Friday, August 17, 2012

Cleaning home and all that jazz.

My Eid holidays had officially started from 16th Aug. No yakka till 23rd August.

So for that we have started off  shaking up home and all that jazz.

All windows, doors  have been cleaned. Only  our room is left, which my sis has to do. It's her task, though  I am fully confident  she is not gonna do it at all. And  in the end I will be doing it.

See, cleaning is my bag. But does it mean I have to  pick up after  everyone.
OK, gotcha, you are a slob too, so pretty much hard for you to relate with.

I never mind cleaning, and other stuff like doing dishes before  they start building up, and taking out the garbage. Only chore I hate is dusting, because over here it  get  dusty pretty much. Sometime twice a day ain't  enough.

 We have gotten new sofa, carpets and curtains two months ago. So, no sweat about them.

Wasy I hate too much furniture & carpets. Less is better.

About carpets: Excuse me, this is Karachi, ain't  Tehran or Kabul. There must be  marbles floors, no all.Carpet gives me dirty look. I dunno why, OK. No offense those who loves this thing. Anyhow this is so  Karacites.....follow fads and trends, no matter it is for them or not. Wear  coat suite and tie, and long kaftan type kameez  in crazy sweltering June, July and sweat like pig cat.

Yesterday, I just slept all day.  Thought today I got up around 9 am. Well, I do. I am more like a  morning peep. I love nights too, for sleeping.

Sleeping, and sleeping.

You peep have no idea how much sleeping is impo in my life. They keep my sane.

My naps are for 3 to 4 hours.

Two days ago I just got up from my deep noon nap, like you know in a strange way, like I thought it's morning and I have missed shaoor,  school, and its a new day.  In reality it was the same  Al-asre time, around 5 20 pm.

This happens a lot with me.

 Have such crazy things ever happened to you ?

Leave crazy me. I know gals don't sleep that much, and if they do, not like that  dead.

 So because of my goofiness, I hadn't cleaned drawing room  till yesterday Ami was so mad at me.
Well, nothing new. She is never happy with me.

Why she is also on my case? why only on me !!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I was the youngest, or the middle child. My other siblings are living so cool life. By the way I have cleaned it now, first thing in the morning. I asked her for a break, so I could tell you how cruel she is.

You have no idea how she threats me.
" Lets go home. I  tell ya father, you splurge 3,000 just in one day shopping. I am gonna tell your father to stop giving you khaarci." Money does not grow on trees. Don't  run to me for  single penny. Go and ask your father.
"What business you are doing on comp. Wait ! Let your father come, I tell him. "
" When will you learn to make round roti? What will you feed your husband_______ burgers, zinger and pizza? he will scarper. "

" I was mother of 3 at your age,  Look at you look !! Look at you  !!! "
" I yaka hard on your hair, look at your self."
" You don't love your kahla khalu(uncles and aunties). You did not cry my my chacha's funeral. All my cousin's daughters face were straight.

Sometimes I think she picked me up from some  trash bin.

My brother and sis  splurge more than me. But it is halal for them. She never threats them like this I-am-gonna- tell-your father. They are always online, smsing, though no scolding to them.

And yes...I will feed supper cheese burgers, zinger and pizza to my husband.  He will be the luckiest man on this earth.

Amiiiiiiiiiiii, my hair are fine. Just fine. They are fine because you worked hard on them.

I am fine, so fine.

 I LOVE YOU, Ami so much.
 I LOVE YOU, Ami so much.
 I LOVE YOU, Ami so much.
 I LOVE YOU, Ami so much.
 I LOVE YOU, Ami so much.
 I LOVE YOU, Ami so much.
 I LOVE YOU, Ami so much.
 I LOVE YOU, Ami so much.


  1. Very sweet post! Have a great Id:)

  2. lolz it was like i was telling ppl about my home:D "paise drkhto pe nai ugtyyy"mama's old dialogue:D lolz i really enjoyed it and hey mashAllah pretty you are.remember me in your prayers:D :)

  3. Owh.. Im sure your ami loves you so much that she wants you to be well prepared before got married.. and especially you're the eldest.. the responsibility is more, you're expected to be a role model for your younger siblings.. I think this is happening in almost every family.. Even in my family, my mom always find faults of my eldest sis and I feel sorry for her.. and also feel guilty as everybody treat me so good.. *yes, I'm a spoilt brat* hehehe.. and you know what, my eldest sis is the 2nd best cook in my family after my mom.. :)) and she is the person we seek advice from if we can't reach mom.. now I understand why my mom treat her such way; so that she can take care of her younger sis and bro when my mom not around.. So cheer up babe!
    Happy Eid and have fun!


