Saturday, September 15, 2012


 Any Muslim who has seen that 14-minute offensive, pornographic  and vulgar  movie clip "Innocence of Muslims" on you tube are naturally  hurt and  angry. They have to be. And those who are saying ignore it, are hypocrite.

A Muslim can give his/her  life and soul for his Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him).
Non -Muslims laugh at that attitude. This is our attachment, and love for him ( pbuh). We strongly believe his honor is our honor. Freedom of speech is one thing. Insulting prophet  is another.  Lots of people have disagreement with Islam. They say, no sweat.

Every time some low life is there to mock our religion, and prophet....... make cartoons, burn Qur'an, insulting without knowing  a single thing about Islam. Even comments on even Cat Steve songs on you tube are so blasphemeic, just cause he has embraced Islam.

This massive type of protest after that pornographic and vulgar clip about our prophet was inevitable.

However things turned violent in Libya, Tunis, Egypt, where U.S. Embassies  were  not only being attacked,  U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya  killed.

Anger over offensive thing is understand able, but  directing this to US only, and killing its people  is  literally telling the world that  we Muslims are really really extremist, and empty minded who really behaed who insult Islam.

Sorry to say, we  are  proving  this just  flick right.

We have to  keep   protesting  peacefully for such things or if find out who the low life behind this then arrest him and put him in jail. I want goggle and youtube to remove  this clip  as soon as possible. Just image 14 minutes clip can stir up this much tension what will the movie do ?

Blaming every time USA is quite stupid.

Actually  just like the west have Islam phobia, in Muslim world  there is American phobia. " Go, America Go." "Death to America" " "Israel is a child of America" Etc, etc.

And  are  you really sure this guy who  took  credit for this flick  is  AMERICAN ?

 Hasn't he told the Wall street journal and APP press via phone call that he is an real estate developer from Israeli, and a Jew. Then he him denied being Sam Bacile, said he is a Coptic Christan. 

Cindy Lee Garcia, who played the mother of Muhammad's bride-to-be, said the "Bacile" claimed to be an Israeli real estate mogul. Later, however, he told her he was Egyptian and she heard him speaking in Arabic with other men on set.

There there is another guy, Nakoula Bassely , an American citizen originally from Egypt, who resentfully had been arrested,  is pretty fraud, says he is Coptic.

God knows the best.

It might be from some one, or group of  people who hate Islam. Lots of people do. There is also some who make cartoon character of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him). And there are also some extremist kind of people who fund these things. Who knows?

Coptic Christan  seems real, becasue in Egypt, Coptic Christan and Muslim tension is quite visible. So who knows it was made by an Egyptian Christan who hates Islam, and being funded by those who also hate Islam.

My point is still it is an individual act, and  from no where it is   proving  that  the whole US is behind it. No country makes such kinda flicks for youtube, so people become angry and start a war. And on the other hand normal people don't protest like that. These are exactly those countries where so called revolution happened. These protestors were armed.

Us should cotton on why she supported Libyans. 

Never mind American government has also very bad habit of poking her nose into other people business. Now facing the music of feeding, funding freedom fighters and supporting  democracy in  Arab world.  Who cares if there is democracy in Arab world or Qaddafi ?

Muslims world should gang up  against violence and terrorism in Syria, where almost everyday innocent people are being murdered, illiteracy and stupid cave like attitude  instead of outraging at this third class, pathetic racist flick.

These type of haters are always gonna be in this world.  

 It is very strange to see that this world is becoming a horrible place. And more strange to see that people from same father  Prophet Abraham (pbuh)  (Christan , Jew and Muslim) are so blood thirsty for each other.


  1. Great Post - I too am angered at how some Muslims are demonstrating viciously - yet won't give the same enthusiasm to demonstrate on saving their fellow muslims in other countries who seriously need their help!

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  2. Great post, America does have a problem with being nosy. We always have. There are times in the past you would have thought that we had learned our lesson, but nope.. Some higher up official gets his feelings hurt and they go off declaring war. It is sad, but there are a lot of us Americans that would love for all of this to stop. They say we are the land of the free, but we are held down as slaves in our own country just not in a way most people see. My heart goes out to all of those in the Middle East and other places overseas where the US has come in hurting the innocent. Radicals are everywhere and they won't stop. Maybe one day things will get better, inshallah.

  3. Thank you for posting about this issue.. you are giht the Coptic Cristian and Egyptian story sounds likely though could easily be Israeli too..Only God knows, that he has incited so much violence.

    I wish Muslims would protest peacefully and emulate the character of our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) and not turn to violence giving the world a further chance to judge us and further malign our already poor image.

    I wish us Muslims weren't so reactive and easily manipulated....
    There are so many weapons in Libya, which were provided by the Foreign forces to purportedly fight Qaddafi...yeah right..why would anyonce give back their guns in an unstable country? There will be civil war and anarchy there for another 20 years...

    Sigh makes me really sad that I can't do anything to stop thi s..each year seems worst than the last in terms of what is happening to Muslims and their countries.

  4. This could be a long response, but I'll keep it short. Despite what some paranoids think, you must remember that American entertainment and Media are not Government controlled. So all that happened was some American citizen made a movie, or tried to make a movie. America herself had nothing to do with it. So the Islamic world can protest the movie, can boycott and forbid their citizens from watching it, or could make a spoof movie about the life of Jesus if they want. They could even fly over to the US and murder the man, they would go to prison, but hey whats the harm? 4 murders have already been committed.

