Thursday, January 19, 2012


Life is one boring bitch or it is just me who is bored to death ?

Some freaks have closed Big Bite for no reason so I have to stay at home today

How  do you peeps  kill boredom  with ?

AK-47 ?
Hand Grenade ?

Take me out!

I have to re check  posters I made for class  about explaining concepts :Big - small , tall - short , full - empty , thin- thick but would not do it now .I wanna blog.

HBO  is telecasting so boring movies which I have seen some million times. Ask me any dialogue from Rockey I.II.II or VI. Yes ....This is what they are telecasting  these days , and also Final Destination.I,II.and III.All three sequels are almost same with same boring  plots and with no story line.Whole lotta death and after watching all three sequels  again and again death is  looking way  boring to me.

The whole week has  passed in peace.Only thing which rocked my boat was  electricity timings which  has  been changed once again .The last one was quite suitable for me  Now, it don't  sets me off much .I have accepted this fact but please this does not mean you make me crazy by  changing it again and again___hear me, KESC?It's so crazy to put up with you and your bloody time changing drama.

 It is getting way cold ,windy and boring . Last night I asked Ammi  to cook Parhata for me around 11:30 PM while I was checking test papers .However, cooking Parahta  at 11:30 PM is  lot of work and she was in no mood of going in to kitchen .It needs a flour to make Parhata  as well which was at that moment has been maxed out. So  Mom and I  decided  to have some soup from out side.

Our area grocery shop owner   has started   a chicken  soup stall  Sorta  side business. We wanted to give it a try so we headed there .There were not much  peeps around at that hour  but still there were few Mostly bike riders who were going back home and on their way wanted some thing hot .It was so hot.We bought two bowls for my siblings

I saw one creep-O having soup at that time . He was pierced with  some Jap type hair style.. Ain't  working, babe.Lot of kids these  days want that Emo-Jap -some layer typed hair cuts. I don't know what does it  really called .

Usually winter stays here for not more than two months .I ain't much fan of it .My allergies were about to be back Never the less  I nipped them in bud with  use of Vaseline and ponds moister in excess   Thank God we are  heading toward February .Spring would be here soon.I missed sun so badly .

Today after work I come back straight to home. No whoring around.Ammi cooked prawns and veggie rice Now  she  and my sis  are leaving   for shopping .They asked me to go with them but I have check more test papers. Exams has been stated in school.It is so cruel. Why tiny miny have to study ?

 I can give then 100 outta 100 at any cost.

Finally I'm using  the updated Blogger interface after lots of no no. At first white color was creeping   me out .It is most boring color in entire world ____WHIT.It is not even a color .White is actually starting  of every color on the contrary  black  is extreme  of any color.Both are no colors.I am kinda lots in this milky white world. Where to see here bloggers updates and etc, etc,

How many of you are  using updated Blogger interface ?


  1. I have been using the new template for about 3 months, it's good you only have to get used to it.
    This period I can't be bored because I'm so busy with university.
    Miss Starshiny

  2. hahahaha this post cracked me up!

    :) you should try watching
    some series that i like
    maybe you'll enjoy them

    Pretty Little Liars
    The Lying Game

    Melina ♥

  3. I am getting use to this new interface as well, not so pleasant I agree!

  4. Don't know if you receive "Criminal Minds" on TV? GREAT show. One of the three I watch! (plus news!) I believe HBO is a lot more updated in their movie showings, in US. I do not subscribe--it costs
    M O N E Y H O N E Y HAHAHA! I wish to gloat a bit here: We have 94 channels on TV...and Power never goes out.

    Your post had so much to say--many topics--so I may respond another time. Do you allow "Double Dipping"?

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I am using the updated blogger interface.

    I don't believe that something bad would happen during Friday the 13th or when a black cat cross your way.

    You're a teacher? Me too! Yay!

  6. Hi, :) Black or white cat, or even blonde cat! I think they have nothing to do with bad or good luck we've met! I'm still using old interface at blogger,:) Blessed day! :)

  7. Great to hear from you again, Izdiher. I was getting worried when I didn't see anything from you for a few days.

    I'm using the new interface. You can always change the background color, click "customize" and then click "background" and change it from there or even upload your own background or get from thecutestblogontheblock or shabbyblogs some nice, free background templates. Dana has also designed some nice background templates and which Marie used one of them.

    Take care. Smile!

  8. I kind of want to advice you to go to the movies and watch MI4: Ghost Protocol. But since you've been dreaded with movies the whole week, why don't you try something physical. Like exercise... Oooh, Oooh, bowling maybe. Or photography. Go for a walk with your dog. Or the neighbor's dog if you don't have one. Ha! I was the one who felt your boredom, girl. Now I'm also thinking of what to do today instead of just sitting on the sofa watching TV all day. And yup, I agree, HBO has turned into a boredom marathon.


  9. Looks like you are in a serious rut. I hope your day flips over and you find something to do. Boredom sucks.

    Mary from ♥ ♥

  10. I can relate myself to dis post well. Even I am bored of this routine work and home. Need a change desperately. :(

  11. I am not using upgraded interface, old one is better for me

  12. Hey. :D

    How come I never ever came across this wonderful blog. (even though u checked my blog and even commented on it.) or u have changed the layout so im just confused. :/

    anyway I can tell you loads of stuff to do when you are bored.

