Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February has started.

Ami will come late today because she is taking evenings classes as well. I am gonna rule this house. Cooked fried rice with achri gost for lunch and have had it with papa and F . Papa has taken F for her interview . A is about to be back in an hour.So I have this amount of time to blog something,to read my mails ,to reply them and also to read few of my favorite blogs.

I am also working on a post about Maya Khan .It is not ready yet.I will post it sooner or later.Yeah ,I know I am super late something,so what ? That is my blog .I can  give my two cent any time.At least my views are my own personal -might-be-wrong not some  brain washed -wanna be something  bla bla ,ahan .

That post  will  not be in favor of those horny teens.OK? I hate them .Why they get liberty to date in parks?Where were all these liberals in my teen?Oh,if you are gonna say time is changing then it is not my fault that I grew up in 90's.

Just say__ will you let your sibling /children or husband to date at school/collage/work hours in park ?It's just those teenagers revenge and she has been fired. There are so many other shows like that but no one ganged up against them.

Enough . May be I will not post post anything about them.I don't know.

Class test has been  over in school .I have  submitted all the checked papers. Now this month theme is healthy diet.I have already mapped out what I am gonna do for my assembly presentation.But Mrs S said burgers,Pepsi ,chocolate,fries  are all  junk foods .We have to encourage kids to eat more healthy  home made meal Hmm.I myself burger,fries,coke  lover .It is pretty confusing for me .

Burgers ,fries,pizza,cokes are very healthy .See they are made up of flours, cheese, meet ,and grease which are full with energy,protein,carbohydrates, calcium etc, etc ,everything good I mean to say. Eat and let other eat.More cheese,more better.French fries, spring rolls,fried fish..all fried stuff  .Their smell  is ridiculously gorgeous.  They makes me crazy!

I am gonna write a letter to world most  fast food brands to open their chain over here.  We have McDonald,Mr Burger,Pizza Hut,Subway and  KFC .This is not enough I want MORE.

Here I am  sitting  with my coffee .Hope it is not a junk stuff.

By the way,this is the first time I made some coffee and guess what it turned out perfect .OK you can say fine if not perfect.I used Nas cafe 3 in 1 sachet and made it with out coffee maker.Maybe it was something more closer to tea .I don't know.My intention was to make coffee and I followed all those steps mentioned in that Nas Cafe's  sachet. Like first I  put some coffee grounds,milk power and sugar  in a cup,scramble them for like pretty  five  minutes and then I  poured hot water through filter into cup.A  strong cup of coffee was ready.

Scrambling powered milk and sugar part was not mentioned.I added that  up because I do add milk in my  tea so I wanted that in my coffee too.That is why sheer chia is my best love.It has milk and cream.

I am  basically a tea drinker.It's something in my blood.First thing I do in the morning is to put a kettle on an oven and  make  cuppa tea .I can't function wholesome day  if I don't have one cup in morning .It's caffeine,nicotine _____whatever .I am  addict to it.So making Coffee wasn't my easy  for me.

Peeps here drink it in morning ,after meals,in evening,before going to bed...actually anytime a day.So ,hey it is not just me who is addict even I have reined in two cup a day:one in morning and one in evening,and  Quahva Tea  only when I eat lots of meat.

Today  is 1st February  and my birthday  is on  February 3rd and that  makes me   Aquarius which I am pretty much .Rebellion, cold, impractical, unemotional, aloof, temperamental, unpredictable, eccentric, fixed opinions.Despite all that I love my zodiac sign and it is just great .

I'm happy Aqua Woman...........Forever and Always .

Back days  when   I  haven't tapped in   to internet,I used to read  books on them, or in magazines and newspaper.In my school days, astrology   charmed  me way much .Everyone in class used to ask me  about their personality trait, according to their sign .We also compared our Zodiac  signs with our crushes. Checking compatibilities . It was so much fun . I loved digging  about my Zodiac sign.Not that Daily Horoscope .It is horror .Those things has never happened with me .Not even  coincidentally.I don't know about others,  but I like knowing about personality traits according to Zodiac sign .

Spring is coming . So damn happy. I will get tan and every boy will be drop deed.But the irony is that 14 February  is also coming  and I don't wanna spend this day like being  a loser(single).No, I will not spend this day with my friends,  mother or papa either .I have enough of their love.

How many of you are on same single boat with me?


