Saturday, March 3, 2012

Super happy.

Can you believe I watched  the most boring -desperate -old aged-pain-in-ass -over rated drama of this decade HUMSAFER. for more than half an hour just cause I know after today I will not have to put  up every Saturday at dinner time(8;00 PM)with it .

I hate helpless dumb-rightous -sharaiff-innocent   -come and rescue me -Khirad(heroine)
and Asher(hero) typical -full of ego-mama baby -never grown up man.

I mean, come on, whole time Khraid was helpless creature with heavy dialogues "I will not forgive you Asher  till my death bla bla.... emotional "and Asher was full of ego.However, in end money won,and she forgave him.If I were her  I might have chopped his balls.

Yes, yes don't climb over me.  I know all you girls are over Asher ...."Oh my ,what a MAN"and I know all you  boys fancy Khird ....."Oh my how sharif she is ".I also  like Mirah Khan (heroin)  in reality but I don't like Fawad Khan(hero) in reality or even in drama at any cost.I don't know why girls fancy him  ?He is just stiff  and typical...very very typical.

See .....I am not bashing your beloved Humsfaer. I am just happy.Just happy :).That reality type story did not blow me away.Its week and vulnerable shareef zadi heroine did not impress me.It's hero could not take away my breath.He was most irritating ,most complex wanna be strong hero  .And story was pretty predictable.That happens  awful lot.Married couple love story .

I  stopped reading  Khawateen Digest's stories  literally long ago even when I was in high school just cause they were so gloomy  .In every story girl is dumb ,her in-laws ,and husband not protecting her from them.Every love story is of married couple. For your information this specific story was first published in Kawateen Digest.So it was KD caliber  story  and now to my horror they dramatized it

And everyone loved it to core just cause it was so true.....True ,my ass !

Good news for cowered anonymous who will come here from Google search "I love Humsafer","Asher -Khird pics" know missing that drama syndrome  and   will dare to  left comment on my blog  like "You are jealous"."Humsafar is beautiful love story", or "You are bitch". "It is Pakistani dram's revival" ,or "Asher is so good looking"  would  not be deteleted.

 HURRAYYY !!!!!!!

Your day has arrived finally,anonymous people . 

I don't delete any comment.They make me laugh .And especially today I will not delete any .Haven't you heard what I just said ! I hate that drama to my death and now supper glee it has finished.  I can not  even explain how happy I am.Pour them over me,babe.

And all those peeps who have no idea whta I am taking about just  be happy with me .
Or you can tell me if there any T.V dram/show/movie which is too over-rated and in your face.


  1. y give a whole post to humsaraf... jst was it was nt gud. end.

    i did not ever watch a single episode of that... so i'll just support what u said :D

  2. Same with me Izdiher!! I haven't really watch a single episode of that series just heard that it was a good episode(was because its finish) but im opinion it was a dump show!

  3. I'm one of those people who really doesn't have a clue what you are talking about, but your blog is so pretty and I take it in like I'm inhaling a bouquet of flowers. And most certainly yes--I'm happy for you.

  4. OMG!!! What a relief to hear that someone hates this drama as much as I do!!!!! MTlb yar had hai mai tou tang hi a gae thi is stupid drame se related sms's aur statuses aue pics sae!!!!

    ALHAMDULILAH k jan chuti is drame se =D

  5. LOL I must be one of the odd ones that liked it then...not because I fancied the hero though. I normally NEVER watch pakistani/indian dramas as they do my head in but everyone was raving about this so I checked it out and sadly got hooked....

  6. my most hated reason behind not watching dramas is that they are full of melodrama. The evil person will be portrayed as the most evil person in the world and same goes for saint like people. besides dramas are always about peoples personnel lives which we should not bother about. It disgusts me to see people seeking solace in suffering from other peoples lives which is shown in dramas. Our dramas are mostly about some poor soul's suffering.

    Glad to read your post. keep it up!