  4. You slept all day yesterday! Good for you!
    By the way, you have a very pretty picture there on the side. You look stunning!

  5. You are a great daughter. I am so envious of your naps- wish I could sleep at all! Ha! Have a wonderful Eid~

  6. Have a great Id and enjoy the festival :-)

  7. HAHAH! Izdiher, this post is SO good, So true in all the different ways there can BE truth. Brava, for being just yourself on here. Honesty will win EVERY TIME!
    Hamburgers should satisfy any husband of yours--he will, after all, have YOU!

  8. I'm afraid to take naps. At my age, I want to stay awake as much as possible. You never know....
    On an unrelated note, it's good to see someone else poke fun at Tehran.
    I like having company. Those people can get wicked cranky.

  9. I have an older sister and it is never easy for the oldest. You have a great sense though of humor and it is a great gift being able to speak from the heart. Great photo too!

  10. Izdi, I love your posts, the are so true and you are full of honesty, don't worry girl, my mom is the same like yours, but I am used to of her scoldings... :p
    And your hubby won't scamper, he won't get someone like you anywhere else in the world! ;)

  11. Sleeping is great when you can get it and need it, sure your husband knows how good he has it too.

  12. Just like you, I also hate carpets :)) I am the eldest in my family but thank God I did not face such a situation maybe because my mom was the youngest in her family and was pampered in her childhood and so she transferred that pampering on me :)) I sometimes tend to sleep like you-in the evening and wake up at night confused:))

  13. love the writeup...sooo interesting...

  14. I find your life so interesting, but then people are always more interested in what's going on in someone else's house than their own, right?

  15. Carpet is nice the first year, then it's downhill from there. There was green carpet in my brother's room. 20 something years later (and it wasn't new when we moved in) it was yellow and nasty. He finally tore it off the floorboard.

  16. You`re mom`s just typical,so no worries doll,happens to all the eldest siblings since they have all that 'setting a good example' for our younger ones and stuff. I totally understand,we just might be in the same boat :P

  17. I'm not a big fan of dusting, either. My son recently came up with a cool game that makes it fun. So now I make him do the dusting!

  18. Hi hon how are you?.... It's been a long time since i last visit your blog i am sorry I've been busy with this and that of life... is that you on the pic over there >>>>>>
    If that's you... then you look very gorgeous.. you have a great weekend :)

  19. you are lucky to have such a good mom who is tutoring you for your actual life.
    You love sleeping and sleeping in this life but sleeping and sleeping is for the next aalm-e-burzukh (grave).
    May Allah give you a long healthy and wealthy life and bless you with a good at heart hubby who takes care of you so much that he would let you dine out day and night.
    BTW: Carpets are no good as people walk over them with shoes on--so what a waist and extra cleaning work?
    Here in Canada, nobody dares step on the carpet without taking the shoes off.

    ********EID MUBARRAK*************.

  20. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I am following you now. My blog is


  21. I don't like carpets too!!! I think a home is and look better without them!

  22. Hi from Greece!!!
    My english is bad,and i need a translate button here-))))
    best regards Christa

  23. Nice elegant blog! It has its own personality. I am in the middle of remodeling my home. The dust is unbelievable, so ya I can relate to the cleaning. My carpet is old what would you recommend for a floor?

  24. wishing you a Eid Mubarak. Have a lovely day.

  25. You got me laughing at the last part... you complain too much but you do love your mom... I could understand how it is to get to do all the chores by yourself... oh well!

  26. lol your post made me think your are talking about my life XD
    my mom always says this " when i was at your age i had kids...etc " really what the big deal about this -_-?

    yeasterday we washed the living room and the kitchen ( our floor is marbel woo hoo )we took Water hose and washed it .

  27. I like to sleep a lot too, when I can. I see you have a picture of Channing Tatum. His family lives not too far from me. He is from Alabama.

  28. So you don't mind house cleaning? Good to know. You are hired!
    So you like taking long naps. I enjoy taking naps too, even at my age. On my days off from work, when I am being lazy, I quite often take a nap or two or three to refresh myself and then I can get back to being lazy and doing nothing again! Love days off from work.