Monday, June 25, 2012

An unfortunate nation!

It's been ages I didn't listen any  Ghamdi Sahab's  lectures. So, today I just opened YouTube, and   to my horror  I saw one video why Gahmdi left Pakistan.

That video  was uploaded in Jan 5, 2011, at the time of  the  assassination of Salam Tasser, Governor Punjab who  took the clemency appeal of  that Christan woman sentenced to death over blasphemy allegations. Well, only Allah knows the best who did what. His own body guard killed him. After that  everyone became so careful because  no sane person want to be assassinated like governor.

I knew that he is no more in Pakistan, shows up in some news shows via telephone  from Malaysia and Dubai  tough I thought he is a scholar and might be traveling for lectures  or for some other reason.  He has " left " Pakistan never occurred to me.

He said extremist has been threatening not only him even his neighbors too, so he decided it is better to left. 

What an unfortunate nation, aha !!!!!!!!!!

 Then I saw  two another videos Vid -1  and Vid-2.

The vid -1 is whole propaganda against him by typical jahil mullahs, with their typical 100xs repeated bogus talks I can't buy in this lifetime. And vid -2 's  main focus is on his two cents on Hijab mostly and pointing his other statements.

Who gave YouTube and Facebook  to this jahil nation ?????????????????
Every time they do this. Here someone said or did one thing they don't like, here they are gonna exploite   that individual via YT and FB. Man, ban media, every kinda media and let them be in caves.

Why this happened to him?

Just cause he is a  liberal scholar. He does have long beard. He does not wear taupi on his head. His tone and tune is mild. His logic are excellent. His knowledge is superb. I never saw his angry, yelling, and imposing his point of view on others. His views are moderate. He is discussing issues, not converting anyone. Teaching Islam  but leave the decision to  people, whether they want to follow it or not. And this is quite a pain in ass for many.

He is not rubbing religion on others face. This is his crime, right ?

The problem  with this nation is that they want to follow bidad and pretty happy with it. They love extremism. Islam in Pakistan is in its worst form. And when ever some one gives a crack to teach them right thing  with logic and explanation, no one understand. So, good na. What ever happening here in the name of religion, and God is all inevitable.

All I will say is that  one of the biggest enemy of Pakistan is jahil mullah mafia who has spread the ugly picture of Islam. According to them  anyone who don't follow them blindly is kafir. Shia is kafir. Sunni is kafir. This whole world is kafir .Only they are doudh dhulay angalic creatures

It is so sad to see that how people are  so scared to say any thing new, and logical.  People are scared to stand for the right things. Shia is scared of Sunni. Minorities are  scared to death. Scholars like Ghamdi is scared.

He never spread any extremism and anything which is kufur.He is not giving fatwas to kill women if the singing or  dancing, marrying of their own choice. He is not preparing brained washed students to  blow up themselves, or killed anyone who is non-believer. He is not throwing acid on woman face.

There is a huge difference between being liberal and moderate. But yeah, I am totally aware of the fact that the word "moderate ' ain't in our dictionary. And those who claim themselves liberals are laughable.

 His leaving has made me so sad.

I started my Qur'an very very late. My parents send me to the local Masjid for Qur'an learning at the age of 4 or 5. It is pretty  normal age for any kid to start, and  mostly kids over here complete their Qur'anic studies at the age of  6 to 7.

But I ran away after one week. That environment, the crowd, the Mullah  was too much for me. Till my 20s I was so  far away from religion. I still am.

Then Geo TV started one  show called " Ghamdi. " I wanted to learn my religion, but I can't find anyone to tell me, what I was looking for _________peace, harmony, and God's true words. I was not buying the single world main stream mullahs was selling despite that I am born Muslimah. They repulse me.

That show  was something  I wanted so badly. Whole show was based on discussion and logic. So in the nut shell, I  learned all my religion from him. His way of teaching is so off beat.

After that I started my Qur'an and still learning.

Everyone need a teacher, and books to learn. Our Holy prophet and his books are there for us. Just sometimes we need humans to make things easy for us. I ain't also not saying I follow him blindly. He could be wrong. However, he is an intellectual, and  his teaching base on character building. And his shows are just merely discussion.

Nation who treat their scholars like this, and can't put up with  discussions are pretty unfortunate.

Aur is qoam ka tu khudha hee hafiz. hai  !!!!!

Visit his  website :



  1. i so agree, people nowadays, esp some maulas, are so keen on imposing "their" kind and idea of religion that it has completly exploited the real meaning of islam!
    nice to see people writing about it:) it may mark the start of a new revolution!
    jazakALLAH :)

  2. I despise mainstream mullas. They get on my nerves with their non-sense rant.

  3. You are so smart and brave, my friend. Please be careful. Hugs from Texas to you~

  4. everyone is entitled to their own belief(s)...but the bottom line is that one should not forget to use what they believe in for the betterment of him/herself or other people!

  5. I love this piece to bits. You're way beyond your age. I love that in you.

  6. A true liberal doesn't care what the people need or want. All they care about is what they think is best and to heck with everyone else. Such as the case here in the United States. President's Obama's slogan is, "It's time for reform, and America just needs to get on the bandwagon!" He doesn't care that he's running our nation into the ground, and picking our Constitution apart at the seams based on what our founding father's wanted for us and that is freedom and we have so many troops fighting for us now but what are they fighting for? Certainly not our freedom because that is slowly being taken away from us bit by bit by liberals! I hope that someone there stands up to these bullies both for your sake and the american people's sake or else both our countries are going to sink and we're all going to be liberal slaves!! Soon they will tell us when it's safe to go to the bathroom and how many squares of toilet paper we can use if any! LOL!

  7. Very well said Izdiher,good for you!

  8. In Pakistan, the controversial h=issues have taken such a toll that many who want to follow and learn about Islam are confused who to follow and what to follow.

  9. When I was young many extremists chanted the slogan: My country right or wrong! I never felt that way about America, My motto was: America when right, and when wrong to be made right. I'm sure Pakistan has both good and bad qualities, just like here in America. But it will take courageous people to right your country where it is wrong. Please be careful.

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