Sunday, March 18, 2012

No more betting .

Today the  whole nation is glued to t.v sets for Indo-Pak semi final.

No.... I am not feeling any pressure,any patriotism or such emotional  thing . Indo-Pak Cricket war match is so 90's . On the other hand this whole game is  boring,slow and royal. I just love  watching  cricketers .

Only thing is  betting which is bugging me to bet once more but I just swore to myself after losing at Indo-Bangla match I ain't gonna  bet on any Tom, Dick or Harry's  cricket  team every again in my whole life .

Betting is sin,OK?
All Bookies will  go to hell .
I am pretty so I will go  to spa and get a good massage :) .

And  taking about spa I have been delaying my pedicure and manicure for like some  couple of months . So, yes. Good idea . I will go spa and get my pedi and mani done . And there will be no much rush on road .

Papa and Ai has been gone to Rado road for big screen match .Fi , as usual making her lectures/notes in living room .Ami is taking a nap after two hours phone conversation with her elder sister(my aunt) from Toronto .

But wait !!!!

Today's Sunday too so technically   near by Sapna beauty salon  will be closed :(.

I know you jinxed it .Dammit. I know !!!

Nothing much to do either .I turned on t.v and still Pakistan is batting without any wicket lost 120/0 . I reckon Mohamed Hanif will make a  century.But  don't listen to me.I was so goddamn sure India will win the match after Scahin's century .Saw what happened ?

I switched few more channels and seriously nothing much coming .

Have a good Sunday .

Bye .


  1. Am not following that match so am in same league as you:)

  2. I'm also not watching, but I have a reasonable excuse since it isn't on TV here, not that I would watch if it was. I'm just not a sports fan. Have a good week.

  3. I admire your up-front attitude. I enjoy watching sports but it's different in case of cricket. What I can't understand is, how can someone watch a match that stretches to an entire day? Much worse are those five day matches.

  4. Haha I have never ever followed cricket. So its kinda interesting haha. And indeed, betting is not good.


  5. haha! "I am pretty so I will go to spa and get a good massage :)." what a nice attitude .! Totally with you..

  6. I don't watch sport much but here in Italy most of people are crazy about soccer. Cricket sounds better to me, haha =)
    I have been reading a bit of your blog and I like the way you think. Also about captchas, one of my last posts was about getting rid of them...I can't stand them one bit, they are so annoying !.
    If you want we could follow each other :)
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  7. do u seriously want a man like him in ur life, u knw wat will happen to u :P

  8. I'm really not much of a sports fan, so watching any type of sport for any length of time would seriously bore me.

  9. hi, nice post! Nice attitude, smart in choosing!! Love yah!!:)

  10. HI Izdiher! Good morning to you - I'm writing on Monday so its one day later and I never watch sports on tv. I don't mind watching hockey and sometimes badminton but nothing else. And yes, I agree with you spa is a better idea! Is it expensive there?

  11. Interesting I should probably look at cricket

  12. Cricket is and will always be religion to Inida! But not me :)

  13. Cricket is important sports in there, I don't have experience watching cricket match but it looks interesting~!

  14. im with you there!! i would rather go to a spa and have a massage anyday!

  15. I've never learned the rules of cricket, so I couldn't bet on a game even if I wanted to (which I don't). It's too bad the spa was closed. It would have been a great time to go while everyone else was glued to the TV sets.

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    You got a new reader. :)
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  17. OMG! Sometimes I do that too but I don't wanna do that again because I hate the feeling of disappointment. HAHAHA :D

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  18. India Pakistan matches and the hype they create :) I'm not a cricket fan either. The game is totally SLOW!

  19. CRICKET is boring.............................................................................