  7. Familiar story lines and sob stories are content of most serials in the sub continent which are not too amusing:)Well written!

  8. I have not watched it Izdiher but I am glad just to see you smiling and happy..have a blessed Sunday ;)

  9. jajajajaja "true, my ass!". I have no idea of what you are speaking about, but you are very funny, definitely.

  10. Hahaha I feel the exact way about certain shows that people raaaaave about! what exactly is the point of watching something that you can PREDICT the ending of? bleehhhh

  11. I have no idea of this show you are talking about, but I also dislike the kind of characters you have mentioned in the second paragraph.
    Cheers to your victory! ;^)

  12. I have not watched it Izdiher but I am just glad you are happy and smiling..passing by again..I had my comment here awhile disappeared and it happened to me even on other sites..freaky..anyway sis I'm glad you are happy ;)

  13. I have not watched it sis..but I'm glad you are happy and smiling..

    I'm back again..this the third time I'll be leaving a comment just disappears so with some sites I have been commenting..freaky..

    anyway sis I'm glad you are smiling ;)

  14. I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm happy with you :P

    Also, I gave you an award on my blog :)

  15. thankyou..I like your blog too ..the lyrics written on the top "Dhoondo gy agr mulkoo mulkoo...Milnay k nhe nayab hain hum....its ma favourite...I am new here and trying to write...Greetings from islamabad :)

  16. I'm happy for you my dear - I dont know the particular drama you're talking about but I don't like dramas in general - as Farhan says they are full of melodrama! I used to watch a morning show in US - The Young and the Restless - it was sooo longgg it carried on for years and years and I finally got bored! Today I prefer to read instead.

  17. Izdiher you are so happy in this post! Maybe other things contribute? Life in general? PEACE! goes well with HAPPY!

    I rather read blogs, than watch melodrama, so that's what I do.

    I am glad spring is here, and that you are here, Pak-Girl!

  18. Hey, I think 2of your xomments ended up in spam, I've published them now. Now, I 've gota comment from you on the following posts: ANgleina Jolie, Bribery and Curse You Dan Humprhey. Please continue your comments,I love hearingfrom you, and its okay to disagree on some points, wouldn't it be be dull if we agreed on everything. SO feel free to come back and comment on the desperate in Dubai types, I'm curious as to what you have to say..and I wont kill you and dump you in the desert LOL! So please share your thoughts on my posts, true from your heart and in your honest style,

    if you still have probs commenting you cna comment on FB page:
    oh and like it as well please

  19. Lol, lol, lol Izdiher.

    I have the entire knowledge of what you are talking about. The funny thing is that I was hearing very good reviews about this drama from my friends and they were forcing me to watch the complete episodes on YouTube. But now after reading this post I feel like stopping myself to watch that serial.

    Hahaha... your words sound so true!

    Typical married couple failure stories!
    And the Pakistani females sob while watching that innocent girl in pain... hehehe!

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  21. Happy for u.. But can't say dat one more daily soap similar to Humsafar may start at the same time :) So good luck :-P

  22. Oey larki ..I like the drama humsafar..dont say anything,,,haha..but I think it was extraordinary dramatic..seems like totally weird sometimes,,,chalo g ab khatam hogya na...relax..
    BTW opt of this drama was so good,I have this on loop in my iPhone & I enjoy listening more n more..yep..
    oey yeh word verification to off ker do plz!

  23. I wont list just one show that is over rated bc there are many. God man I dont know how people tolerate them!

  24. [:*] I've never watched humsafar. Probably coz they don't play it in my country [:-((] now i feel left behind coz never watched humsafar. But, your article is amusing me [:))]. I've decided to press follow #583. Hope you'll do the same for me.

  25. My eyes are still watering after the balls comment! :) You are such a passionate person and your posts always have such energy!

  26. The drama you described sure sounds like the demented romances written in the 70s. Hee!

  27. No idea what your talking about !! but I'm happy with you :D:D