Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet the dude !

Everyone says I am a bak bak gal, am I ?

 Well, No. Meet  Geoff, who is  more bak bak than me.

Just joking  Geoff  is one great dude with whom I talk a lot.You can ask him how I eat his brain.
..... and flirt a lot. (Seriously, I love flirting with him)

 He is funny, not ha -ha-ha funny, but someone with whom you could have fun. He says he ain't "the dude "_______  a dude, just  a dude but I reckon he is one great dude. 

But now he has headed to states for his vac. I have already started missing him real bad :(.  
 OK, Good for him. He needed this break !

Visit his blog   : the sun still sets in the
 and Follow him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I don't know about your friend but you sure are a lot of fun. ;)
    It's downright amusing to read your posts. :)

  2. HI! I love reading your posts. Great blog! I will be stopping by often

  3. Is your friend really this good or is it just your knack that has made him sound that way? :P

    Ramadan Karim! :)

  4. Such a SWEET post! Your friend is lucky to have a friend, like you!!! ;)

  5. Asalamu alaikum, jazakAllah khair for sharing, come see some Ahadeeth Regarding Ramadhan inshAllah

  6. Good to see your post appear after the vanishing act, Izdiher:) Have lots of fun!!

  7. Dear Izdiher,
    I hope your friend enjoys his trip and returns to you safely. You are a good friend (smile). Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great to hear about ur friend :)

  9. You're one of the nicest, sweetest people I've ever met without meeting :) Whoever would have thought I had to go to Saudi Arabia to meet a girl from Pakistan??? And I don't flirt! I'm much too dull to flirt...Although, IF I did flirt, since you're Eastern, and I'm Western, and flirting is frowned upon...we'll just assign it a different name. From now on flirting will be referred to as "discovering the intricacies of other cultures" ;)

    Seriously though, thanks for the share and the glowing recommendation.