Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keeping records.

When ever I like some one I like them beyond reckoning. On the other hand if I don't like someone no matter how much some one push me I will never be able to get along well with them.

And there is no criteria or any thing particular on which I say I like them for. Like people say they like funny people, they like smart people, they like talkative... open kinda people, etc, etc.

There  is not such thing in my life.

It is just I dunno, I never mull over about it why I like this peep until now when I attended one  religious gather. The lady scholar said God love those people who love  each other for him........ for his sake only. She further said its kinda worship.

 Over all, if my mood good, and peep is OK, I am friendly. If peep is just like me, and giving good vibes I'm super hyper in a good way, OK .

Mean to say with some peeps it is way essay to  hit off. If things don't go well I  give chances,  rabbit on, however if still it's not hitting off then this a sign that person is never gonna be my friend.

 You know, like sometimes there are so many people around us  and we don't feel close enough to be with them for what whatever reason, we just don't feel connected, and sometimes totally strangers becomes so closed. It seems pretty normal to me, because it is quite  impossible to be friend with everyone.

It's needs lots of balls to be that good, you know.

Like I feel insure sometimes, like  they  judging me. And I have prove. So instead of opening can of warms I prefer to  avoid them. However you bump into  each other occasionally especially if that rotten soul is so called relative .

I just say Aselamalikum, Hi or hello, and move on.

Well, the point of this post is that, many time my heart is still not that clean  about those mean people I love them even for the sake of God. I do try, but they keep hurting me.

Of course problem is in me. It's my life I could forget  and forgive, but I am not forgetting it. I am keeping their record.


  1. I think that's all you can do.. you are doing the best you can. This is life you know, some people are going to appeal to you more than others.. some are really going to get under your skin. It just depends on how you choose to deal with them.. Just say, Hi, hello and move on.. Wish them well although some are not as deserving as others.

  2. completely understand you. I am just like that. :) If my mood is good i can hit it off with most people. Sometimes i feel a stranger with my relatives and sometimes a random person in an airport can seem like a friend.

  3. I get totally what you are saying. I always go in with an open mind in meeting people and just let them be who they are. If they turn out to be mean, I move on politely~

  4. At least no one can accuse you of being dishonest. That says something.

  5. Hey Izdiher....I know what you mean, because I do feel the same way, sometimes when you hear the talks or read that person it's as if you don't feel that he/she is sincere or honest, or something like that...its just not clear, and maybe you see that person being Judgmental....not all people are the same. You can't be friends with everyone... I choose my friends. Sometimes, I feel it's not a friendship between hearts to hearts....rather it's only for fun...but God knows the hearts, and so this is what matters. It's better to stay away from the person whom you feel strange about, and if someone left me telling me the truth that she doesn't like me, I prefer it this way rather than painting lies to not hurt me. Sometimes truth hurts but it's for the best, just as long as she feels happy that way. Anyway, Be who you are. Take care.

  6. Hey your being truthful, honest and sincere :)
    Take care.

  7. Great Post - I am someone who likes to see the good in everyone unless they have shown to me personally that they are a bad person. It is hard to forgive even though we should try our best. I think the best option if you can't forgive is to try to avoid that person as much as possible so then you don't need to worry.

  8. Izdiher, your posts are so adorable as they come straight from the heart and strike the chord. It is true that right chemistry can do wonders :)

  9. You are very honest dear Izdiher and it is best to be true to yourself. We cannot get on with everyone, sometimes there is an instant connection with some people we meet, other times we feel no connection at all. That is alright, we cannot like everyone, it also has a lot to do with chemistry, just politeness will do when we encounter these people. I am a bit of an idealist, I look for the good in everyone but sadly I am often let down or disappointed with someone's behaviour or their morals once I get to know them better, that is when I move on. I have plenty of friends who are good people, whom I love dearly. Take care sweet girl.
    xoxoxo ♡

  10. Izdiher
    You are right, when our chemistry does not mathc with the other no relationship can be developed.

  11. Hi Izdiher, I've just discovered your blog and love it!!!

    Yo're very honest, I'm trying to keep a good people in my life and reject bad people, they aren't interenting on me and viceversa.

