Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Green Soda

I have been thinking to write something, reckoning I have forget how to blog. 

It's 4th of  the Ramadan  today.

Summer break has finished at last.Work  started, and due to that my  daily routine has been changed apparently. Whole day passes so quickly, so yeah, you know I have to reschedule everything once again. I hope I get  back on track of blogging  pretty soon.

I usually get time to use comp after Iftar.

Mostly  ami  makes  Iftar, my sis  and I just help.  I can’t even think about making such yummy stuff after work. She does it despite  there’s so many delicious ready made things out there. I am one of those peep, who cooks, but this time around, I will go and buy from shop.

She asked me to make some  samosa, but I duuno how come it  ended up tasting too salty. My salt and spice measures are always perfect. Possibly due to fasting I could not taste it.

 I tell you one funny thing, you know I live in an apartment, and it is quite a  weird place. Flats are so damn close to each other. I can hear the the sound of  dish washing, people, commercials & special Ramadan transmission at the Suhoor time.Yeah, seriously, whenever my right hand neighbor, whose kitchen is  adjacent to my room washes her plates I get the idea it's time to get up.I can even hear thier Achow !

Almost everyone's lights and  telly are on around 3:00  AM in the  morning, and you must see the Trawahee slalat at night. Our Masjid is so small however  men manage  to pray out side of it.

Some timed I fancy  having my own place near a sea. I don't mind neighborhood. Its just like I no more wanna be in any parent meant. No matter how huge that is. Now, I want something different. I raised in apartments. We zipped around  a lot. So , I am done with this. And with house I would be able to scream, yell, or make noise or make a mess, or do anything  I would want to do any time, and no single soul  will have tad  idea what the hell I am doing. Cool, innt?

For Eid we are about  to shake our  home up. We have already changed the sofas, and curtain.  It been four years we were using the same sofas. It was time to buy new one. My fathers' best friend gave us that some four years ago, the time he was immigrating to Canada. He was a quite a successful builder over here, and way rich. He said when he told about the amount he is gonna take with him to canada, the  immigrant officer he fell down from his chair.
Just kidding

But he  literally got shocked!!!

There are few more  stuff to buy  for decoration like carpets. Although it's really time consuming process, and like in Ramadan, not that easy.

Yesterday, Dear John was on airing first time on the telly exactly around 5:30 P.M. when I start preparing tuck for the Iftar.  So I did didn't watch it.

Later !

I already have seen that movie for  like some more than 20x.  Regarded as a whole this flick is watchable, the ending is happy, and  I love watching it again and again. Sometimes there is something  in it  which is  gloomy and quite. Possibly it is the look of the film. I dunno what it is but it makes me sad.

Or maybe it is because of Channing Tatum. He seems like a quite guy.You know quite soul type people. They are happy people but quite.His body language is also quite. Notice him !

Hold one sec, I wanna bitch about  Ammanda Seyfried's acting, which sucks big time. Their was no  chemistry between her and  Channing Tatum, even I did not figure it out how come she suddenly married Tim.

 OK it might be not that suddenly. That  was the whole notion behind the story____ Dear John letter, right ?

They had to breakup. I just wanna find out she did that because she wanted to marry Tim, after getting beat of writing to John or he stalled it, and then she married  Tim?

What does the book say?

Because in the movie there was no such thing bet her and Tim. Randy was  making much  sense rather than Tim.

Whatever !

Channing Tatum's  latest  Magic Mike  has came out too.

Later, later !
You saw !  Movies ain't  tempting me. 

I had 2  cans of Pakola in the Sahour today. It is pretty hard for me to rein in it. You know, I am hooked to this soda real bad. Papa brought Rooafza___ that red fruit drink, Pepsi, but I can drink  hara hara Pakaola_____ ice cream soda until I’m blue in the face. 

""Harra, hara Pakola, ice cream soda"...remember that jingle ?

Maybe because I usually eat  spicy food awful lot, and in reaction  I need this sweet ice cream soda for must.

You know it named Pakola  like that: Pak + Cola = Pakola.

What's your fav  sarbet for Iftar ?
Or what's your  fav soda, spider, float ?


  1. Wow we don't have Pakota here in the states obviously. My favorite sodas are Dr. Pepper, RC Cola, Mountain Dew (and it's Code Red version), and Sundrop.

