Monday, February 13, 2012

All is well.

I wanna say thanks a billion once again in a proper way for all sincere wishes you people gave me on my Birthday .I ain't good in saying  thank you, etc etc .It juts hit me that I should say in a proper post long ago.Seriously I did not get time. Never mind, I love you. ;)you people mad my day .I told about that everyone in my home. I sometime  don't believe  people around the world makes me feel special . Prove is I still have 6 to 7 awards to forward and 3 tags to write .

For everyone's  kind information I turned 26 and feeling great .Yeah I know I'm getting over the hill ____it's a time to get serious about everything.There are so many stuff in this world I don't know,yet.So many dreams in my eyes which have not come true,yet .So many places I have not seen, yet .So many things to explore .So many secrets to revel.So many books to read. So many feels to feel.So many songs to sing .So many dance to dance .So many people to meet.So many things to write .......So many.

Lot more to learn.Definitely,lot more would be in the store for me.And sometimes, I  reckon my life has not started yet .Still  living in my own bubble. I am nothing yet.

Moreover ,all is  well. My bro left computer now and so I am here to blog  .My Sunday was also pretty well.I waked up around 9 after full good sleep.  Weather is too good. No more cold and chills.Rain was predicted but still no sign .Lets see .I am waiting for pouting.Rains, summer ,spring are my best love. Winter never been my favourite.

I was watching news about  how life have become frozen in Europe and in our up north as well .Few people died in Romania. Geez, no matter what my summer  is best. Do you know scientist literally lied O_O.You can see that there is no globe warming .With the passage of time summers are becoming  hotter and winters are  then before .Where is Global warming ?I reckon they did this for fund .

Valentine  day is day after tomorrow  .Till now the Millennium  mall has been red washed  Dracula something .And normal KFC burger price has been raised. God bless V-day Nothing special in my mind at a moment .I have asked my best friend to be my valentine. He is happily married man, lol. But he is only good looking man sort of available. Just joking .He is an awesome best friend anyone could have ever asked for.

But few days ago I  really met one gorgeous man  ____who is also married.I can't explain in words how gorgeous he was.Sobs*

Why ,God? Why ?Why on this earth all good looking gorgeous man around me are married. I  would prefer to jump from the Habbib Bank building rather to be with a taken man.Sorta deal breaker.

OK,I gotta go now .Just came to  say Thank you, and Happy Valentine day ;).


  1. Oh how I wish I was 26,
    you are lucky you have your whole life in front of you and I am sure that the right man will come along soon and he will be very very handsome!

    Wishing you a belated happy birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day.


    x Fiona

  2. Happy birthday and someday you will meet the right guy, trust me!

  3. Happy Birthday Izdiher!
    Wish you the best!
    This year hope you find the most good looking guy who is single and wants you!
    Miss Starshiny

  4. Many many happy returns of the day! ♫♪♫♪
    Love your resolve to rather jump off a building than lay your hands on a married man. *Commendable*
    Hope that your utmost wishes come true. Enjoy! :)

  5. Time will come for you dear......I know the waiting can be long but Mr Right is not far...........and I am sure he will be gorgeous too!]Stay well my wonderful friend. Much love

  6. Happy Birthday to you Izdiher! May all your wishes come true and I hope you find your Mr Right very soon. Twenty six seems like perfect for a fairy tale to happen:)

  7. Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember. I hope And, that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise. Be patient.... wait for the guy who finishes your sentences, loves you for you, will look into your eyes and say 'I love you' and mean it! Just be patient... maybe we are supposed to meet the wrong person before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.

  8. Hey, Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best and happiness in this world. :D

    And I have to laugh when you said that a lot of good men are married. Yeah it's true, only those who are good enter commitment and marriage. The rest are a lot to think about. LOL

    Have a great week!

  9. happy birth day my dear , you're really very nice person ,so eveyone loves you <3
    about the good looking guys i don't blame you AT ALL xD

    but i hate summer because her in the arabian gulf is soo hot and very moisture, i'm with team winter XD and i love rain soo much <3
    happy birthday to you and happy valantine day <3 i wish you meet your soul mate on V-DAY * crossing fingers *

  10. Happy Valentines to you too dear:) Even I am single dis Valentine but never mind.. Lets hope to have some special one with us next year:)

  11. he will come deserve to be with the right you sis and Happy Valentines day..

    just passing by..I'll be away for awhile..just to rest but I'll be back ;)

  12. loooool.. glad you had an amazing bithday and all is well with you..

    as for V day, well nothing special over here too :)

    lool @ at the married men you have :p

    you know what they say, men are like car parking, the good one are taken and all is the left is the handicup ones :p

  13. hello. thanks for visiting my blog. i believe you'll find a gorgeous man for you someday. have a great day. salam from Indonesia :)

  14. I love your second paragraph- makes me want to be 26 again! May this year of your life be the best yet!

  15. You are so beautiful!!!
    All your posts are nice and authentic!
    You are brave to share photos of you, I'm not feeling comfortable with that.
    I agree with you all new experiences are ahead!
    Miss Starshiny

  16. Love the sidebar photo!! Cute, cute! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!

  17. Hey, Friend--OOOPS! Ummm, Hello girl in Pakistan (that sounds better?) I am still laughing. You just turned 26, and you're getting "over-the-hill"? HAHA!

    Well, I'll be 79 in May, and not "Under-the-hill" yet! You got long life ahead. Keep these blog posts, and you will be able to laugh (and cry) with them in 50 years--grin!

    About Global Warming. Well, Earth has frozen solid, and warmed up again--I don't know how many--times, and long before there were any Peeps here. It did it all by itself. WE PEEPS will not end the earth, we may annihilate ourselves (with all our religious fighting, etc.). But Earth shall always win until Allah says, "ENOUGH!"

    These "Married men" of yours have me disturbed--grin! Babe...there ARE plenty 'beautiful' unmarried men out there. You got to go where they are! But be careful--most of them want only one thing from you which is only yours to give--yourself, and your everlasting trust, devotion, and love.

    I volunteer to be a Valentine for one who has none...but my wife gets the ROSES, ya know?

    Peace and JOY, my Friend,
    Izdiher Jan! <3

    خدا آپ کے ساتھ ہو

  18. Happy Valentines day to you too. 26, 62, 102, no matter what age we are it is a great gift to know there is always knowledge to found.

  19. Happy Valentine's day!! You're really pretty :) and it's true, all the good looking men around me are also married or taken haha

  20. Awwww... Thank you soo much for adding your pic Izdiher.. I had a great urge to see you:) Now I can imagine you while reading your posts:) U look gr8:)

  21. A Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Izdiher! Sorry I missed the party.

    I saw a very pretty girl at your sidebar! Very nice.

    Don't think so much. Enjoy your youth, being alive and many things you can do to have a great life.

    A long road lies before you. Enjoy the journey.

    Much love, Izdiher! *hugs*

  22. Happy Valentine day
    beautiful pic

  23. A Happy Belated Birthday to you- 26- you have many wonderful years ahead of you.

  24. Belated Happy Birthday, Izdiher!

  25. Belated !! :) passing by to greet!:)Wonderful time to you..:)

  26. Happy Belated Birthday My love..
    I'm sorry I was out of the country all this time, I'm back now :)

    Hope you had a wicked one and I wish all the best :)

    MiMi xx