  1. Happy early birthday- hope it is a merry one! I, too, share some of your confusion about what is healthy and what is not since sometimes what is on one list one day will be on the other list the following. Oh well-

  2. Funny... MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THE SAME DATE TOO!!! February 3rd!!!! Happy Birthday to us... :)

    I love my zodiac sign too..

  3. Owh.. I think you'd like to read @zodiacfacts twitter... mostly, personality..

  4. happy bday in advance...
    so lemme get this right... u have tea instead of blood flowing through u, rite? :P

    have fun on the 14th :D

  5. Can you tell me what achri goat is? Sounds interesting!

  6. Happy Birthday Izdiher. You are one year younger now lol

    Being single is not being a loser.
    It shows you to be a proud woman in control of her being who is looking for better things in her life.
    Education, job and later husband and family.
    Every young woman today should never lose her independence,because men will always be men and unpredictable
    Happy Birthday Sweetie.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love reading this post! Nice sharing, knowing your bday is on Feb.03, muaaahhh!! :) Advance happy bday sweety! I wish you all the best in life and the best coffee ever! LOL I love coffee much, especially when am infront of my pc and try to blog some..:) Same here Nescafe, popular here in our country! :)

    Happy to read and know more about what's happening inside your home izdiher!:) God bless you all!! Muaaaahhh!!! Happy Birthday!!! :) Hugs to you and sweet smile :)


  9. Hello Izdiher!
    Have a lovely February!
    I like only ice tea in the summer, only when I'm ill I drink warm tea in winter.
    Miss Starshiny

  10. another valentines day...i am still single :)

  11. Many happy returns of the day, and may all your dreams come true:)Lovely post...

  12. Hello Izdiher, Happy Birthday (if I don't get to wish you on the day tomorrow). I used to like to compare personalities too, but that was a very long time ago, when I was young and innocent :)

  13. HA! You have to teach the little ones to NOT eat like YOU do! They will know the truth though...Chn can see in your eyes when you are not being totally honest.

    HA! (again) I like this, "I get tan, and every boy will be drop dead." Not THAT is confidence--grin!

    You really write well, ya know, just your honest games. Good!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Izdiher Jan.

  14. Wow! :) Happy Birthday to you. :) This is a lovely post. :)

    Jewel Clicks

  15. Yay, so you too are a true Aquarian?! SAME HERE! :D

    Aquarian girls/women are the most effective and expressive ones of all, so I've read! ;)

    Enjoy the coffee, its something I can't live without! :P

    Oh and yes, A very Happy Birthday in advance! :)

  16. weeeeeeeeeee..Happy Happy Happy Birthday pretty sis Izdiher..oh your age won't matter much for me because I can't see any wrinkle..oh wait don't smile or have a wide grin reading my comment those laugh lines are coming out hahaha..May your wishes come true including meeting your destined partner ahayyyyy..wishing you happiness sis..*hugs hugs* ;)

  17. Happy Birthday to u in advance girl:)
    So how old have u turned now.*Winks*

    And I am too addicted to tea. If I miss it den my whole day is gone. But no regrets for dat as its an amazing feeling when we have a cup of tea when we r too much tired. I think non tea drinkers miss it:)

    And I am too single dis valentine.. But no worries.. I love being alone..

    Keep Writing:)

  18. Firstly I really love the vibrancy of your blog color and your words.

    One of my best friends shares the same birthday as you.

    I too enjoy a cup of tea but lean more towards coffee now.

  19. Happy Birthday in Advance!!

    P.S I don't know how to make coffee too.

  20. Happy birthday!

    'Everyday might not be good, but there is something good in everyday..'

    - a co -tea drinker.

  21. i love coffee!
    i am glad it turned out perfect!

    :) about the eating healthy part
    its a lot of hard work but at
    the end it pays off ...

    i wish we could just survive
    on pizza and burgers lol

    Melina ♥

  22. happy birthday!!! I love your writing style so much... I am newly single actually... im not too devo about it... just embracing some me time =)

  23. Happy Birthday :) Have a great time!

    I still don't know how to make coffee or tea :P

  24. Coffee is my favourite as well, i'd love to have a cup of coffee whenever i want to relax and relive my stress. And it does its job better; also rain reminds me of a coffee cup :). You have a wonderful birthday ahead..wish you a very happy birthday in advance.

