Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A pocket full of awards.

Lemme forward all those awards in this post I have in my pocket since last months and maybe more than that  as quickly as possible because I know if I  delay it any more I will completely forget them once and for all  .

Before that thanks for all wards you peeps gave me so far . This is all your kindness I  appreciate that you took the time to remember me.So that is why I want to forward all these awards to as many people as possible.

You know what I wanted to take part in Pakistan blog Award 2011 and Bloggies 2012 but dmamn it.I had missed both of them I have to wait till nexr year ;(.PBA is an elite thing .They  held award ceremony in big hotels and bla bla.Well no sweat at all meanwhile I will set up my game and till then my blog be next big thing .

One  awards are for me which can not be farwarded so I am gonna start with that. It is from blogger  Fashionista.She   especially made that for me here  dubbed Super fabulous blog Award .I am humbly  super touched *.Isn't it beautiful ?

Month ago Dana ML gave me Enchanted Award. I would love to forward this award to:

Raindrops and Daisies    John       Claudia Moser        Steve E        Rob

 Sui generis Writer         Elvirah         Kathy Schneider       Diane Writes      White Freedom          Rahul Bhatia             My Never Ending Thoughts...     . ✿Sie✿         Standy       Cindi       I do, I do           Shelly      Inspiring Always               Balqis           SnowBow
 CREATIVE MIND                  Taesha Baldridge Cecil           Cherry       Youngman Brown     Omsolaym             Anne Frank     IceCreamBun 

Aiman and Aasiyah  gave me 7 awards ,from which I have had  forwarded 3.Now 4 are are about to go 

 Top ten award .It have no rule so  I am giving this to  10   bloggers.

 1.  Enigmatic Soul
 2.  Karima
 3. Cяystal 
 4   Dana
 5.   Mahnoor
 6.  I'm Cindi
 7.   Aishah
 8.   VINA FW
 9.    Becky  
10    rose water  

 Butter fly  Award  comes with question"7 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME: "

  1.  I have fishes as pet .
  2.  I love beaches,river ,sea ,lake ,ponds ,pools etc etc .
  3.  I am Aquarius .
  4.  I love swimming.
  5.  I want a home near sea.
  6.  I like sun bath and getting tan .
  7.  I love eating fishes and sea food.

And this award goes to:

♥ New Moon ♥   Uruj     JaLpArI      ~AND_
 IceCreamBun            Aishah               Syida     Prettylicious       BluePearl   Ridx :)            George        Zeinab            rob      Dana ML          HappyVic              Anne Frank         Misha         aliza  khan          Diana     Zeinab        BluePearl          I'm Farsilla       Fatma    ~*Princesa Fiona*~       MarieHarmony 
Youngman Brown      Najeeba  

 Stylish Blogger Award :Of course this award for stylish peeps which are

April Byrd               quartertoinsane     Aseel       Hayley        Tiffany    Professor Barbie         Soha♥              Jewel Clicks           miss faty             Miss Star Shiny             PurpleMist.          CookDoKoo    
       j e s s i z e e            Yua           Dolly      Melu103     Omesylaim  
vicky        Diana        Hayley  ★ JASMINE ★   The white cabbage   


Besides them Cherry also gave me this  Kreativ Blogger Award and it is going to :

 ♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫        Daily   Dose of Musings           Kathy Schneider             Sagittarian                     white witch Hi_D         jojo                      Bubbles *_*          All She Wrote                               John            Sujana         Simply, Mara         Fashionista          Steve E
Sondra Crane        Mimisha   Leah    maddyrose       Reine Ackermann

Last but not least  White freedom  gave me Liebster Award which is going to :

 Ruhi Shah  A Lady's Life     Enigma Quin      Sofia      Jamy     BintElOud  Layla     vanilla ice cream floats             BintElOud           I do, I do           Shelly      ungesagt   Inspiring Always


                             Congratulation, everyone.

Only rule is you take your award ,be happy ,and  forward it to as many bloggers as you want :)

Have a good day .


  1. awww yay ! thank you doll

    MELINA ♥

  2. Hey sweetie, when I read your post first thing this morning I missed my name. You're a doll including me when you passed on the awards. You do know you deserve all of the awards you were given don't you? xoxo

  3. Wow.. Lots and lots of blog awards. :)

    I love swimming, too. I'm not a great simmer, but dang, I love swimming nonetheless. Though I don't like to sun bath.. I'm already tanned.

    And thank you for giving me one, dear. "Kreativ Blogger award" You're sweet. Thanks. :)

  4. Thanks a million
    I really appreciate you
    thinking of me.

    Congrats on your awards too
    they are well deserved

    x Fiona

  5. oh wow a lot of awards man :D congrats on getting them Izdiher ;)

  6. I enjoy reading your blog because you have such a way with words! Congrats on all your awards too - I think you really deserve them.

