Monday, June 4, 2012

I just sold my fish tank + fishes. They were boring and eating like  dog. I am not their mother to feed them that much. 3 days ago I was buying their food, one peep asked me if I am taken in selling my fishes.

Of course, babe I'm selling them. Lets go home!

I wanted to get rid of them from so long tough no one  was buying them. This peep came like an angel. And offered me a good amount.  Annda keya chahey ? Du akhein !

I stared my tank with  molly and guppy. Cute, small not so fancy fishes. Never keep gold fishes .They are ugly and just over rated. My mollies  gave birth and it was quite enjoyable. They usually  give birth after every 30 days. Mine one,  once  gave 20 babies, and other time 36. Actually  they  don't lay eggs. Don't ask me why.  However,  after two pregnancy  parent fish   died. Few babies survived, few died. I used to move them into breading thank and then back to home tank. At one point, I was  so convinced if this keep going on  I will take up a fish businesses.

I always kept my tank cleaned. and I also had 4 sucker fish. So  my fishes did not die like others dies ...quickly .They were strong and in good  clean environment. Never fed them with bread, or any other home made thingy. Proper filter and sucker fish  is  the name of the game to keep fishes alive.

OK, I was saying after molly and guppy I bought shimmer king, which was freaking macho. @ albino shark, and 2 other black/ blue shark. They were literally crazy. Jumped so many times from tank. What if they had injuries fater such stupid jumps ? All blame would be on me.

I had them for more then 8 months. They were gays. I swear. No activity, man.  Just eating, eating and eating. Is this life? Eating eating and eating, and swimming !

Thanks heaven, I ain't a fish.

Pets should be adorable and adorable. But I like ugly mutts. Uglier the better. It so cute when peeps dub tehir mutts ...son... LOL.

I hate cats in case you don't know. They look so makroo.  My sister hate cats, my mother hate cats and my father too. My borther  says nothing about animals. I once bought an abandoned  kitten from street, my mother and sis freaked out. I gave her to a family lives in block D. They already had a Turkish Van, pure white cat. Mine was not a problem for them. They still have mine !!! She is so cute and white.

Actually my whole family hate pets. Some have allergies, some are scared of them.

My first ever pet were  colored baby chickens. Papa bought 9 chickens for me. Then he also bought parrots, and other fancy birds.

However, I am not taken in caging birds. I kills me to see birds in cage. Tell me how will you feel if I will cage you  just becasue you look so fancy ?

I let them flew. So I only had colored chicken and fishes.  I still loves sweet chicken. I’m all for chickens and if you lucky, they grow up into big chicken, you can  roast it and have a party.  Two of mine frow up in to big chicken. I dunno if today's kids buy them.  I also used to barter giving slippers and coats to get them. Those were days. Today's kids are gay.

Now I live in apartment, not that possible to have them. I had sold my fishes. I can not have cat and  dog. My sis and mom will have an heart attack.

Tell me think what should I get next!!!!!!

There is this guy in my apartment he has a snake. Creepooo !

Do you have any pets?

Photo credit:
Lise Vestergaard Jensen 


  1. I once had a goldfish but it jumped out of the tank.
    I hate cats too.
    Pets need a lot of effort...
    Miss Starshiny

  2. You like ugly dogs? Hm I like cute dogs lol. I have 1 dog and 2 rabbits. The rabbits are nice and friendly but they are approaching almost 10 years old so I don't think they will be around much longer. I don't think you should get another pet, I agree with Miss Starshiny, pets are too much work and effort.

  3. Well I so love my pets. I have Mirmo (a cat), freshwater fishes and a dog. Last few months, I have a pet snake, you know those harmless one. After thinking this, I think I am a one-man-zoo. lol.

    Love those colored chickens. They're cute and adorable!

  4. Oh wow I didn't know that fish breed that crazily! I'm glad you managed to sell them :) The coloured chickens are so cute!

  5. I have 6 dogs, 150 koi fishes and 2 fighter fishes :)

  6. I don't have any pets as I figure it is enough trouble to take care of myself. :-)

  7. last time when I was a kid, I use to rear fish..
    but all RIP..

