Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Son is son.

Four to nine months old five female foetuses found in dumb by  illegal maternity homes in Manzoor Colony  did not shock me much.I ain't even angry or in  aggressive mode like "Stop abortion","Arrest those bastards who did that  inhuman thing". If someone want to do it then do it .I am not giving fatwa .It is quite a debate in almost every society__I reckon.

But you know what ,like it or not ,abortion is killing and killing is killing .Don't justify this gruesome killing  with lame excuses  of  poverty, illegitimate sex and zina,rape,failed contraception, or large family issue .And calling  them "unwanted child" is so cruel .No child is unwanted. People who say that should be ashamed .Hope their mother have had  aborted them long ago in the womb.

Seriously go and ask those people who don't have blessing of child.

What I am talking here is son v/s daughter abortion   in Pakistan ,and why people always abort girl or divorce women if she is giving birth to girl after girl,or why people do enormous prayers /wazaifa/manat for BOY only or why people make ugly faces when they heard they are going to have 3rd or 4th daughter.  I know girls are burden for Pakistani and south Asian parents. No one wants girls from heart!

Every one is quite clever here,OK?They know all kind of sex eduction.They know when to stop and when to start a  family,or what is family planning.If they have 5 boys why don't they abort 6th one.Five is quite a number,isn't?

Son is son ,yar.And  like I said everyone is pretty much clever.At that time family planning,contraception  and abortion is not a question when its come to boy.

More son more better even  if he turns out an  asshole .
Reality is that even in 2012 every parents wants boy in their family for SURE for social and economic reason. They will  try  even after 7 girls with out understanding that it's man gens which determises boy or girl child.They should love their girls and give them better life  but despite knowing everything they still love son and if they they don't want more girls and its again gonna be girl  they abort .

Son  will be bread earner,caretaker of   the family___boy means strong sex  bla bla. If you have girl this means you have to be super  protective,you have to be her guardian,you have to take care of her small samll thing to large matters , her honor ,her respect ,education, and when she reach the age of marriage then her wedding.Yes Not marriage but WEDDDDDINGGG. _____girl's parent have to do everything.

They  have forgotten that in today's world girls are one who support their family  equally as man.If parents support them they are no less then boys. Giving education to a woman means giving education to a nation.And God is responsible for everyone's protection,food,and honor.Aborting them in modern time just cause they are girl is just so dumb.



  1. How can someone disregard a child based on their gender? It is so stupid, that anyone who thinks that way is the one that should get killed, not the baby girls.
    People ought to wake up and realise that this is the 21st century.

  2. I second your motion.
    I am still trying to understand why there is so much gender based differences. A child is a child. Would being born a female make the child less human? If people would pay more attention on the upbringing of a child rather than the gender then probably the future would be better. What can such parents teach their off-springs who got rid of the female child? Honestly this repetitive, vicious cycle of gender bias makes us look like demons rather than humans.

  3. Alhamdulillah its different here in egypt these days ( used 2 be like that be4 i think) My family in law even prefers girls :)

    But realy its not human to abort a child. If u can have sex than u can take the responsebility for a child. And even if its an accident that the woman gets pregnant, well thats what can happen and u knew it. dont have sex if wanna be 100% not to get pregnant!!

    “Whoever has three daughters or sisters, or two daughters of two sisters, and lives along with them in a good manner, and has patience with them, and fears Allah with regard to them will enter Paradise.” (Reported by Abu Dawud, Al-Tirmidhee and others)

  4. I´ve tried to leave this comment twice before and keep losing it. Great post and I could not agree more. Well done İzdihër!

  5. Abortion hurts my heart deeply. It is especially terrible when it is done just because girls are so devalued. Good post!

  6. So sickly sad... it is a pretty depressing world we live in.

    On a happier note, though, my sister is having a baby girl in a month and my other sister is having a baby boy in two months!

  7. Having a child is a present from God, so we shouldn't care about the gender.
    Miss Starshiny

  8. Good post. Killing girls, both from inside and outside the womb, is a problem in India too. Even if there are number of laws to stop this inhuman act, it still goes on. The laws always have loopholes for the criminals to escape. The doctors who should save the human life are ready to take away life for any amount of money they get. And the parents, shame on them!

  9. This just breaks my heart. And you're so right...there are so many that can't have children at all and would give anything to have a child of their own - I can't imagine how this must make them feel. Most of all, I can't imagine how it makes God feel. :(

  10. I find it disturbing that anyone would solely abort a child for any reason, regardless of sex or color. I am sorry that you have to witness such tragic events in your country. It must make you sad.