  7. Thanks for the award, Izdiher!! I really appreciate it :) it's so cute!

    And congrats on all your blog awards, there are so many! :D

  8. Congratulations Izdiher!
    You deserve it!

    Thanks for awarding me!
    Miss Starshiny

  9. Thank you for your most kind award.

  10. Thank you. Izdiher. I am honored to be listed among your award-Peeps.

  11. Oh thankyou Izhiher! That's very sweet of you =) I'll be making a post in this soon ^.^ xxx

  12. thank you my dear!!!!!!!!!! this is great!! thank u thank u thank u!!!!!!!:)

  13. this is a short post about this award!!! thank you again!!!


  14. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! for my award. You've made my whole day! Love ya!

  15. Thanks a ton, Izdiher, for your kind gesture! Am honored:) You certainly deserved all these lovely awards and be assured for more in offing..

  16. thank you so much!! I'm so glad you thought of me :)

  17. Awwww thnku Izdiher thnku so much =D

  18. That was very kind of you to send me an award. Thank you for thinking of me. :)

  19. Thank you very very much, Izdiher.. from the depth of my heart! :)

    I'm glad you consider my blog to be this worthy! :)

  20. Thank you so much, sweet Izdiher, for these two beautiful awards. I am honored to receive them. You are such a thoughtful sweetheart.

    Congratulations also on you own awards. You deserve them.

  21. Great !!

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  22. Wow.. so many awards huh?? U deserve all of them sweetie:) And thank u sooooo much for thinking about me and giving ma an award.. A have a small Thanks giving for you on my blog in which I have also passed the award to some of my blog friends.. Please do visit and read it..


  23. thank u so much for passing this award to me , it means a lot to me :) Hugs !!

  24. This is a pleasant surprise. Thank you very much for presenting me with this award. I am truly enchanted. :)

  25. Many many dear! All well deserved, you are a love........I too would enjoy very much a house near the sea, swimming every morning, oh I am dreaming instead of saying what I want to say Thank You Very Much!

  26. Thank you very much! You don't know what this mean to me!

  27. Hello Wonderful! I appreciate your honoring me with this Kreative Blogger award...such a great and unexpected honor. You certainly have made my day... my week!

  28. Oh Izdiher, thank you so much for giving me the enchanted blog award but Dana already gave me one too. I'' be delighted if you give me another one. The butterfly award, perhaps? hehe. no, really, thanks. :)

    xo cherry

  29. :O not pocket, bag full of awards, it must be :)

    Thankyouu Izdiher !! :) It means a lot to me.

  30. Hello, dear Iz :-)

    I was so thrilled to receive the message on my blog, regarding the award! I have perused the lists here numerous times and don't see my name? No worries, I'm just honored that you considered me ~ thank you for your generosity! ♥

  31. Congrats! And thank you for the lovely award :)

  32. Congrats Izdiher! Your post bring a smile to everyone who reads them, you deserve these and more. Thank you for the butterfly award. :-)

  33. Congratulations for the awards. Wow you got a lot.

  34. Thank you SO MUCH for passing on the Kreativ Blogger award to me! I truly appreciate it and feel honoured!
    It’s been a pleasure reading some of your writings, you are certainly not shy when it comes to sharing your thoughts on whatever is on your mind! You deserve each and every award!

  35. Hello! :) Thank you for the blog award. ;)

    Will post it on my blog and definitely blog about it. :)

    Have a great weekend. ;)


    Jewel Clicks

  36. Dear Izdiher ~Congratulations
    on all your awards. You are one popular lady.
    Thank you so much for your comments on my post. I am so glad you enjoyed the jokes.
    And thanks, I am doing much
    better, Take care, Love, Merle.

  37. Yay! I was hoping for the butterfly one ;) Thanks so much, dear Iz!! x0x

  38. thankyou.
    I never got an award before
    I am super happy


  39. so many awards here!
    happy (belated) valentine's day!


  40. I would've give you a great big bear hug if I was there with you... :) Thanks my sweet blogger lady...

  41. Hi there! Thank you for giving me the Enchanted Award :) Sorry if I wasn't able to check your blog and claim the award hahaha I was out for retreat for three days and that meant having no internet access at all.

    I love your blog too. I am enjoying learning your thoughts and sentiments about life. Keep writing and smiling :)

  42. Thanks again for another award, Iz...
    You're great...


  43. Oh thank you my darling friend! I feel so honoured to be called stylish by you! I'm going to pop that award on my blog! Love you sister! Barbie xxx

  44. Awwwww thanks Izdiher! So sweet of you :)

  45. Mabrook....such a long scroll down to comment...wish I can be like you...well I'm no writer...and I cannot be you ha ha ha...

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