    If you want you can visit and follow me in order to keep in touch.

    lot of love from

  12. hey i felt i was telling this things to my mind:D really yar i also feel like this its wrong but what to do?:D

  13. It is always so hard, a part of us wants to get on well with others, however I believe in live and let live because the laws of attraction bring those who were strangers to our "door". We then feel that special connection which is all to rare and a great privilege when it happens!

  14. Thanks for sharing your innermost feelings with us dear. Creating boundaries very early in relationships is the best way I believe. Take care,

  15. You know the difference between you and the other person beside you? It is that you know that you are human and confess being one. Whereas there are others who just love to show off their greatness but hey we are all humans, undeniably, and we ain't that forgiving and loving.

    I like you very much! :)

  16. Great post!!!!


  17. i know what you mean when you said that there are just people we can't seem to connect to no matter how much we try to do so. on the other hand, there are strangers that we feel instantly connected to even if it was just the first time we saw them. i find it strange, but i guess that's just how it is. it is okay, izdiher. we need not be friends with everyone. i find that it is perfectly okay not to have a lot of friends and it is much better to have a few who will stick with you no matter what. <3 :-)

  18. I couldn't agree with you more. I can't forgive mean people myself. I am a very kind and friendly person and I have a huge amount of respect to myself (which is probably my defect), and therefore if someone offends me really bad, I will never let go. I won't be mean to them though, I just erase them from my life.. I think it's bad...

  19. Dear Izdiher,
    When we have been hurt before, we have to create boundaries to protect ourselves. My circle of friends is very small. These are the few people I trust with my life and who I know will never let me down or betray me. Some of them are family members and others total strangers whom I've come to know and highly respect. To forgive shows humility. It is not always easy to be humble and forgive someone who has wronged you. Jesus forgave those who transgressed against him, even going so far as to give his life for us, so we have to ask ourselves, if he can do such a big deed, surely we can do something as small as forgive? To forgive does not mean to forget. It just means we have moved on from that point in time. It's much healthier to forgive too. Holding on to pain, anger and hurt just wastes so much energy that can be spent doing joyous things. Thanks for sharing.

    Finally getting around to visiting everyone from Blog Hop Saturday! #4. Thanks for linking up. Hope to see you again for the next hop on September 1st. The Linky will open on Aug 3st. Invite your friends...everyone is welcome. Thanks again & see you soon!

  20. I feel ya on this one. I mean I try to be happy and open to meet new people and get along with them most of the time but sometimes, some people just don't mesh with me.

    I just keep in mind that not everyone can be friends and that it is OKAy and normal :)

    mad love,

  21. Oh yes, I can relate to you! I understand, we can never please everybody no matter what we do!

  22. Awesome post Izdiher! :D
    And well, be good even to those who hate you right ? :)
    Choti si tou zindagi hai ;)

  23. Yes, we can forgive but not forget.. but you know what, don't waste your time and happiness thinking about those peeps..

  24. Just brush off the dust and move on if they don't receive you, dear soul.
    You are blessed in everything you do, but mostly in who you are.


  25. Be patient with yourself and you'll discover many more things about yourself and others... :)

  26. in my life lots of people hurt me so much that made me cry since the first day of school till i growup .
    if i saw them i will do the same like you did , hi ...etc and they keep avoiding me like they don't want to talk to me or hearing me . but i don't hate and i'm proud of myself due to i'm not bad person like them , i care i have heart , that's who i'm i can't change myself even if they said bad names about me , laught at me ( only God know how was my feeling ), they will say i'm doormat just because i don't hate and love to help who hurt me.

    my dear sister you are very PURE HEART and i love you ya okhti <3