    1) eat chocolates. :D
    2) surf random stuff on internet.
    3) call your best friend. :D
    4) check out other blogs. ;)
    5) Go to shopping. :)
    6) Go for a long drive and relax by the beach. :)
    7) Have a cup of coffee. :D
    8) eat something delicious. ;)
    9) Buy packets of your fav chips and bisc.
    10) watch your fav movie :D

    There you have it. ;)

    and you are right about the black cat thingie. its that they don't have any reason for it so they blabber whatever comes in their mind. I find it really lame.

    and even though im not a movie freak, i have watched final destination. :D but just once!

    and DRAMA THING - thats what i face too. so i have stopped (literally!) watching dramas on Tv and I prefer youtubing it so yay me. why don't u try it? coz its hard to catch up with the kesc and the drama timings :p :/

    plus I am allergic to winters too. not that i hate it or anything, i just feel so down all the time. so im waiting for summers deliriously! :D

    and when i used to teach in a school, i used to give my students lots of break so that they can enjoy. i really hate to see little people studying so hard!

    anyway I hope I am not freaking you out coz of this long comment. I just have loads of stories to share. :D

    Hit my blog and check it out :D

  13. oh yeah one thing more - i was allergic to white color as well. thats why always decorated my blog with dark colors.
    but these days i have started loving white and actually added an awesome touch of white to my blog. :D

    why don't u check it out? ;)

  14. Hey bud, try watching series. There are many good ones on Zcafe. They're easy going and maybe that's why they make one feel easy and burdenless. MY experience. :P But you can give it a try!

    Recommending to watch Make It or Break It. :)

  15. Interesting post :) The new Blogger interface is alright, getting use to it slowly but surely! Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Dear Izdiher ~~ Thank you so much for your welcome back and other messages, I appreciate them all and am glad to be home after 6 weeks. I am still very weak and can only walk with my frame. So have to be careful.
    Thank you my friend for your messages and I hope to get stronger very soon and get back to my blog. Take care, Love, Merle.

  17. it's so frustrating when we're bored. And nothing comes to the mind!
    I still haven't switched to the updated interface :P
    And yes, black cats with the green eyes are sexy :D

  18. funny! Sometimes I'm bored to death. Later, I'd realize that I do unnecessary things like walking from the front door to the back , to and fro...till I lose counts. I think that explains boredom.

    Your posts are always interesting and sometimes funny. Loved it! :)

  19. I've been putting off trying out the new interface, but I should probably do it soon.

  20. I thought I was the only one suffering from the disease of BOREDOM but I was wrong. We both have nothing to do so lets shake hands and find the solution for it.

  21. hahahahahaha welcome to the club gal, I am bored to death!!!! Don't even feel like watching a movie :/

    I love to eat out though so probably I'm gonna eat my friend's head till he treats me with a yummy mc donalds burger :p

  22. I kill boredom with books. It works great for me. :)

  23. I wish I would have time to get bored!!!! But if I were you I would use that time to spend it in myself. You know, for your hobbies, your family, your friends, and your blog, of course!! =)

  24. This is a very funny post, Izdiher. Thanks for five minutes of amusement!

  25. :)) teh boredom part was funny,,,,i go for a run whenever i am bored...put my headphones on upbeat music and run for as long as i can :))...or i get a glass of wine:))

    have a great weekend!!!!!!!!


  26. NCIS on Fox could somehow kill my boredom. it's hillarious! :)

    Anyway I haven't tried the updated blogger till now, sis..

  27. Hey girl.. Im not enjoying winter either can't wait till its over although Jeddah isn't that cold, its cold enough for me.

    I havent tried the new interface as I also hate the white background, feels like you lose all personality, but if you can upload your custom templates i might give it a go

    What do do whne bored...
    Like everyone suggested you can try watching series just download them and watch them at your convenience:
    i suggest
    Downton Abbey
    Gossip Girl
    Vampire Diaries
    I've done a few revies so you could check them out to get an idea if you would wanna watch the show or not

    How I Met Your Mother
    The Big Bang Theory

    you could also read, againthere are lots of free books online

    check out dailylit
    and project gutenberg

    Sufing some crazily creative DIY blogs which inspire you to undertake a project that suits you..I'm doing that at the moment ..

  28. Hello! Thank You very much for Your visit...Interesting blog...

  29. Hey, nice blog! :) I love the main image...and haha, yea superstitions are dumb! lol

  30. Do you have limited electricity days?

  31. Nice blog,nice design. But why are you complaining? Thank you for joining my blog.

  32. I'm using the new Blogger interface. I don't know what the old one is like though, since I joined rather recently.

    I love your attitude on superstition. That's EXACTLY why myths happened, because people were dumb enough to accept things without proper evidence.

    Following, btw!

  33. lol some days get you down but then the next day the sun shines and things look and feel much better.
    Blowing some sunshine your way :)

  34. Reading!
    It's the one think that keeps me occupied and I rarely find myself bored, perhaps lonely, but never bored. (: