Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Note : It is  spinach__the green veggie, Popeye eats, not Spanish....Sue me, seriously.
P/s: I am back and re-checking my stupidity.

 I am blogging from my aunt's house.

We are meeting after three years. She lives in Jedah, KSA, actually, here for summer break with her two gals and  a father. Her husband will join them later.

These days, as you know I have enough time in my hand, so always ready to   wander around here and there.

Papa dropped me here  around 11.  I am here for a whole day. Ami, Fi and Ai will come late night for dinner, and to pick me  up. I never sleepover, even at my aunt's or anywhere. In the end of the day I need my bed, and my pillow, and papa also don't like it. wasy tu, he does not do any objection, no sweat ! It is me who prefer to be at home.

She just got her internet connection, and asked me to download Skype and few other stuff in  comp. I ain't that good in this stuff, but right now only I am available. Tough I can do basic. I just have to read instructions, and download _____ what else, right? Muddle through ain't gonna harm her computer.

Well, only God knows what will happened to her comp later.

Downloading taking time, so I decided to do a quick post about where I am at a moment. 

We had  such a great lunch  at the Largess.   It is one of  the best restaurant in North Nazimabad. Their mutton handi is damn tasty. They even have fish handi. I am not gonna talk much about food here but you know when ever I eat spinach, I puke.Yeah ..crazy. I just can't digest it, and my aunt is thinking about making spinach for dinner.

She said I will not puke. One of her friend has some sorta same problem. She will add soya  in spinach which will not let me throw up.

What if I do. I have  a history  of puking.

 Everyone has their own digestive system, right ?

Well, hope I will keep it down  tonight.

I watched  Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeaquel on DVD. They had bought so many cartoons and kids movies with them to kill time. These chuckmins are freaking cute. I want them____The talking one. God, can you please send me a taking Chipmunks.

Animals should talks too, I reckon.

And Jason Lee is my so funny, not only in that Chipmunks but almost everywhere. I love his accent.

In evening, she will go to visit her  some other relatives, maybe someone from her father side. I will baby sit her gals. I  pretty cool because I am sure it will not take much and they are gals. I had once baby sit my boy cousin, who was around 5, and you may not believe he drove me crazy.

To gals, one good yell is enough, or  slap on the wrist, if they go otta line.

Boys  are just too much. And maybe he was  only kid  at that time. No one to play games with him and roughhouse.

I took him to park, and did all I could tough nothing was enough for him. In the end of the day I was quite  knackered. Here they are two, and   mostly playing  together. Ammarah is 8, and Sarah is 6.
She also bought so many gifts for me. There is one pink bag, ear rings, cosmetic stuffs , and many others.

I gotta go now, peeps.

See ya around.
Love ya'all.
And all that jazz.


  1. have a great time at your aunt's Izdiher :)
    Have a happy week.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time, good luck if you have "Spanish"!

  3. Good to see u're having a fun time with your aunt and family. Must be nice to see them after so long :)

  4. Loved reading this piece, particularly your sense of humour in it :-)

  5. hey great blog..n those chipmunks are so damn cute..
    may be we could follow each other??
    check my blog..:)

  6. nice to spend time with relatives..

  7. Sounds like fun, spending time with family can always be fun as long as you get along.

  8. I can tell you are having a great time, Spanish food aside. I hope you can keep it down.

  9. Fun times, and I hope you don't get sick with the Spanish food! Hope the rest of your time there is great!

  10. That's so much fun.
    Enjoy your little trip and Spanish food. :D

  11. Wow, I have never heard of throwing up after eating spinach but I hope you get over it!

  12. sure dear we can follow each other..
    following u now..
    hope u follow me back too..
    xoxo sabbi

  13. Oh, Izdiher, you mean "spinach", that country south of France, next to Portugal, right? --grin!!!

    Am trying to confuse you.

  14. Sounds like loads of fun!! I wish I had a little girl to play with!! I would fix her hair, do her makeup and buy her all sorts of pretty lil dresses! I would settle for a few nieces but I never get to see my nieces on my brother's side and I have one other niece but I have yet to meet her and she is grown..

    Do me a favor, let me live vicariously through you and please do a post about all the fun you had babysitting!! Hope they don't drive you crazy!

  15. Sounds like you had so much fun in that visit.. This post only reminds me of those joyful moments I had with some of my relatives.

  16. LOL! I truly enjoyed this one :P It's almost like reading your diary.

    I think I'll drive the kids crazy when we get to play:D LOL! Let me know when God sends you a talking chipmunk :P

  17. jedah is my grand mother city. I love it

  18. You made me laugh AGAIN :D
    Haha, Spanish and spinach. Cute :D
    Stay blessed xx

  19. I hate throwing up...I wouldn't even try the spinach, no matter what! You are brave ;)

    <3 Cambria

  20. Looks like you really had a good time with relatives! That's good! I myself spend great time with cousins, nephews, brothers, and they are all wonderful people! Always stay happy Izdiher! Seize your moments, Always take care too!!

  21. Dear Izdiher,
    It is really nice to see you enjoying time with your relatives. Life should always be like this. About the spinach?? Not bad...just depends on how it is cooked. Thanks for sharing.

  22. i love that movie, glad to know you have fun (:

  23. Don't eat spinach in any way if it causes you to puke. Just explain to them politely, they should understand

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. ♥●• İzdihër, keep on puking. That may be the only way they will STOP trying to get you to eat it. Doing that finally convinced my parents that I reallly could not stomach oatmeal when I was a kid.

      I still don't eat oatmeal but a few years ago I started liking spinach.
      Wonder how you came to read about my fruit and old cars?
      Thank you for showing up and for your nice comment.

  24. I miss being with my family and close friends. You should be lucky you still got time to do all those things. Maybe next time I can see some photos of you and your travels. It's always fun to see the places I've never been to even in photos.

  25. love readingthis post. have a good day :) i've followed you :)

  26. Sounds like you had quite a visit at your aunt's.
    Love your new button by the way. Grabbing it and switching it with the old one.


  27. hey nice little diary here.
    Remember discrimination against spinach keeps your iron low.
    You must do something about controllling puking scenario.
    nice sharing--------------

  28. looks like you had fun. Good for you:)

  29. family is a blessing:)glad you enjoyed

  30. Spinach, Spanish...tomato, ta maato, If it makes you feel any better every time I try and say the Arabic word for "Heart" in class, I say "dog" instead.

  31. Oh and Spinach and I have hated each other for many many years. I can eat just about anything from anywhere. Including Kim Chi in Korea and goat cheese mystery meat sandwiches in Russia. But Spinach?...Not gonna happen.

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