  25. happy early birthday and may love shine on you regardless you status come valentines day...and day is good for it is for coffee...come on spring...smiles.

  26. Just wanted to stop in and wish you an "early" Happy Birthday!!! :) I hope you have a really great day!

  27. i really like your blog! maybe we could follow each others?

  28. Happy birthday Izdiher!!! and yes, I agree with the rest that being single is not being a loser! Im sure that there a lot of men around you and you have decided in more than one ocasion to remain single. A loser doesnt decide. And remember: its better to be alone, that in a bad company.

  29. happy birthday my dear:) i wish you all the best in life.. hugs and kisses *.*

  30. Thanks for leaving a message on my blog - I'm afraid I deleted by mistake! Thanks anyway x and happy birthday

  31. Nice Blog , Plz Visit Me:- ??? Follow If U Lke My BLog????


    Hope I'm not too late. May all your dreams come true and your coffee as sweet and strong as you!

    Love reading you! Your openness and frankness is refreshing.

    Take care. To a beautiful year full of meaning and excitement for you!

  33. Have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY my Dear Izdiher!
    May you find your way, your peace and may you dream come true.
    It's always a pleasure to be here, to read you. Stay as beautiful and true as you are!
    Much love. xx

  34. Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday! And hope you have many many happy ones ahead of you...
    I'm a much older woman Izdiher - I think you are very young (you sound young)so I do enjoy reading your thoughts. And about McD, KFC etc - it's the modern child's healthy diet!

  35. Happy birthday! I'm on the single boat with you too; its a commercial holiday don't let it get you down, having a guy or should not be the defining factor for a woman, and you are a lovely well-round multi-talented friendly full of life, woman who is great just the way she is, and this blog is a proof that :-) xxx

  36. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful time.

  37. Happy birthday dear, i am a bit late i guess but i hope you had the best time and wish you a wonderful year! ♥XOXO

  38. So your birthday's coming up? That's exciting!! :D Happy advanced birthday wishes! :)

    I love checking out my zodiac sign's meaning,it's fun..and it's actually surprisingly accurate unlike the daily horoscope!

  39. Happy Birthday to you. I also love reading what my zodiac signs. Most of the time they're 97% accurate.

    I don't know why teens today have the liberty to date in the park. I mean isn't it more proper when guys court women at home? And in the first place teens should concentrate on their studies first and accept suitors on their right age.

  40. Happy Birthday!! :)

  41. Happy birthday! Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  42. well, it's February 3 here so I am wishing you Happy Birthday..;j

  43. Happy Birthday! Wishing you the best in everything! :))

  44. Happy Happy Birthday girl..So we both are Aquarius...hmmmmm, m 21 January...
    You are so smart girl!
    enjoy karo Life or khush raho hamesha..

  45. happy B day ! You'll find the right one .I'm sure .


  46. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! Your header picture is absolutely stunning!

  47. Glad you visited my blog. Your comments are great and I wait for other articles you wrote so I can read and comment on them as well.

  48. Hope you had a lovely birthday.

    xx Fiona

  49. happy birthday to you!
    hope all your wishes come true <3

    style frontier

  50. Delayed happy birthday! Hope you had a great day :D

    I have a Pakistani friend who's brilliant when it comes to telling me about people and their star signs. Like, seriously, you give him their birth date and he'll describe them perfectly, without ever having met them! It's a little eerie.

    Myself, I'm a fairly typical Libra. Seeker of justice, balanced, opinionated, caring to a fault.

  51. Hunny you are most definitely not a loser. You are a smart, gorgeous, funny and very talented young women! If we lived close enough we would do something very exciting for v. day! Just remember that there is love from me to you! Aussie sister, Barbie xxx

  52. I am (on that single boat with you).

    Gorgeous blog, love!


  53. Can't wait to read what you have to say about Maya Khan.

    Happy belated birthday!
    I hope you had a wonderful time.

    Haha, I'm on the single boat too :P

    Oh and just want to let you know that I tagged you in something on my blog, so please check it out :D

  54. lolllllllllll.
    happy belated birthday! :D

  55. Very many happy returns of the day.

    Interesting post.

  56. Hope you had a good birthday, I am a tea drinker too - always have one first thing in a morning. Karima

  57. good writeup and belated birthday wishes friend....

  58. hey i have copied it from your blog...hope u dont mind here