Thursday, August 2, 2012

Walk in my heels.

Though we are technically in monsoon, it hasn't rain yet. It has to be rain, man. Well, over all weather is good ...and windy. I am lovin' it. I even loved summer.Dunno why peeps bitch about it. See, problem is with you.You didn't enjoy it !

You know I was on 3 month break which was ain't interesting but still I got enough time to mull over a lot about me, and my life.

Just joking....... who cares for life?

What do people think about life so much, and turns it into a filthy rat race?
 Just live , and let other live, bitch!

 Weak ago I also  got my hair cut ( this is more impo ,Ok?) So happy with it. A good hair cut maters. It can make you or break you.

It has also  been yonks I did not oil them.So in noon I oiled them with mustard oil, and warped them with dupatta  for 30  solid minutes then washed with shampa Ta da !

....Typical desi ! I know.

Well dub us anything, however we desi gals have ubber awesome hair, and it is all becasue of  oiling. You should do that too.

Today my father and bro did not break their  fast with us. They were invited for an Iftar party.

Ami was in no mood of cooking any tuck. So we  went to Iqra side like  al-aser and bought three plate of   briyani for us. Some times we buy zinger too.

Then we saw sale at sawa shoe outlet. I needed to buy new shoes.

This one I bought is totally flat. They are comfortable and  more in a budget. Just 295/-. I  wanted something  I can wear at job, and  wanted them to be practical. In my job I have to stand and walk almost all the time.

I bought flats  for another purpose  too.  Just wanna petering out  heels. I am no more wearing high heels. Seriously, done with them. You people have no idea about it. I am petite and they are my need. I can even run in them.

I have to buy a new  cuppa of tea too, but it was getting late so we  make tracks.

At my new wok place we have to bring our own tea cups, tea bags, milk and sugar. However I ain't drinking any thing till I will buy them later. I just have to go this week more. Then we are gonna get Eid holidays.

Well it's getting late I gotta turn in bed.

 Sweet dreams.


  1. Well...I'm going for shopping too tomorrow to same place...Haidery (Great Place)!
    Ramadan Mubarak!

  2. To me, anytime is a good time to shop for shoes!

  3. shopping to chase away the blues.. :) have a good time!

  4. Fine tot hear that fasting goed well! Take care! :D

    1. Can't type anymore xD Supposed to be "Fine to hear that fasting goes well"

  5. Yes, darling, it's getting nearer and nearer to Eid.. Yeay! ^_^

  6. Oh flats sound comfy :) High heels all the way for me though! <3

    Let`s hope it rains soon :(

  7. Ramadan Kareem Izdiher!. I thought you had holidays, you are back to work in Ramadan already? Btw the picture of Channing Tatum is very distracting lol..and I must Ramadan unfriendly..hehe.!
    Hope you are enjohying the weather it is very hot and humid in Jeddah, waiting for it get cooler. It didnt rain this year here either it usually rains once or twice in the winter, but this year they prepared for it and nothing happened! Oh well, just as well, I'm not sure the roads were that ready to stand heavy rain! Thank you for commneting on blog sweetie!tc xxx

  8. Ramazan Mubarak :)
    I also prefer flats ,they are more comfy and convenient.
    Ps:I have read ur blog after a long time cux I have been busy in exams and stuff .Also just woke up from a lazy phase but It was good reading ur blog. :)

  9. I have a fairly large shoe's getting to be expensive. The worst part is buying shoes that you end up wearing only once or twice. Also, while I love wearing high heels, I am getting tired of them and have been opting for wedges that are less than 3 inches high.

  10. LOVE flat shoes! I have two pair that I've completely worn out because I wear them so much. This puts me in a shopping mood for replacements. :) Love ya!

  11. I would fall and bust my rear if I tried wearing heels.. I've always said, it takes a very well balanced woman to wear high heels... I am not stable!!! HAHA! The weather here has been terrible! No rain all Summer, all the crops are dying, and we've had several wild fires.. It's not good! Any-how, I'm ready for fall! My kind of weather!! Take care Yar!

  12. Shoes without high heels are better for your feet.

  13. So you are employed again. That's a good news, I hope?
    High heels are really uncomfortable to use everyday. They are better off used for special events when there is less walking, more sitting and a need for showcasing a glam look. ;D
    But I suppose, it's become a statement of power and independence for women these days. I don't get it though. :P

  14. I'm always in my ballerina! I can't walk properly in heels! :( hehehe..

  15. What I like about your posts are their spontaneity! Have a great time Izdiher:)

  16. dsprtly waiting 4 rain:(,and hey flat sandals r nice and my feet find comfrt to have them:p

  17. Doesn't it feel good to be kind to your feet? Great post as always, you always make me smile, here is one just for you Izdiher :)!

  18. Ooo, it's all rain here for a week Izdiher... I guess God sent them here to visit and it'll soon come your way, inshallah.

    If you're comfortable wearing heels at work, then do so ;) I guess it's more of a need than fashion as you said although it could be both :)

    Waiting for your Eid too :) Til that day, Ramadan Mubarak :)

  19. That's good! you had a great weather. Here in the Philippines, typhoon Gener just passed us by. It's been raining for almost a week and today the weather is good enough. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend! Take care!

  20. Mmm mmm, biryani is one of my faves. Have a great weekend

  21. Happy to read you, like these little moments of your life! I am tall so hight heels are definitely not for me, tought a long time ago I used to wear them a lot!
    Blessed day to you Izdiher. xx

  22. Biriyani is loved by both me and my hubby. I know quite a few Biriyani recipes. I oiled my hair last week with coconut oil and wrapped it up in a towel { which I soaked in hot water before wrapping }.It does wonders to hair! Why don't you carry homemade tea or coffee in a thermo flask to work ? those tea bags don't taste as good.

  23. Can't wait for raaiiinn!
    Can't wait for EIIIIDDDD!
    Buuut i love ramadhan too </3
    Aaaaand, Rs.295 is so cool! :O
    One barely gets good shoes in this price these days.

  24. I love heels!!! But my sister never lets me wear them. :(

  25. I do like summer but prefer winter. I love the snow. I truly enjoy the quietness, and calmness that winter brings with it. I love snowmobiling too and that's my favourite hobby in the winter to do. All seasons seem to be able to offer us something. Things seem to be going well with you. Glad to read that. I hope that you have a great upcoming week. Enjoy your summer days ahead.

  26. The only tea i like is Green Tea in loose form , i hate tea bags.Glad to see your dealing with Ramadan, in the heat it can be even harder , do you drink water at least? I think there is lee way to not fall over from de hydration.