    On a happy note, I thanked you on my blog for the award that you gave me the other day. Please come by and read, so you can put a smile on your face instead of a frown. :)

  11. Great post,every child was a gift from God, girl or a boy. We must take good care of them and never put them in any tragic situation like killing or going to abortion. Shame on those who enjoying themselves in doing it (SEX) then at the end killing innocent? Oh my..:(

    Thanks for sharing..:) God bless..:)

  12. Throwing away babies is also common here in Malaysia...because of zina most of the time...but don't want a baby girl...come on it's the girls who looked after their parents most of the times...the boys would be busy with their own family..but not all...not all ok...

  13. Hello, Iz. How are you?
    Gosh this post is such a feminist. I'm sure glad that I'm born in an age where my country has finally seen the equality between men and women... I would've ripped out all my hair if my parents were that strict about everything... including marriage... ah er, wedding, I mean.
    Girls shouldn't be any different than boys. We can do what they can. And sometimes, we're even better.
    Thanks for the info about the genes determining if the baby is male or female by the way. I didn't know that.
    And yes, abortion is killing and killing is killing. Nice quote.
    Great post.
    'Til next time.


  14. Izdiher, you deserve a pat for writing this and bringing the issue in focus! It is very unfortunate that people think that girl is a burden! I believe that a girl child will love you till death and the son may throw you out of the house at the first opportunity..

  15. Blessings for you, Izdiher, for this write. You DO have a 'way with words', example: "...abortion is killing and killing is killing"...Iz, that is so much better than "abortion is killing" PERIOD!

    You write what you feel and think, with no worry for who is reading, or what they thinking. Girl, that makes you GOOOOD!

    Thank you, my Friend!

  16. I do not understand why some people do not find their children as blessing in spite of the gender? And to think we tell everyone how much we love our mothers, forgetting that they were once daughters too. It's sick and twisted.

  17. This world works in a very different ways, Izdiher. Sigh!

  18. well Said Izdihar, the sad things is that girls are really the real family supporter but still people hate the idea of having a baby girl.. i cant imagine my life without my daughter or my moms live without us (her daughters) and if u think geneticly, male gender is not the strong gender since all genetically transmitted illness appear in male if any of the parents have it and dont appear in females unless both parents have it..

  19. I too agree with u completely that Killing is killing. And the only place for such people is hell.

    Well, My mom is a single mother and I am her only daughter. One day when I was down thinking that after marriage I will have to leave her all alone and go to my hubby's house I told her that I wish she had a son who could always be with her or at least if I had a brother too then it would not be any problem at all. U know what she said?? She said that she never expects any son as she is very happy to have a daughter and she even thinks that what is the guarantee that if she had a son then he would not leave her alone and go. Even such people do exist in the world Izdiher:) And I am so glad that I have one such gr8 lady at my home.. I m proud to have her and I hope every one in this world have a thinking like her:)

  20. Wow. Izdiher! u write beautifully!
    Im glad i found u!:)

  21. Aborting the baby just because it's a girl is so unfair. Some people really under estimate the power of women. Who would bear their children in the first place. I am glad that our country is not into that practice at all.

    If they don't want their child better give it to the couple who are wishing for a child.

  22. amazing post! i so totally agree!

  23. Thank you for commenting and following my blog!

    This is a very deep post, and it is very sad to see and hear things like this. I don't understand why baby girls would be aborted and not boys. Girls grow up to be women who will eventually give birth to more children. Women are the the ones who make the world what it is.

    ♥ Duckie.

  24. oh sis Izdiher..grrrrrrr..this shouldn't be done..my heart is crying because every child is a blessing and their gender won't matter because oh my it is life..I am speechless because life is so precious..I hope something could be done to stop this.thank you for bringing up this sis..it is a total awareness to all of us specially to mothers like me.

  25. this is sad.. .I don't think we are that bad are we?? == I agree with you girl!!! How could they....

  26. It is simple plain logic that no man can live without women and no women can live without a man. Also i don't know from where did this perception came from but it is assumed in mostly third world countries that a boy is an asset and a girl is burden which is so sad.

  27. I agree that to some extent, even though we are already in the new millenium, the society still favors the male populace. Women have to work more and prove a lot. But I guess even though life is unfair for women, that gives us more reason to be admired and respected. Depsite the given circumstance of the society, we are striving to be the best. :)

  28. who think like this is stupid and criminal. here we have who don't like girls but it's not like in your country , STILL we have few people with old thinking of this stupid thinking about the girls , i won't say we don't have :(

  29. "Like it or not ,abortion is killing and killing is killing." Holy words, Izdiher, holy words.

  30. Hi Izdiher, yes I cannot agree more with what you are saying. I wonder with so many examples of girls who can be as good if not better than boys, people still think like that! At least here in Malaysia there is not really a strong gender bias though it still exists in the office!

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  32. SubhannaAllah! What is the different? A child is a child. An we girls are very important in the Islam hamdoelilah.


  33. This stuff makes me so so sad :(