  8. We have a cat and a dog, they are so sweet natured. My sister once got a snake because my sons (young at the time)asked her to do so. snakes are not quite what you expect when you touch them.

    I once had a client who had an iguana (or something like that) roaming around her living area, its skin colour would change depending on the temperature.

  9. I've never seen a coloured chicken before! I have no pets but would some day love to have one? They do seem like such a hassle though...

  10. Oh JOY, oh joy!

    I am taking these lines out of context,
    but try to see the humor I saw here.
    You wrote

    "Tell me think what should I get next!!!!!!
    There is this guy in my apartment......."
    FUN-NEE, girl!
    Thank you for laugh-of-the-day!

  11. I have a Jack Russel terrier breed of dog. Maybe a turtle might be a neat pet. They sell medium size to little turtles. I hear hedgehogs are popular at least in Germany.

  12. Ooooh poor chickens! :( They color them! It's cruel Ö
    I have to kittycats here :D

  13. I had a cat, but she died of cancer. At least your fish will now go to a good home, and not on someones plate with some chips ahah.
    The coloured chickens are unusual,

  14. Achay missing fish, have you seen the £1 fish man on youtube he from Pakistan and is famous here in UK. Anyways I think you should buy a cat. Please can you stick my bage "i love islam" on your blog with all the others, jazakAllah.

  15. My daughter LOVES chickens!! Our neighbor has a bunch who she feeds and catches. Then she smells like a chicken too lol :)


  16. there are also colored chicks in our country and their colors fade when they grow older hehehe..I don't have pets sis..we have fishes before but they all went bye bye so then on I avoided having pets..but for you is up to you what do you like..a hamster maybe or a talking bird ;)

  17. Wow Izdiher, I love your style of writing! You are so funny, it just makes me laugh! And yes I do have pets - 6 cats, lots of fish in a pond though I don't consider them pets and a tortoise in the garden. It came by itself one day and just stayed there. Its already 6 years now that the tortoise came.

  18. I have 3 cats- a domestic long hair, a maine coon and an abyssinian.. I love animals.. but for pets, I prefer the huggable ones.. :))

  19. Yes.. but right now we cant have pets at home.. the house owner doesnt like any pet in there.. maybe fish they will allow it but i dont like fish as a pet.

  20. those chicks are pretty cool. there was a time in the 80s when everyone had them.
    nah. i dont have pets because my condo rules prohibits it but if i had a chance, i'd keep a dog or a cat.

  21. Ha snakes are fairly terrifying, something about them not blinking...
    Do you have the link for the blogs you mentioned on my blog, i lost them. Thanks =D

  22. Aw im actually sad that you sold your fish - I love watching fish although the maintenance work is high. I dont have any pets but would love a persian cat.

  23. i love to keep pets but same as you,i have no time to look after :(

  24. Yeah, I can't stand to see birds in cages either. I don't know how people can keep an animal that's meant to go outside and fly around locked up inside a cage all day...

  25. Dera friend,
    Sadly, the beauty of freedom is not for everyone. As you might agree, pets are part of the family. I don'y have any because they break your heart when they fall asleep in death. Nice post. I certainly enjoyed it.

  26. I.. use to want fighting fish before.. a freakin' awesome electric blue one.. I use to have hamsters and bunnies. :D how about chinchilla?? or hedgehogs? or ferret.. :D

  27. My nieces like animals but the thing is we couldn't keep them because we all suffer from asthma. My niece Belle keeps her dog and rabbits in her aunt's house. We had a turtle back then, a pink chick, and another one, but I forgot how it's called...LOL.

  28. As a pilot, I think cats are great 'cause they can take care of themselves when I'm gone. I like dogs too, but they're a little more high maintenance. I love my cat Tarzan...and the neighbor cat Arwen recently "adopted" me. Now their OTHER cat, Toff, is trying to adopt me too!

    HELP, anybody need a CAT?!?!?

    Fantasy pet? A mountain lion, lol!