  2. Happy Ramadan ! Never heard of this cola before. BTW, I love Mountain Dew.

  3. Hi Izdiher....Yet another entertaining post....We don't have Pakola here. But surely this sounds fun. I love coke float. Vanilla softy and coke!

    P.S- The name 'Pakola' very funny! As if a totla bachcha is saying 'Pakoda'..U got it wat i said? :p

  4. I love carbonated drink like 100 Plus and Coke or Strawberry Floats. But never take them during sahur. Opt for hot drinks during sahur.. :)

  5. I meant to say isotonic drink, like 100 Plus.

  6. Hey...BTW did u check out my new blog?

  7. Oh I bet that tastes great!! We don't have that here... but we drink a lot of sodas around here too.. probably too many!! I love a good orange soda and vanilla ice cream.. we make a float with it!! It's so good!!

  8. Pakola sounds really good. I gave up all sodas about 4 years ago and only drink water and protein drinks now, so I live a very boring life.

  9. Lol we also get Rooafza during Ramzan

  10. My dear friend,
    Love your sense of humor. You are very funny. I never drink sodas....Its water for me. I guess its all about health not taste. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I wanted to add that if you have time, come join the Lovers' Cove Challenge happening right now over at my other blog Lovers' Cove. All you need do is write a line of 15 words or less, BUT your line has to continue on in thought from the previous person in the Linky...that's the challenge! For more, click here...
      Hope you can make it!

  11. i never had any icecream soda(like ever) so i can only imagine it is good.. my fav for iftar: Shorba to start, bagia. samosas. luqmal-khadi(somali/yemeni sweet) and khahwa to wash it down.

    Suhoor, i don't eat, i drink a glass of milk.

  12. I wonder if this drink is like our Cream Soda. Cream soda makes me throw up if I just smell it. This has happened to me four times. Yuk!

  13. Definitely a post with Fizz Izdiher, it is good to have something which we know we will truly like when the mood takes us.

  14. ramadan mubarak dear izdiher ..Im speding this ramadan in germany where non of the signs ur talkin about is there ...i guess u wont realize how much something means to u until u lose t :)

  15. Asalamu alaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu,

    I prefer dates & water at Iftari. what kind of Moral & Behaviour In Ramadhan do you think is acceptable?

  16. Ramadan mubarak dear Izdiher.
    I dont know the Pakola. But I love Cola light. <3
    But fur suhur I mostly drink juice or Moroccan tea.


  17. I love PAKOLA! :D
    It's the best drink one can ever have in khi :)
    I usually pour just a half glass of pakola and raise the level with icecubes :D
    Freezing cold Pakola <3

  18. Looks so refreshing soda with a unique name Pakola. Anyway, hope's Ramadan celebration there is doing well! Have a great day!

  19. Enjoy all the food and Pakola to your heart's content during Ramadan:)

  20. i am not into soda...
    but i can say im INTO channing tatum!!! i havent watched Magic Mike yet tough,,,it just started showing in big screen here in the philippines last week. :D

  21. Mountain dew and 7 up are all I want to... I do sometimes settle myself for coke zero if i cant have the first two that i mentioned.

    About Dear John... the book is way better...

  22. i love to drink mango shake:)

  23. Wish you a blessed Ramadan Izdiher! Enjoyed listening to you talk about Ramadan in Pakistan. Its almost the same here in Malaysia!

  24. OMG, I averted my eyes as quickly as possible when I realized that I was actually reading Dear John's story. I'm about to start reading that novel. This post needs a heads up or spoiler's alert for those who haven't read/watched Dear John yet.
    Oh & Happy Ramadan btw<3

  25. Ramadan Karem!
    I'm not a fan of sodas, but it always depends on what I'm eating. Certain foods, for me, need a bit of cold acidity. Of course, it's prob a bad idea to break your fast with soda. Pakola sounds like an interesting drink. (:

  26. It sounds so cute - pakola.. pak + cola.. hehehe.. we don't have it here.. but I like ice cream soda.. my fav. is vanilla coke! :))


  27. Ramadan karem izdiher :)
    i wonder how that soda tastes like.
    I love club cream soda from schweppes
    but i cantget it anywhere here :(
    so i make mango milkshakes for iftar.

