Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taupi drama of Pakistani politicians.

Last night almost every news channel's discussion topic was America Pakistan relationship......and  million dollar question was  whether Pakistan will  re-open NATO supply routes or not?

From 8:00 pm till 11:00 pm every anchor with politicians  racked  their brains. And as usual  they talked, talked and talked in circle, pulled their hair and suicide. 

Ask me !!!

Yes, Pakistan will definitely re-open every kind of supply routes because USA funds Pakistan.
And America Pakistan relationship is just  fine. Till the dollar coming, everything is fine. 

What pissed me most is when general people, journalist and politicians talk like retard and try to make me fool with their patriotic bakwas.

You think I dunno how much moolah  you take from USA ?
You think you can make me fool with your patriotic bakwas?

How come  Pakistan will not re-open NATO supply routes. That's the question, dumb ass.
Pakistani politician are one of the retard bunch.They play with national honor which we don't have. Their pockets are choke full with dollars and everything. Their game is "Go-America Go " on T.V talk shows and on political rallies, and at back they beg America for everything.

Cherry on the top, Pakistan government allowed drone attacks, whether it was Musharf or Zardari. Pakistan government allowed America to raid on Aobbtabad (Bin ladin incident). And this "sorry" drama is so dumb. Why would America apologize ?

And saying that America apologized  Shahruk  Khan not us. O losers, Shah Ruk Khan is talented. He is not eating haram ka maal. He is a respected citizen. He pays taxes. First look at your self and than ask for apology. You know where the hell  we are standing at?

Matter of the fact is that we are US's  slaves, they ain't our slaves.  We beg them, not they.
Seriously, on what basis politicians are doing this dramabazi ?

So, yes. Pakistan will re-open NATO supply routes just like it  let David Raymond go. Dumb journalist will keep racking their patriotic brain. And for your information NATO supplies via air are  already opened. Both parties is just waiting for the right time. They are waiting for the right when media will shut up. It's only media which shouts so much other wise normal average Pakistani have no interest in these issues. Even every third Pakistani wanna left Pakistan according to gallop survey.

That's the dilemma of Pakistan and all Muslim ummah. People think they can stand against world powers despite knowing that fact that their beloved politicians are sold out. Their state has been sold-out.

OK, no more  ranting, on a serious note Pakistan picked USA after it came into being and India preferred Russia. So, technically  Pakistan and America's relation are  old. Why politicians and journalist   messing  up everything in the name of national honor ?

Actually it's genetics. That's the way . This side of politicians (Pakistanis) have some ants in their pants from so long. Even  at the time of partition they blamed  Hindus for  patching up with Britishers and bla bla. Till now they are bashing USA, Israel and India on daily basis.

My question is why not patching up ?
My question is,  is national honor  more vital than  country's development and progress?

And Pakistan should come outta its closet and declare its relationship with America. Believe me it will be a peace of mind for everyone.


  1. a good observation and a very honest opinion u have there

    lots of love


  2. A honest post! Development is the key to progress and betterment of people pays in long run:)

  3. I just got to know about it now!
    Pakistan is just getting worse!

  4. Well said Izdiher. Most politicians in all countries are a breed apart from normal society.............

  5. Thanks for sharing!:) It's an honest opinion, am proud of people like you..:) Keep it up!:)

  6. you have a good point sis..visiting you ;)

  7. Nice post as always Izi:)

    On one side we have Afreedi, Shoib Malik, Misbal Haq and on other side we have Tendulkar, Dhoni and Virat Kohli.
    On one side we have strings, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam on other side we have A.R. Rehman, Mohit Chouhan and Sonu Nigam.

    When individually we have rocked so much then just imagine what would have happened if both of us would be together:)

  8. A well thought post!!! It is really vital for peace to prevail for the development of the place, Pakistan in particular. This is really a pointer!!!

  9. I agree... this is a well thought out post! I don't get it though.. honestly.. why can't the two countries work together to help each other out.. and shame on the journalists too.. with their patriotic tongues.. what they should be saying is that America has got really big problems.. poor economy, job loss, higher unemployment rates, debt, and what most people don't realize is that it's slowly becoming a dictatorship.. America is not home of the brave, home of the free anymore.. the government is taking our rights away one by one.. a little bit at the time.. Someone needs to stand up and say enough is enough! Make peace and help our brother(Pakistan) out. Everyone should be helping each other out.. instead of all this senseless fighting.. They're all cowards!

  10. Wow Izdiher! You have the guts to say what most know but choose to stay mum. Fact for a fact, people have lost trust in politicians long ago. News channels are now considered nothing more than entertainment channels. The 'diplomacy' that undergoes between two nations is made to look something else than what it really is. 'Politics'...the dreaded word!

  11. That, my dear, is a refreshing piece of honesty and perspective. Thank you for that

  12. Journalists and politicians ALL suck, no matter what country they are from. Good post.

  13. This post says what most of us are thinking when we watch the journalists and politicans doing their song and dance. They must think we're all pretty stupid to not see what's really going on. Good post!

  14. this is what I love about reading your blog! you're not afraid to speak your mind. I had no idea about half of what was in this post but wow, real eye opener!

  15. Hi Izdiher ~~ You certainly thoroughly research your topics or are you just "up"
    with all the news and are not afraid to speak out for what you believe in. Thank you for the comments on my post. Glad you liked the jokes/ You have a good week's
    end and a great weekend, ny friend. Love, Merle.

  16. Interesting observations from someone in a position to know what people on your side of the world are thinking. Speaking of your side of the world, I'm off for three weeks to Turkey. I look forward to hearing from you when I return. Take care, and be safe.

  17. As long as they fix the issues without violence

  18. " It's only media which shouts so much other wise normal average Pakistani have no interest in these issues. "

    I like this statement. :) It's true regardless of country of origin, be it Canada, China, US, -insert countries-.

    Sometimes I feel that the media blabs so much nonsense that it no longer serve it's purpose of informing people. In Canada for example, almost all media is owned by a selected few. The bias of the papers are determined by what catches them the most sponsors. As a result, ordinary people are practically mislead of these poorly written articles and people who do understand the truth are discouraged and turned off by them. So many people don't pay attention to the news anymore just because papers keep repeating stupid stuff like "you either side with us or you're with the child pornographers" regarding increased monitoring of the internet=.= WHAT IS THIS IDIOT LOGIC?

    mad love,

  19. wow you're brave in sharing your honest words here :) well, politics is always complicated

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  20. IZDIHER, when you write a rant, I thoroughly enjoy to read.
    For several reasons:

    1. You write so well
    2. You write with passion, excitement, when
    you believe strongly about something.
    3. You write honestly.
    4. You have knowledge of your topic.
    5. Enthusiasm!
    6. You are correct
    7. Governments (everywhere) are corrupt.
    8. Your voice is heard
    9. Unafraid.

    Ma'am you write with the conviction of one who has "right" on your side.
    You certainly know how to rally the troops!!!!
    Blessings to you and your family, Izdiher!

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  22. Hi Izdiher

    I just popped by to say hello
    and hope that you are well.

    Have a great weekend.
    Relax and enjoy

    x Fiona

  23. Thank you for your insight, passion and courage. Knowing that there are young people out there with such energy and honorable intentions gives an old guy like me a little ray of sunshine. Hope matters so much! Thanks again.

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