and yet live in freedom.

    Some of my friends are black, and actually all shades of colors, none pure white HAHAHAHA!

    I believe before I could write decisively and honestly about prejudice or persecution in another country, I would have to go there, and experience, talk to someone who lives there--be open-minded, willing to realize that Peeps the world over have the same basic interests, desires, wishes to be happy, joyous and free.

    Izdiher Jan--this certainly IS your blog, and you certainly DO have the right to publish what you wish...and I respect your thoughts, at least they ARE yours, not dictated by another.

    Until next time,

  16. Hello there, enjoyed reading your blog - even about the one where you dont like bathing in winter! Cant blame you there dear - we have hot water and still I dont like it either!
    And I hate racists or racists jokes! They are just a blot on our earth.