  28. Gotta pour myself a liter of coffee before commenting here--to let y'all know what I think of any 'Cola' drink--grin! Pak-Cola, WOW! Where has this been all my life, LOL! Wonder do we have Vodka-Pak, Six-Pak?

    As for movies, only one movie I've seen more than once: GODFATHER! But when young Peep, I loved movies...they were an escape from my parents, school, fake friends, job, all my worries! Even sometimes I cried (Age 12-15) but sure would NOT tell anyone!

    Izdiher, you did not forget how to blog--still the same wonderful wit, humor, honesty, and "Down-Home" type writing which all of us have come to expect from you.

    I believe you could rise at 3 AM turn on the machine, and write a very decent and interesting blog post. That is MY experience here on your pages.

    No matter what you use for topic, it's gonna be GooooD!

    7th day of RAMADAN now...If you can hear the neighbors through thin walls, washing dishes, then maybe they can hear YOUR family as well--grin! Also you now know they have clean dishes next door!!!

    One thing about your posts, we ALL know it is the real YOU which is uncovering her heart, soul (sometimes) and ALL the time her views, political, and intellectual. I go now, but WILL be back!

    PEACE, Ifrah Jannnnn!

  29. Ist sehr interessant darüber zu lesen...

    Lieben Gruß und Sonne im Herzen

  30. Salam Izdiher :) I was totally entertained by your post...I was waiting for the soda episode LOL!

    I like Pepsi because it's sweet but when I started working in the journal, I switched to Light or Zero just like everybody else ~ just to watch out for Diabetes :P.

    Love and prayers this holy month!

  31. I have tagged you. Here's the link: http://imaginativespiral.blogspot.com/2012/07/tagging-season-2-episode-2.html

  32. Well, I am glad that you are back to blogging a little. You would missed far too much if you stopped for very long.
    That would probably drive me crazy having to listen to neighbours as you do, I feel sorry for you. I like my solitude and I am thankful that I am not bothered by neighbours. I believe that is why I own property out in the country, lots of space and no nosey people.
    I have not seen the movie "Dear John", sounds like a chick/girlie movie. I have not gotten a Dear John/Seth letter either, and would prefer never to.

  33. I like soda too but It kind of make my tummy fat so I avoid if possible...aahahahahah

    Magic Mike? Izdiher, be a good girl okay?

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  35. Wow!
    Hara Hara Pakola----------but it's not available here in the WEST--I never saw it in desi stores either.
    I am happy with one date (KHAJOOR) and a glass of homognised milk blended with red rooh afza .

    It feels good to drink this mashroob at IFTAAR TIME.
    But the ground reality is "hara hara pakola" or rooh afza milk --both are bad for health.
    Let's act better to be healthy than be sorry in the end.

  36. I hate when you can hear the neighbors - feels like there's no privacy ((( SO I totally understand.
    Love "Dear John" ;)

    Have a great day.
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  37. Hey, u have really interesting posts. Visit me when u catch up some free time. xoxo


  38. leaving in apartment is not that good for me , i live in big house alhamdullah , when we were kids we played all the time running from our parents so they can beat us! and screaming also beating each other XD
    so when you said you hear their "ACHOW" it's made me laugh , me and my sisters when we talking about some cute handsome men we will scream XD he's soo cute , i want to marry him ..etc but we don't say it in front of my mom or dad ( our rooms is up stairs and my parent's room is down stairs).

    me i love bison and pepsi

  39. I'm in an apartment. I hear the neighbors all day. I ready for a BIG house.

  40. Have you read the Nicholas Sparks' book where the movie originated? The movie adaptation diverted from the novel's story, especially in the ending. I love Channing Tatum too but not much as Amanda Seyfried. But more than the love story, I love the movie because it depicted a rare father-son relationship. The scenes involving John and his father and the letter actually made me cry.

    Just in case you might be interested, here's my own post of Dear John

    Have a great day!

  41. Hi! good idea to have house near by beach but hey beware of tsunami!...anyway not too late for me to wish you happy ramadhan time..


  42. thank you very much for sharing the information ... god bless you

  43. Peace be on you, the soda sounds delicious is it sold in America and if so where?

  44. I like Channing! There is no pacola here in the PH but I like Coke and Sprite. It was nice stopping by your blog.