Friday, June 22, 2012

How to make a Tint Moisturizer.

+ a simple makeup.

As you know we are in summer and summer in Karachi is  quite crazy and   sweltering.

In this weather  it is pretty advisable to steer clear of heavy bases and use something light, especially if you have oily skin.

My case is a horse of different color. I have dry skin, tough I still don't do heavy base and power ceremony. I do make up according to weather, time and occasion. However, all bases are some how heavy or if not so heavy,  they are  pretty mild.

In such case tint moisturizer is the best  answer.

They are actually  moisturizer that has a slight tint of color for sheer coverage. You can use it instead of  your regular base. They are lighter in texture  and  perfect for morning, and summer and best for those gals who hate heavy layers. They are pretty available in any drugstores and cosmetic shops easily.

For sometime, I had used  CLINIQUE Tinted Moisturizer by fluke, and since then I am in love with this stuff.

Tough, the bad news (for me ) is that they are not easily available over here. As you know necessity  is the  mother of invention I do make my own tint moisturizer, and it works wonders.

So in my today's post I am gonna teach you how to make your own tint moisturizer, pulse I will tell ya my own daily/ normal   makeup routine weather its summer or winter, spring or autumn.

For making tint moisturizer, all you need  two stuff.: Your regular moisturizer + base.

I use ponds moisturizer and my current base is Ulta's  buff beige. (I am in mad love with this shade).

Now, all you  have to do is ;

1 :  Scoop  moisturizer in your palm, as much as you want to use it.

2.  Add a drop, or small amount  of your  foundation  into your moisturizer.

3.  Mixed them well  ( Your have your tint moisturizer in your palm).

4.  Apply it  to your face  with  a damp sponge .

5.  Blot it and then use a compact power ( I use Ulta's fabulous face pressed  power in light to medium shade)

6.  Blush a bit  ( I use  Maybelline's  Fit Me blush in light mauve)

7. Add one layer of mascara  ( I use Cristine's water proof I have given crack so far)

8. Don't forget your lipstick ( I use Medora's  548, sugar poppy in Matte)

Tada !  You are done. Lets go all out, gals and enjoy summer.


  1. Our climate is much like yours, and I enjoy using mineral foundation and tinted moisturizer like yours. I like your recipe for making one. Perhaps I shall start doing that~

  2. The weather here is the worst. And guess what, it is 22nd June today, now you can imagine how terribly hot it is here. Ahh, Mercy!

  3. I really don't like make-up bases, they seem to be so heavy so I don't wear any. Your idea of mixing a small amount to tint the moisturiser is a great idea, now I just have to go and buy some make-up base ... thank you dear Izdiher for this advice, I might also splash out and buy some mascara. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. I don't think this will work for me. xo

  5. I've actually done this before, with a different brand. My mom tends to use darker foundations and I have really light skin. But I was out of foundation so I mixed a little moisturizer with a couple drops of my mom's foundation which lightened it up and made it seem lighter. I also did this with her loose powder. I mixed a hint of baby powder in with her darker loose powder and again, it felt lighter and not to mention, it smelled pretty good! These are just a few tricks of the trade huh Izdiher! Nice post!

  6. wow this is great tips!!!! i've been using clinique foundation and cleanser for my face for so long now and i really love it :)

    take care dear and wish you a lovely weekend!!!

    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  7. I don't wear any makeup during the day but this is a good tip! Thanks!

  8. Fascinating and very well done to you in finding your own solution and in sharing it with others.

  9. You sound quite resourceful :)

  10. Look, you´re the real profi! Beauty tips are always welcome. Have a lovely weekend!

  11. I could do that!

    Am afraid that now that I am in my 40s
    I need more coverage
    and as the weather here in Ireland is terrible
    I can use any make up and never have it melt off my face.

    Thanks for the tips Izdiher.

    Have a lovely weekend


  12. I haven't tried mixing my foundation with the moisturizer. I still do it by layers the way I paint my artworks :P

    I do prefer light makeup (even at night :P)...I'm not using blush on at this time.

    Thanks for the beauty tips ;)

  13. Mrs. C loves Clinique and has used it for years. Her skin is smooth and soft.

  14. Thanks for sharing your tips. Although I never use a moisturizer or a blusher, {I only use lipstick}, I am sure these tips will help many readers! I will try this in winter :-)
    take care,

  15. Girl's are really into this kind of stuff. Take care of your skin izdiher. My advice for you is to drink lots of water, good for the skin and good for the health.

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  17. My girlfriend would like this

  18. I've always thought this is just how they would make tinted moisturizers...I guess it is! This is a great beauty tip, perfect for those who prefers to stick on the moisturizers they've gotten used to.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. I would love to exchange links with you. I'm adding you on my blogroll and will be joining you thru GFC as well. See ya around! :)

  19. Hello.
    Just stopping by to say hi and to congratulate you on being nominated by our friend Crystal for the Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award! Great tips too. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  20. lovely

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  21. i use clinque as well and i can't live without it! I think they make the best stuff. I love this new version of your blog. I missed u so much!

  22. love it!

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  23. i think everyone need moisturizer

  24. oh yes my climate here is same as yours :) your tip is so good here!

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  25. Salam. Very useful tip, dear. Thanx for dropping by at my blog and leaving your sweet comment.

  26. Salam. Very useful tip, dear. Thanx for dropping by at my blog and leaving your sweet comment.

  27. I have absolutely no idea about make-up. All that I do is put some cream(brand suggested by mom) and then sunscreen over it. That's the most that I can do.

  28. i'm from karachi too..
    Hope this helps.
    lets follow each other?

  29. LOVE Ulta brand makeup! That's what I use too! :) Thanks so much for this...I've never thought about mixing the two together before I apply them. I've always applied moisturizer first then the foundation. Gotta try this tomorrow! Thanks, Izdiher!

  30. owh.. really nice tips,.. my mom will be very happy for it..