    As to America being involved, I have mixed feelings, some want us to go back to the idea of "Island America" and just ignore the rest of the world. Let it starve, succeed, fail, or kill itself. Ignore it with our military, ignore it with our food and charities and relief efforts. Ignore it with our politics. Others want us on speed dial every time something goes wrong. Remember the statement made about two months ago? "By not stopping Assad, the West is complicit in the murders of innocent people"...wait a second I thought the Muslim world wanted us out of their countries? Oh but not Syria? Somebody decide please. 1 American made this film...that's it, somebody should go protest outside his house and call him an A-hole and leave the rest of the Americans alone.

    1. Oh yeah, and it looks like the "Israeli guy" doesn't exist and this is just the work of some Egyptian American guy...

    2. We can never make a 'spoof' movie of Jesus, he is mentioned in our Holy book, he was also one of the prophets of Allah.
      And being a christian how can you even say that?

  5. Very well said. Very well said! I am in the very heart of America and I know of no one that can make sense of any part of this, the movie or the violence. There always seems to be people out there one all sides that wish to spread hate. Seems like no one wants to take the time and work to understand others. It is so much easier to hate but this is what happens when we all allow hate to become the master over all of us.

    Izdiher, I wish you had millions of American followers. I have learned much from you just the short time I have been reading your blog. Thank you for writing.

    1. ps.: Our news media are showing us the signs people are holding supporting us. Some of the news people that are in the area covering the demonstrations tell of citizens on the street coming up to them expressing their grief over the senseless killings. Most of us know that the pictures on our televisions are not representative of the Muslim faith. I hope the movie doesn't paint all us Americans as insensitive idiots.

  6. I saw a bit about this on the news but didn't know the details. This is absolutely appalling and it's so sad that those narrow-minded people represent the rest of their country

  7. Thank you, my friend, for always being such a sensible, peace loving voice. I am praying daily for peace.

  8. What a great post Izdiher, where will this cycle of madness end. Hatred,no matter from whom, is ultimately destructive and self perpetuating until people have the courage to break the cycle.

  9. I have not seen this flick and have no intentions of doing so. I don't know anyone who has seen it. People in the Muslim world are so accustomed to living under tyranny that they don't understand that in a free country the government has no control over the media, especially when it comes to making movies. Here in the States, if you don't like a movie you just don't go see it. No big deal. Of course there's the distinct possibility that Muslims DO understand that the US government had nothing to do with this movie and they just don't care. They're using this movie as an excuse to unleash their discontent with their own governments and the US is their scapegoat.

    I accept the fact that the US has not done a good job with its foreign policy in the Arab world--we often back dictators who suppress their people and this has got to stop--but as you say Arab protests need to be peaceful or their points are lost. I've been to Muslim countries and I've been well received. I'm impressed with the power and beauty of Islam. But violent actions like those in the newspapers this morning are not helping me to convince my friends and neighbors that Islam is not a violent religion.

  10. I felt sorry and sad for them , why they killed innocent people , if few people did something bad and mock about my religion i will be sad but i will never try to kill them !

    and for the Innocent American who died because of this R.I.P , you didn't do anything wrong may God give your families a better days , my prayers for all of them .

  11. Thank you so much for posting this!!! You are being very brave saying these things!!

    As Geoff says above, AMERICA (U.S.) DOES NOT CONTROL MOVIES AND MEDIA! I believe this whole thing was just an EXCUSE to vent anger and frustration over America's policies...but doing so in such a violent way only, like you say, proves the critics of Islam right!

    We in the U.S. also wonder WHY we are giving BILLIONS of dollars in humanitarian aid to Middle Eastern countries when this is the thanks we get.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with all peace-loving people around the world who are disgusted by this senseless violence!

    I hope more Muslims will rise up and take a brave, PEACEFUL stand against these hateful oppressors, whom I KNOW are bastardizing your religion into something it was never meant to be! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THE WORLD WILL FIND PEACE!!!

  12. Some questions for you my friend...
    Who created the earth?...certainly not man...but he claims it as his own. He also wants the air space and the waters under the sea. WOW!! What a thief he is!!
    What good is religion if it does not bring peace?
    How could a man kill another man of the same religion?
    Why does man rely on man for true peace and happiness when man if full of sin, deceit and of course, is a thief?
    I firmly believe that the WISDOM of the world is FOOLISHNESS with the TRUE GOD!

  13. Haters gonna hate.
    And everybody has their own faith n religion to follow, arguing over religions n proving that a certain religion is correct only brings in hatred, so no use.

  14. I wish you post this article on your daily! Though your voice has created just a ripple ....IT will stimulate a thousands creating thousand more ripples and it can be a peaceful revolution!! I'm not a Muslim but I'm a person who loves being in harmony with people irrespective of caste,creed or religion and I think we need to protest in peace otherwise this world is not a place for blissful living!!

    I admire your courage to writing this piece Izhider!!

  15. Hey Izdiher!
    You might consider as a career that of "Opinion" writer/journalist.

    1. You ARE good writer, talented.

    2. Opinions are your LIFE-BLOOD!

    3 Strength is also Allah's gift to you.

    4. THIS...mainly: Your opinions are seldom biased,
    nearly always fair, balanced and unafraid.